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Vote smart: Epsom

Written By: - Date published: 1:40 pm, October 21st, 2008 - 58 comments
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I’ve come in for a bit of flak for this ‘Vote Smart‘ series of posts on how people can make the most of their vote but I don’t resile from it. It seems to me the criticism is based on a quaint notion that there is an optimal party and candidate for everyone and they should give their votes to them no matter what, then the system will spit out a perfectly representative Parliament. In fact, parties and candidates are vehicles for getting our voices heard and most people are careful not to waste their vote by voting for a party that is certain to get into Parliament, even if another party might be better in their eyes. Some people just have the opportunity to take that tactical voting one step further. Like the people of Epsom.

If you’re a leftie in Epsom, you face two unsavoury choices – your MP will either be Nat Richard Worth or Act’s Rodney Hide. Word is, Hide’s support has suffered from his buffoonery and Worth could be in with a chance. If you give your candidate vote to Worth you could help him beat Hide and, in doing so, push ACT out of Parliament. That would be a major boost for the Left’s chances of forming the next government. So, keep your party vote with Labour or the Greens but hold your nose and tick Worth.

58 comments on “Vote smart: Epsom ”

  1. Lampie 1

    thank god i don’t live in epsom

  2. Scribe 2

    Word is, Hide’s support has suffered from his buffoonery and Worth could be in with a chance.

    Whose word, Steve?

    Word is Ravi Musuku could be in with a chance in Mt Albert because the ethnic communities don’t like prostitution reform or civil unions, which Helen Clark voted for.

  3. Tim Ellis 3

    I objected to your Progressive electorate party voting Labour post, SP, because it was deliberately designed to increase the overhang and distort the proportionality of MMP as is likely to happen in the Maori seats. I also suggested your logic was flawed. With Anderton winning his seat, the marginal increase in votes for Anderton to win a second seat was the same as for the marginal increase for Labour to win an additional seat.

    I don’t object to you suggesting that left-wingers vote tactically to keep Act out of Parliament. That doesn’t distort proportionality. I doubt it will work, though, since Labour voters only account for about 25% of Epsom’s population. It will be the 75% of National voters in Epsom who decide who the local MP will be. I suspect they will overwhelmingly tick Hide, for the reason that he will bring in probably one more seat with him.

    At the current rate, the only way Labour can form a government is for NZ First to get back into Parliament. That is pretty much the bottom line in almost every analysis. Everything else you’ve talked about–guaranteeing an overhang for Anderton, knocking Hide out–only affects 1%. That’s not enough to govern. If you really wanted to advocate smart-voting, then the solution seems to be for Labour to make sure Winston’s 3% isn’t wasted.

    Either that means endorsing him in Tauranga and throwing a lot of effort into making sure he’s elected there, or getting more Labour voters to vote for NZ First to get him over the 5% threshhold.

  4. John Stevens 4

    I have also heard that support for Hide has increased recently so you are out of luck voting Worth as National voters will vote Hide, and National.
    Unlike dumb Labour voters they don’t need to be educated on how to strategically vote.

  5. Pat 5

    Or getting Labour voters in Rimutaka to give the electorate vote to Ron Mark.

  6. smokie 6

    Feeling left out Scribe?

    Harden up.

  7. higherstandard 7

    Yuck – if anyone wants to see what’s wrong with MMP look no further than this post.

  8. higherstandard 8

    I should’ve added – and the replies.

    captcha total Bolger ………. eh what

  9. MikeE 9

    Are you suggesting that the left would be better off with a bigoted social conservative tory like worth, than someone like Hide?

    Worth voted against everything the left stands for.

    While you might disagree with Hide on Economic matters, surely any social liberal would rather have someone who voted for:

    Legalising Prostituion
    Civil Unions
    Relationships Bill
    Voluntary Euthanasia (Death with Dignity Bill)
    Keeping the Drinking age at 18
    Against the BZP ban


    And when it comes to being an electorate MP who represents his constituents, Hide does a much better job than Worth ever did, supporting consituents from across the polical spectrum (Hell, Penny Bright – hardly a bastion of the vast right wing conspiracy is one of his fans!) ….

    I simply cannot see how a liberal left wing voter could prefer Worth as an electorate MP to Hide.

    Still full credit for those on the left having a better understanding of MMP than the Nats, who *still* seem to think its a FPP game!

  10. Scribe 10


    No. Should I be? Nice contribution from you, though.

    Just pointing out the shortcomings of SP’s post, and countless others with phrases like “we hear”, “word is”, “rumour has it”.

