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TPPA Rally – Downtown Auckland, 1 pm TODAY

Written By: - Date published: 1:55 pm, August 14th, 2015 - 65 comments
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Don’t forget the TPPA demonstration tomorrow 1 pm at Aotea Square in Auckland.  Although if you are an American Citizen your consulate thinks you should be careful …

US consulate warning TPPA


65 comments on “TPPA Rally – Downtown Auckland, 1 pm TODAY ”

  1. Clemgeopin 1

    I found these details on a link in the above post :
    These details are subject to change and events may be added to this list, so make sure you check in on http://www.itsourfuture.org.nz for the latest updates ahead of TPPA Action Week. If you want to organise something in your area, please contact [email protected].


    15 August, gather at Memorial Park at 9.30am to create/share placards, then walk through market and main street.


    15 August protest, 11am at Kohukohu Village Green.


    15 August protest, 11am at the Tarewa Park.


    15 August protest, 1pm at Aotea Square to march down Queen Street, featuring speakers and music.


    15 August protest, Meet @ 1pm outside Cock and Bull carpark on corner of Church and Maui.


    15 August protest, 2pm outside the Colville Community Hall.


    14th August – public meeting
    15 August protest at 10.30am, Red Square.


    15 August protest at 11am, location TBC.


    15 August protest, 1pm at Memorial Square.


    8 August protest, 1pm, march from Silver Ball in the market to Majestic Square.

    New Plymouth

    15 August protest, 1pm at Puke Ariki.

    Palmerston North

    14 August will be a concert in the library at 5pm, then documentary maker and investigative journalist Bryan Bruce will speak at 6pm on Poverty, Inequality & the TPPA.

    Many committed P North activists will also be heading to Wellington on 15 August.


    15 August Rally, 11am at TBC


    15 August – TPPA Walk Away! Protest action to stop the TPPA. Assemble at Midland Park at 1pm and march to Parliament for speakers and music. More details to come.

    Golden Bay

    14 August protest, 12pm at Golden Bay Village Green.


    15 August protest at 11:00am, top of Trafalgar St – 1903 Square.


    14 August New Economics Seminar and Expo, 7pm at Horticultural Hall.

    15 August protest at 12:30pm. Location: South Hagley Park (corner Deans Ave and Riccarton Rd) marching down Riccarton Rd.

    Little River

    15 August rally, 12pm at Little River Craft Station.


    15 August protest, 11am at Bay Piazza.


    15 August protest at 1pm, marching from the Dental School to the Octagon.


    15 August protest, 12pm at Wachner Place.

  2. Clemgeopin 2

    TPP protest in New Zealand could turn ‘confrontational’ US citizens told by USA !

    The United States is warning its citizens in Auckland that a TPP protest planned for Saturday could turn ugly, and they should stay away.

    In an email, the US Consulate General in Auckland urged any US citizens to avoid the march as “even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational.”

    “We remind citizens to always exercise caution when in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.”

    Up to 8000 protesters are expected to gather on Auckland’s Queen St, to march against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free-trade agreement.

    The 12-nation agreement is in the final throes of negotiation, but has been controversial due to the level of secrecy surrounding it.
    Green Party national intelligence and security spokesman Russel Norman said US consular staff needed to “relax”.

    “This is democracy in action and it’s not Ferguson. The police won’t be shooting people, it’s not scary.

    “They should just come along and they might learn something.”

    Norman said it was unlikely the warning had anything to do with bargaining positions on the TPP.

    • Jenny Kirk 2.1

      This is ludicrous ! just shows how paranoid American officials can be .

      • Clemgeopin 2.1.1

        True, may be they have an inkling that a lot of local Americans opposed to the TPP provisions are actually planning to join the protest, for all we know!

        To me, if New Zealand signs this secret deal with all the expected hooks and controls, it will be the biggest mistake that our nation will ever do, when there are easier and safer options of bilateral treaties. May not be as big as the TPPA, but at least we will not be enslaved and lose our freedom and dignity in the bargain.

        The large corporates, working for their shareholders and their profits, already have a lot of power around the world. Why give them more control by perpetually enslaving ourselves as a consequence? Once in, we are dead as an independent people.

        At least in bilateral agreements, we retain mutually agreed fairness, benefits and more independence. If over time, it turns to custard, it would be easy to renegotiate the terms or terminate the deal more easily. Not so with a multi nation deal, especially for a smaller country like New Zealand.

        Reject TPPA. Don’t jump and regret at leisure. Will be too late.

      • Anne 2.1.2

        Paranoia is always rife when the Americans become involved.

        I am reminded of an occasion when a similar warning went out to American citizens living in NZ. It was January 1991, around the start of the first Gulf War. I was working as a citizen on an Air Force base and one of my superiors was a former American marine officer. (Interesting story there.)

