Two conflicts don’t make a right

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Former ACT MP Deborah Coddington isn’t a journo anymore. Shot her reputation with the infamous ‘Asian Angst’ piece. Just does opinion pieces now. Strange, then, to see her by-line on 2 Herald articles attempting to vindicate disgraced conflict of interest judge Bill Wilson. Turns out her husband was Wilson’s lawyer.

Honestly can’t understand what the Herald editors were thinking. What’s the point in publishing two articles defending a guy accused of a conflict of interest written by someone who herself has a conflict of interest?

If anything, it makes Wilson look worse. The only person the Herald could get to write nice things about him is the ex-journo wife of his lawyer.

What a total waste of time. Where’s the professional standards?

10 comments on “Two conflicts don’t make a right”

  1. smhead 1

    It is disgraceful how the HoS have allowed Coddington to do a hatchet job on the lawyer who has held Wilson to account.

  2. I though tthe same thing watching Holmes on Q+A today.

    I don’t generally watch the show but this was the second week in a row. Both times, Holmes bascially shouted down anything from the left and let the right talk without criticism.

    It’s not just that it’s biased, some bias is inevitable, it’s that it is totally unprofessional and had a Paul Henry level of unapolegeticness about that unprofessionalism.

    Holmes is who he is but where are the producers? Was there no-one in the control room watching that show and thinking ‘is this the best we can do?’

  3. JayDee 3

    Holmes’s carry on this morning on Q & A was absolutely appalling. His shouting down of anything Helen Kelly was trying to say really annoying.
    At the best of times, he is a pompous little prick but this morning he was just being a complete wanker. I wanted to at least hear what she was going to say before i made up my mind.

  4. Nick K 4

    Um, Coddington disclosed her conflict.

    BTW, is Bill Wilson in jail yet? Marty suggested he was on his way there a few posts ago.

    BTW2, Wilson made an interesting point in the interview, that he did not owe Alan Galbraith or Rich Hill a cent, so there was no question of debt. The government knew that, as did the media. The media never ran that truth, just the innuendo.

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      Um, Coddington disclosed her conflict.

      Probably insufficient because of the very close relationship there. Probably should have recused herself.

  5. Ed 5

    I can understand Wilson being upset about Collins – she was applying standards to him that National has never applied to itself. From what I have seen he was unwise not to be more public about the business relationships – as were the other legal people involved. In effect this was largely a political row which threatened to expose the hypocrisy about rhetoric that was not matched by reality within National and ACT – and so he has effectively become a political sacrifice. Watch for Wilson to be appointed to some enquiry or task force or Royal Commission – there must be at least one person in the National cabinet who feels guilty about what has happened

  6. wasi 6

    …how to become an M.S.M media hack in one easy lesson…kind of makes the james k baxter days at jerusalem seem like quality time doesn`t it deborah?

  7. Vicky32 7

    Coddington is known for writing impassioned defences of people who are in deep trouble.. Last time it was the gynaecologist in Northland who mis-read the cervical slides of the women – I can’t remember his name… Her defence of him, is that he was such a nice kind man, who had helped her with her pregnancies and miscarriages.
    Maybe so, but he still caused a number of women to die of cancers he failed to diagnose!

  8. All I can say is that this is just another nail in ACT’s coffin by association along with baby name theft and other such iniquities.

    Machiavelli used to draw an analogy of animals to describe human behaviour particularly statesmen and princes; like agood ruler as having the attributes of a lion and a fox to describe ruthlessness and cunning.

    I believe that I have the perfect creature for NAT/ ACT and their like minded friends and that creature is the hagfish!!!!!

    Does anyone know what a hag fish is?

    It is a wormlike creature that can excrete a bucket full of slime, it lives in the muddy depths of the ocean and eats rotting corpses of dolphins and whales etc.
    Sometimes the corpses don’t have to rot if a whale is too close they can attach themselves and crawl up the anus of a whale and eat out it’s insides.

    In 1987 a couple of these creatures were eating out the insides of the Labour Party!!!!

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