  11. Tane 11

    Scribe. It’s what you say when you’ve heard something through a source, but you can’t reveal that source. Take from it what you will, but do stop your whining.

  12. Tane 12

    HS. Nat supporters who vote Rodney to get ACT around the 5% threshold are gaming the system. I wouldn’t get too wound up about Labour or Green supporters voting Worth to keep ACT out.

    MikeE. Worth is getting in anyway. The Left is far better off without Hide and ACT in Parliament. If I want social freedoms I’ll vote Green – you can keep your economic darwinism.

  13. randal 13

    The word is that gnashnull are going down like a lead balloon. Having a notorious currency speculator like JOhn Keys has really turned the electorate off. People in New Zealand want security and a government they can trust and they know they will not get that under National.

  14. Draco T Bastard 14

    IMO, Rodney will be gone and ACT with him. That’s a gut feeling so I’m not putting any numbers on it.

  15. Tim Ellis 15

    Tane said:

    Scribe. It’s what you say when you’ve heard something through a source, but you can’t reveal that source.

    It’s also what you say, Tane, when you don’t have a source, so are just trying to make things up by trying to perpetuate a baseless rumour. You know, like the one that claimed John Key had donated a million dollars to the National Party in order to get the nomination for the safe seat of Helensville–the claim SP made not so long ago without any evidence.

    SP’s “word is”, in this instance, can only come from two possible sources: anecdotal reports from ordinary people on the ground in Epsom (hardly a secret source: he could just have said “friends in Epsom tell me that…” although that would be less authoratative than the secret-squirrel meme he’s trying to start. Or SP could have had a second source, like internal National Party or Act Party polling. Possible, I suppose, but if he had that information then he could have published it, without revealing the source of the material.

    One of the right-wing blogs published internal labour party polls on support in Auckland Central about a month ago, showing that even the labour party polling has Nikki Kaye ahead of Judith Tizard. I doubt anybody’s found the source of that leak just as if SP’s claim had any authority here, the source wouldn’t have been compromised if SP had reported an actual poll giving evidence to his claim.

  16. randal 16

    The word on the street is that New Zealand does not want a sub-prime minister and that is no lie.

  17. Scribe 17


    Scribe. It’s what you say when you’ve heard something through a source, but you can’t reveal that source. Take from it what you will, but do stop your whining.

    Thanks. As a journalist, I’m aware of the convention.

    Is Steve’s feeling from internal polling, a gut feeling, talking to dozens of Epsom voters? Or just some desire that he’s right and Rodney will lose Epsom, contrary to the only polling that’s been made public (showing him 30 points ahead)?

  18. Scribe 18

    You know, like the one that claimed John Key had donated a million dollars to the National Party in order to get the nomination for the safe seat of Helensvillethe claim SP made not so long ago without any evidence.

    Or the Nats offering a $10,000 reward for the identity of the “secret taper”.

  19. Tane 19

    Is Steve’s feeling from internal polling, a gut feeling, talking to dozens of Epsom voters?

    You’ll have to ask him youself. As a journalist you’ll know that even providing that information would help reveal the source.

    Or the Nats offering a $10,000 reward for the identity of the “secret taper’.

    I heard that one too. It was from a very reliable source.

  20. Felix 20

    If it’s any consolation to the lefties of Epsom, Richard Worth does seem like a genuinely decent man.

  21. J Mex 21

    “Word is, Hide’s support has suffered from his buffoonery and Worth could be in with a chance.”

    I’ll take a $100 bet with you Steve – Worthy charity of the winners choice (No pun intended) that Hide not only wins Epsom, but increases his majority.


  22. Lampie 22

    Thanks. As a journalist, I’m aware of the convention.

    when are journalists actually going to actually journalism instead of opinionated crap?

  23. Stephen 23

    Epsom 2005:
    Votes Percentage
    HIDE, Rodney (ACT) 15,251 42.62
    WORTH, Richard (NAT)12,149 33.95
    NASH, Stuart (LAB) 6,138 17.15
    LOCKE, Keith (GRE) 1,513 4.23
    TUCK, Janet (UF) 340 0.95


    I actually thought that Hide beat Worth by some distance! Impossible to say whether any *more* Labour or Green voters are going to suppress their conscience and vote Worth, but would certainly be a good option, if they value stuff other than what MikeE laid out above.