        Having once taken part in a peaceful anti-nuclear march up Queen St., that was apparently enough to designate me a dangerous individual. I found myself under intense scrutiny both on and off that base and it eventually turned very nasty. I remember lying in bed at night… my heart thumping with fear.

        The Public Service hierarchy closed ranks when I later tried to get some answers for the bizarre behaviour, and as a result nobody was ever brought to account.

    • Lara 2.2

      The US embassy tend to email their citizens here in NZ when protests are planned.

      Apparently they’re quite dangerous. To those attending anyway. Apparently.

      And this. From the country which purports to bring us “freedom and democracy”.

      I guess they miss the irony.

      • Naturesong 2.2.1

        Or that they understand the way our police force operates.

        It’s not the protestors who will kick off.
        They’re just the ones who will get blamed in the press.

  3. Rupert 3

    The US consulate sends these out for every demonstration. Sometimes it’s the first indication I get that there’s a demonstration going on.

    • Karen 3.1

      This is the first time the Americans I know received one, and the astonishment being expressed on twitter by others indicates that they have never had a warning about demonstrations before.

    • Tracey 3.2

      wonder why this one got a press release then. i have been on all prior auckland tpp marches and there has never been a sign of trouble…

    • Lara 3.3

      Yeah. As I read the last one from them I wondered, do they realise they’re actually just doing a nice job of publicising it?

      Kinda like reports of their guys in Vietnam clomping through the jungle with their strong smelling soap and toothpaste, and all the rattling of the kit hanging off their bags.

      They do tend to be good at advertising.

  4. heather 4

    It is almost like they are looking for trouble and that it is being talked up
    People are getting desperate
    I hope we have thousands outside that embassy and we will make our voices heard
    we do not want their TPPA

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      We really can’t blame the USians for the TPPA entirely as NZ was one of the initiating countries.

      • Jenny Kirk 4.1.1

        Yes Draco – NZ did initiate a free trade agreement with Pacific nations. BUT then the USA muscled in on it and turned into a monster ready to take over entire nations! so I think we can blame the USians for what the TPPA has turned out to be – a nightmare for the future of our country.

    • Skinny 4.2

      The American millitary haven’t been training our police force in the latest riot control methods for nothing. And the timing of the roll out of new tasers to all officers, along with this propaganda alert by the American Embassy suggests the cops will be taser happy to zap anyone getting carried away. Take it easy at the rallies and don’t turn it into a shocking experience 🙂

  5. Tautoko Mangō Mata 5

    but all the rules and regulations, certification, TISA have not come from NZ. The patent, food labelling, intellectual property regs are largely being driven by corporations via USA.

  6. Clemgeopin 6

    I don’t think anyone is against the American people. The protest is against the secret TPPA deal that is being driven by the big multinational corporations and some stupid politicians who are about to sell our country’s freedom and sovereignty.

    Forget large TPP agreements with all its hooks and shit and instead, let is just stick to bilateral trade agreements between nations where we have better control of our own destiny, independence and democracy.

    Walk away from TPPA now, before it is too late.

    I hope there are at least a few cabinet ministers and National MPs with enough sense, patriotism and conscience who will revolt against this dangerous TPPA.

  7. Penny Bright 7

    seems this warning by the US Consulate has gone far and wide?


    U.S. warns nationals away from New Zealand anti-TPP demonstration

    English.news.cn 2015-08-14 11:46:31

    WELLINGTON, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) — United States diplomats in New Zealand have warned U.S. nationals to avoid going near a march in Auckland to protest against the controversial 12-nation Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal on Saturday.

    The U.S. Consulate in Auckland put a notice on its website and reportedly e-mailed U.S. nationals in New Zealand on Friday that New Zealand police expected about 8,000 people would attend the march in central Auckland at 1 p.m. local time.

    “We urge citizens to avoid the protest march route as even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational. We remind citizens to always exercise caution when in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations,” said the notice on the website.

    “The Department of State remains concerned about the threat of violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world. U.S. citizens are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance, to be aware of their surroundings and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.”

    The Auckland march is expected to be the biggest of a series of protests against the TPP scheduled for many of New Zealand’s main centers on Saturday.

    Trade spokesperson for the opposition Green Party, Russel Norman, told Radio New Zealand that he would be joining the protests, and U.S. citizens had nothing to fear.

    “I’d just say to the U.S. Embassy, Auckland isn’t Ferguson and the police won’t be shooting people,” Norman said.

    “It’ll be a peaceful demonstration, they should just relax and maybe they should come along — they might learn something.”

    Opponents have objected to the secrecy surrounding the TPP talks and claim many of the provisions will undermine New Zealand’ s sovereignty and allow transnational corporations undue influence over the country’s laws and regulations.
    …… ”

    However – there are actually a LOT of Americans who are ALSO opposed to the TPPA?

    Over 2,000 USA groups Urge Opposition to Fast Track April 27, 2015


    Looking forward to as many American citizens who are equally opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) joining New Zealanders all over the country in our national TPPA – WALK AWAY! day of action Saturday 15 August 2015.

