Video: What comes after neoliberalism?

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A presentation by Nick Srnicek at the launch of ESRA in Wellington last week. Some people have already passed judgement on New Zealand’s new leftwing think-tank, but see for yourself.

“Neoliberalism is dead, and we have an opening to produce something new. We have the chance to create a new future, and I think institutions like ESRA are going to be central to this project.”

Find out more at the ESRA website.

8 comments on “Video: What comes after neoliberalism?”

  1. Ian 1

    Much like its parent, capitalism, I suspect neoliberalism will be late for its own funeral.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    We must accept that the problem isn’t just neo-liberalism but capitalism itself. Until we learn the lessons of history then we will keep trying to make this failed system work.

  3. AmaKiwi 3

    Based on historical examples what comes next is a renewal of “collectivism” also known as “socialism.” The big question for me is whether it will “democratic” or “dictatorial.”

    P.S. I do NOT mean what the Parliamentary Labour Party euphemistically calls “democratic socialism,” as that is neither democratic nor socialist.

  4. AmaKiwi 4

    Also based on historical examples, what comes with the economic meltdown ending this neo-liberal fiasco will be global wars.

    Sorry to brighten your day with such a cheery forecast but you can’t read history or economics and arrive at any other conclusion.

    • aerobubble 4.1

      Agreed. Adaptive dynamical balancing is required to deal with energy, soil, water, etc limits, this would require communication on a global level, this has always started with wars. Or. A real representative capitalism that valued energy, soil, water, etc after all thats the supposed goal of capitalism, not making us rich, or a few rich, but facilitating needs. Our need to leave our grandkids a world better than the one now.
      Its neo-libs who hate capitalism and united with communists to deastroy us all.

      • AmaKiwi 4.1.1

        @ aerobubble

        The global climate crisis creates a much more complicated dynamic. Climate changes have always been a cause of wars but this time around the severity of the changes and the density of population will be an awesome challenge.

        Otago is rated as one of the few places on the planet where humans might survive.

        • aerobubble

          Really? All that cold fridged air being pumped to the equator wont turn Otago into a ice palace. I suppose thewarmer seas will keep fromfreezng

  5. Jono 5

    Yep I think this is very promising as it took 40 years to bring in neo liberalism. If left wing think tanks are starting to form now we will definitely see change in the future. But like in Neoliberalism they need to be in for the long game to bed in the new ideology. It will be a struggle to fully kill Neoliberalism but will happen.

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