  24. Stephen 24

    Pretty odd/funny – the Greens , Labour and National all smash (to vary degrees) ACT in the party vote…

    National Party 21,310 58.51
    Labour Party 9,915 27.22
    Green Party 1,941 5.33
    ACT New Zealand 1,237 3.40
    New Zealand First Party 887 2.44
    United Future New Zealand 636 1.75

  25. jaymam 25

    On those figures Hide got 3,102 more votes than Worth.
    If around half of those 7,651 Labour & Green voters had voted for Worth last election (as they should have), ACT would have been gone forever 3 years ago and Labour would have had an extra MP. That’s the main reason why Labour voters should vote for Worth. There is no sensible reason why anybody in Epsom would vote for anybody but Worth or Hide.

    P.S. why do we not see ACT billboards with a picture of Roger Douglas with Vote for Me? Please could someone else put up one and authorise it?

  26. Even if all of those Labour/Green/UF voters, Hide would only need to win 2,500 voters off Worth to win.

    I’d bet he’ll win more than 2,500 off Worth, and nowhere near all of the Labour/Green/UF voters will vote for Worth.

  27. Tim Ellis 27

    That’s a good point, Stephen.

    The numbers appear to me to say quite clearly that Rodney Hide is the MP for Epsom because of the support of National Party voters in Epsom. Only 3.4% of voters voted for the Act Party. It’s unlikely many of of the people who voted for Rodney for the electorate came from Labour: they pretty much all came from National. Conversely, it was clear last time that many Labour Party voters voted for Worth in the electorate vote to try and keep Rodney out.

    That reinforces my point: National voters will decide who the MP for Epsom will be in 2008. If National voters decide that it is better to have two Act MPs by voting for Rodney as their electorate MP, then it will be very difficult for Labour to vote him out.

  28. jaymam 28

    The National supporters who spoke to me at Worth’s recent meeting were horrified at the thought of having Roger Douglas back. They will certainly not vote for Hide because of that.

  29. gobsmacked 29

    John Key, an Epsom voter, speaks:

    1. I will not accept Sir Roger Douglas in my cabinet, because of his “hard right agenda”.

    2. I want National supporters to vote for Rodney Hide, to make sure Sir Roger Douglas and the “hard right agenda” is in Parliament.

    Go figure.

  30. Sarah 30

    I can only judge from word of mouth around Epsom but i’m pretty sure Rodney has it in the bag. Most nats realise that they’ll need Act after the election and will vote for him regardless of his buffoonery.

  31. Tim Ellis 31

    jaymam said:

    The National supporters who spoke to me at Worth’s recent meeting were horrified at the thought of having Roger Douglas back. They will certainly not vote for Hide because of that.

    This is heresy in Act circles, but I’m not an Act supporter and there’s a big ring of truth to it. My reading is that Roger Douglas isn’t greatly adored by a big chunk of New Zealanders. He certainly is admired by about 2% of the population–pretty much everybody who votes Act already–but not anyone else.

    Act haven’t yet got close in polling to warrant a third MP. National will need Act in Parliament, if not having them in Parliament means the Nats can’t form a government. But once in Parliament National isn’t going to give Act much influence at all. They will have two, or at most three seats. In the short history of MMP, no party with so few seats has ever had significant influence on the government. National is certainly not going to give Douglas a Cabinet portfolio.

  32. Bren 32

    Out of the 15,251 votes that Hide got – 984 came from ACT voters, 12,513 came from National voters, 964 came from Labour voters and the rest from various sources.

    Worth got 12,149 votes, 8126 votes from National voters and 2419 from Labour.

    Stuart Nash got 5253 votes from Labour voters.

    Sure there is an arithmetic possibility that all those Labour voters could switch on over to Worth to kick Hide out but from all accounts Hide has maintained his support in Epsom. I say he’ll probably get more votes from National voters. I say there is a little chance of Worth unseating Hide unless the National voters of Epsom decide to switch back to him.

    Since there is no chance of a split vote letting in a Labour candidate I suppose there is nothing wrong with this strategy. On a personal level, as a left wing person myself, I don’t mind too much the presence of Hide and ACT in parliament – I would almost be sad if they weren’t there. Now, New Zealand First, that’s a party I’ve long wanted to see out.

  33. MikeE 33

    “The National supporters who spoke to me at Worth’s recent meeting were horrified at the thought of having Roger Douglas back. They will certainly not vote for Hide because of that.”

    Thats because National is a party of privelidge, just like labour, and the idea that someone might remove those privelidges is scary for the tories…

    Who wants to put some money on it (epsom results) then?

