TVNZ stuggling to accept the election result

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I must say, TVNZ’s belt tightening is certainly having an impact on their journalism, at least in the online presence.

It was one thing for them to still think Richard Prebble is a Member of Parliament in a piece on Saturday (for the record, Richard Prebble hasn’t been an MP since 2005).

But noting today that one Michael Cullen will deliver the government’s budget on the 28th of May? It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous!

10 comments on “TVNZ stuggling to accept the election result”

  1. Quoth the Raven 1

    I thought you had the dates wrong or something, but it’s true that really is surprising. I think it has as much to do with the average intelligence (read lack of) of journalists as it does with funding.

  2. serpico 2

    Dropkick journos must be on prebble acid.

  3. toad 3

    Hey, as a Green supporter, I’ve always been critical of Michael Cullen’s Budgets as not doing sufficient to promote environmental sustainability and to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

    But I have to admit that I wish the TVNZ story had some basis in reality. Given what Bill English is likely to deliver in a couple of weeks time, the fiscally conservative Michael Cullen I’ve criticised for nine years suddenly seems like a good guy.

    • He always was toad.

      He may have been fiscally conservative but he had a pure leftie heart.

      And I bet you are also getting nostalgic for the environmental policies that the last Government put in place but which this Government has since sabotaged.

    • r0b 3.2

      But Toad, I thought the Green Party line was that there was no difference between National and Labour?

      Only – of course there is a difference. A difference that matters. It would be nice if we on the left could campaign honestly no?

      • Ari 3.2.1

        A popular framing of NZ politics among some Green members is that Labour and National are both factions of the ruling elite rather than distinct political elements, even if they lay claim to dramatically different philosophies and constituencies.

        This framing doesn’t claim that they are indistinct or that they do not have differences, but it does claim that the differences between Labour and National are actually much smaller than the difference between either of the old parties and the Greens, and that there can be room to work with either, even if one of them is likely to be more favourable.

  4. the sprout 4

    are TVNZ outsourcing their editing like the Herald? i doubt you could live in NZ, be supposedly involved with news, and be quite that ignorant of our politics.

  5. toad 5

    mickysavage said: And I bet you are also getting nostalgic for the environmental policies that the last Government put in place but which this Government has since sabotaged.

    I am indeed micky.

    But I still stand by my comments on other threads that it was Labour who stuffed it all up. Taito Phillip Field, the pledge card, David Benson-Pope, Mark Burton and the EFA, Winston Peters – and Helen and Michael’s reluctance to deal to them, is what put the broad left where we are – in a backfoot battle against a razor gang slashing public service jobs, wages, and conditions, and hell-bent on reducing environmental protection.

    But, those issues are what saw voters desert Labour at the last election. I still can’t work out why Helen and Michael tolerated such incompetence and sleaziness. In the first two terms Helen and Micheal ran a very tight ship – errant Ministers like Dover Samuels. Ruth Dyson and Lianne Dalziel were promptly sent to the back-benches (although the latter two were eventually rehabilitated after serving their timein purgatory for their indiscretions).

    But there seemed to be a totally different approach in the third term. Incompetence, and even potential corruption in the cases of Field and Peters, was tolerated.

    I still can’t work out why or how Helen and Michael – for 6 years polictical managers extraordinaire – stuffed up so badly in round 3.

    I’ve also got to admit that the Greens should have been better positioned to pick up the voters deserting Labour over those issues – that way we might have still been able to form a centre-left and environmentally progressive government together – but were not.

    So not all the fault is Labour’s, but I still think most of it is.

    • Daveski 5.1

      Now I start to get a little worried.

      National are still sleep walking and in parts woeful and undoubtedly underperforming. Yet for the most part the left has still been largely delusional about how or why they lost or conversely why/hot the Nats managed to win.

      I’m not trolling or trying to inflame anyone. But there is a lot in there for Labour and indeed for National.

      As I say, I could start to get worried if this continues.

  6. Lew 6

    Smells to me like recycled stump from last year’s budget.


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