    Events planned for all over New Zealand are listed HERE:


    I do hope that there are not going to be any saboteurs / provocateurs who attempt to disrupt the planned PEACEFUL protests which are being held all over New Zealand tomorrow?

    Penny Bright

  8. All clear.

    No danger of confrontation.

    The president of “Kiwis for TPPA” is in Hawaii and the other member is skiing in Queenstown.

  9. save NZ 9

    Hello most American citizens are against the TPP too, they’ll be joining us!!

    And we welcome them!

    Come USA consulate and join us! Isn’t the USA for freedom of Speech?

    • Max Moss 9.1

      Q. – How can you tell the American university students holidaying in Europe?

      A. – Their backpacks have Canadian flags on them.

      The only Americans you know for sure are war criminals are the ones who live in the White House.

  10. Smilin 10

    Up your inTIMidation Keygrocer

  11. Barbara 11

    Loved the huge banner in the photo – I hope it leads the march. Also loved Russel Norman’s response to the Consulate reminder – about it not being Ferguson and nobody will be getting shot. Please be careful everyone as tasers will be out in force and I personally know somebody who has been tasered and it’s nasty. Paranoia isn’t the word for it but I think there are other reasons for the Consulate message and they’re not for their citizen’s safety. A sort of subtle warning “we are watching you” . I bet there will be drones hovering overhead taking shots of the crowds – the dossier of mug shots will be enlarging even more – oh happy days.

    Good luck with the protest march, I would be there but I am crook with asthma and I am getting on in years – I have marched in the past so my heart is with everybody doing their bit.

  12. freedom 12

    Can someone please update the header for the TPPA Protest post ? Thank you

  13. James 13

    I predict that there will be a lot more people facing the rain to go to Eden Park to watch the rugby that will turn out for this.

    You will see the usual faces that protest everything. A few mana and unite union flags.

    It always the same, which is why it makes no difference and will be ignored.

  14. James 14

    I predict that there will be a lot more people facing the rain to go to Eden Park to watch the rugby that will turn out for this.

    You will see the usual faces that protest everything. A few mana and unite union flags.

    It always the same, which is why it makes no difference and will be ignored.

  15. Karen 15

    Pouring with rain in Auckland currently, which will affect numbers because there is no shelter in Aotea Square. I will still go as one of “the usual faces” but the numbers attending protests never represent the degree of opposition to an issue.

    The comparison with the rugby is pathetic. Eden Park is under cover, but more to the point, those going have already spent a fortune on tickets. Of course they will go.

  16. Realblue 16

    Bomber is an irrevolancy desperately looking for attention.

  17. Rosie 17

    Gutted to not be able to attend today in Wellington. A serious foot injury and a lingering respiratory infection isn’t ideal for chanting, shouting and marching.

    No matter where you are in the country today, go hard, have fun!

  18. Rosie 18

    PS: Re these comments about tasers. It was only announced fairly recently that all front line Police would be issued with tasers. Is it likely they would already have the large stocks of tasers they need available to them? And if so, is the issuing of tasers immediate?

    I can’t think of anything more chilling than attending a rally seeing cops with tasers on their hips.

  19. AmaKiwi 19

    15,000 to 20,000 marched in Auckland.

    That’s from Chris Trotter who is very experienced at counting people at protest marches. Chris counted the blocks of marchers. He didn’t guess by looking at the square.

  20. AmaKiwi 20

    We need some songs.

    The anti-TPPA chants were OK, but marching while singing is fantastic.

    I hope some of you out there are talented enough to revive or re-write some songs for future protest marches.

    • Molly 20.1

      Saying the same to a couple of the other protestors today.

      We need to revamp some of those old songs…

  21. I also wondered why this caution got so much coverage, as I’ve had so many in recent years.

    “But let’s get real. For 2015 so far:

    8000+ US gun deaths
    700+ US people killed by police

    And they’re sending us a warning?”


  22. Grey Area 22

    Royal NZ Herald says an “estimated 5000” marched in Auckland. Stuff & Nonsense says it was “around 2000” and “around a thousand” marched in Wellington.

    An estimated 300-400 of us (estimated by me) marched in Napier from Memorial Square to the Sound Shell chanting lustily as we went and sometimes even at the same time. (Everyone did well really but just got out of sync at times).

    Very good turnout for our neck of the woods and I was pleased to be part of it and the opposition across the country..

    • lprent 22.1

      Auckland was well above 5000, somewhere between 7000 and 10000. And probably closer to the latter. The problem is that you can only really count from above.

      • Paul 22.1.1

        Are there overhead pictures somewhere?

      • Enough 22.1.2

        I’d concur with that 7-10.000 estimate. Spent many years organising major public events and exhibitions (Earls Court, London and other places where attendances frequently exceeded 60,000 people a day – also Auckland showgrounds 15-20,000 on a very busy day). You get an eye for crowd numbers.

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