  34. Tane 34

    MikeE. Please explain to me what the wealthy and the propertied have to fear from Roger Douglas. I’m genuinely interested in how you’ve come to this conclusion.

    captcha: ‘wealthy detained’ – spooky.

  35. Felix 35

    Labour is a party of privilege? And ACT isn’t?


    Oh I see, you’re using “privilege” in the libertarian-ass-backwards-no-relation-to-real-life sense.

  36. randal 36

    Hooton is busy at headquarters taking every word or phrase and sending out orders to use it in that libertarian-ass-backwards-no-realtion-to-reality. He’s flat out.

  37. Tane 37

    But Felix, the ACT Party, in its majestic attack on privilege, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

    Why are you defending privilege, Felix?

  38. marco 38

    MMP in New Zealand, like Richard Worth, is a joke. Rodney should carry the electorate fairly easily because every educated National voter will back him, after all they need him to form a government.
    Then we either get what we have had with Labour (a virtually ineffective coalition government) or, we will get a government to far to the right.
    If National or Labour can manage to hold a solid majority then we should at least get some firm direction, but because both parties are trying to pander to potential coalition partners we are stuck with weak policies that offer no solutions.

  39. Anita 39


    Please explain to me what the wealthy and the propertied have to fear from Roger Douglas.

    He’ll let the private health sector cream off the easy work leaving the public health system struggling with the most complex and rare illnesses, then let the public system sink. No matter how wealthy and propertied you are if there’s no capacity/skill/facility to look after you and your complex illness you’ll end up worse off (or dead).

  40. Tane 40

    Yeah, and I guess he’ll stop all those privileged union members from negotiating better pay and conditions than non-union members. Privilege, it’s a terrible thing.

  41. randal 41

    Its easy to be a rightwinger. Just get out the clubs and the guns and people will do what you want. It takes brains, thought, conscience and a sense of decency to run a social democratic state properly where everybody getsa fair shake.

  42. Anita 42


    It’s easy to be a rich, healthy, well-educated, highly-paid, born-to-money rightwinger in the first world.

    It would kinda suck to be a rightwinger if you were chronically ill, or dyslexic, or trapped by your family’s poverty. I wonder why we don’t see many of them? 🙂

  43. mike 43

    Just shows how arogant you lefties are that you think you need to instruct your followers how to vote.

    Your problem steve is that the good people of Epsom are a tad sharper than your average labour sheep and will have worked it out long ago.

  44. Pascal's bookie 44

    The way these righties keep bangin on about smart they is when it comes to the ‘lekshuns, you’d think they might’ve won one this century.

  45. Rodel 45

    Saw and heard Roger Douglas the other night at the Court Theatre election debate in Christchurch.
    Confirmed my opinion that it is wise to retire with some dignity and not come back .
    It was embarrassing to see him being laughed at, by left and right, not for his ideology but his incoherence and inability to focus as he once used to.
    Anderton is an alert youngster in comparison.
    A sad mistake Rodney.

  46. Pascal's bookie 46

    Completely off topic fact of the day:

    The last presidential race won by the Republican party, without having either a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket was …
    Hoover/Curtis . 1928

    h/t washingtonmonthly.


  47. Mello C. 47

    I’m a Rimutaka voter. I think I’ll watch the polls until the last minute before deciding whether or not to vote Ron Mark. I’d love to vote how I want, for Chris Hipkins (Labour) and the Green Party, but ah, well, such is MMP.

    How I’d relish a Parliament without NZ First though.

  48. “It takes brains, thought, conscience and a sense of decency to run a social democratic state properly where everybody getsa fair shake.”

    and the ever present threat of the state to confiscate your property and throw you in jail for not following its regulations and paying its taxes. Don’t anyone pretend that the state is anything other than the monopoly holder of legitimised violence. The argument is how much violence it should apply, and to whom, and what to do with the money it takes by force.

    I find it particularly bizarre that so many want the state to do their caring for them, and think if it wasn’t taking taxes off them that they wouldn’t be bothered helping people who were worse off than themselves.

  49. T-Rex 49

    “I find it particularly bizarre that so many want the state to do their caring for them, and think if it wasn’t taking taxes off them that they wouldn’t be bothered helping people who were worse off than themselves.”

    Liberty, now that you’ve finished reading Rand you should go and read up on distributed responsibility. I know what you mean, and yes, there ARE people like that, but the reason I like to “contract some of my caring out to the state” is that its vastly more efficient to do it that way than for my to pick pet projects to care about on a case by case basis. Not to mention fairer, more sustainable, and more equitable.

    As for the states “monopoly on legitimised violence” – I wouldn’t get too excited about that tack considering you’re coming across like a classic libertarian at the moment and their stated utopia is basically “the state has no role other than to do violence in order to protect my property rights”. As for “anything other than”: you obviously mean “anything other than all public services, numerous as they are”. Libraries, hospitals, parks, roads, social welfare, environmental management, national reserves, civil defense….

    Try not to be a retard.

    Same goes for you actually Randal, you’ve been significantly worse to have around than the majority of the right leaning commentators on this site for some time now. What gives? Even if the left lose this election it doesn’t give you any right nor cause to decend into brainless extremist anti-capitalist hate-speech.

  50. vidiot 50

    So Steve when will we see a Vote Smart: Mangere ?

    The chance of the NZ Pacific Party (Taito Philip Field) lifting this ‘crown jewel’ seat are by all accounts quite high. What’s your guidance & wisdom on this one Steve ?

  51. Tim Ellis 51

    Same goes for you actually Randal, you’ve been significantly worse to have around than the majority of the right leaning commentators on this site for some time now. What gives? Even if the left lose this election it doesn’t give you any right nor cause to decend into brainless extremist anti-capitalist hate-speech.

    I’ve said before T-Rex, because I’ve often wondered it, that I think Randal is a right-winger pretending to be a left-wing troll. The most incriminating evidence was recently when he said something to the effect: “Piss off you right winger, this is a Labour Party site and we can write what we like”.

  52. Even though I live in the electorate, I can’t verify Steve’s tip that “Hide’s support has suffered from his buffoonery and Worth could be in with a chance”. That’s because none of the many people I know who live here would ever vote for Hide in the first place. In fact, I think that there must be three degrees of separation between me and any Hide-voter.

    But I, and everybody else I know here, will be voting for Richard Worth again, just in case it should be close. We don’t need Steve to alert us to this, but thanks.

    Tim makes a very good point (two, if you include his assertion that Randal is a right-winger pretending to be a left-wing troll) when he says, “If you really wanted to advocate smart-voting, then the solution seems to be for Labour to make sure Winston’s 3% isn’t wasted.”

    Right now, I know a lot of people who would normally vote Labour who are leaning Green. Ruling National out and Labour in was a smart move for the Greens. But it has been occurring to some of us that ensuring a left government might require getting NZ First over the 5% threshhold, however unsavoury the thought. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the polls say closer to the date. (And to think that Peters wanted to ban the polls that could yet save him.)

  53. bill brown 53

    Trouble with all this strategic voting is that you don’t know enough about how others are going to vote so you could end up wasting your vote.

    Better to just vote with you conscience – that way when it’s all over you can at least feel good in yourself no matter what you’ve done, rather than wake up to find Peter’s got 15% and you voted for him too!

  54. Bill Brown: “Trouble with all this strategic voting is that you don’t know enough about how others are going to vote so you could end up wasting your vote.”

    Umm, Bill, that’s why I said “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the polls say closer to the date.”

    I’ve been really impressed with NZers’ capacity to vote tactically in previous elections, and can’t see things changing this time.

  55. Lew 55

    Even ignoring the fact that Rodney Hide is one of the few genuinely known quantities in NZ politics (in that he can be relied upon to stand on his principles), and is on that grounds less unworthy than most, this stratagem in this electorate is really a piss in the wind. Richard Worth isn’t campaigning to win the electorate seat – he’s campaigning to increase the party vote for National in Epsom, according to his statements to the Herald that “How people decide to cast their constituency vote is an issue for them.” With even the Nats voting for Rodney, the few lefties in that most leafy of electorates really just have the party vote.


  56. Chris G 56

    This all sounds much more fun than my boring Ohariu electorate where that idiot Dunne wins it everytime. I wish we could strategically vote his ass outta here.

  57. Dom 57

    Hey Chris G – we’re in Ohariu too.

    Another party could take that electorate with a good candidate who was prepared to put in some spade-work in the next three years. Dunne will likely win again but I’m hoping it’s his last…the idea of him as my electorate MP makes me ill.

    Definitely voting Chauvel. Not that I would ever vote for a Nat MP (though in Epsom I would be tempted…) but Shanks can’t even pronounce Ohariu correctly!

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  • Wellington’s rapid transit option progresses to next stage
    The Government is progressing a preferred option for LGWM which will see Wellington’s transport links strengthened with light rail from Wellington Station to Island Bay, a new tunnel through Mt Victoria for public transport, and walking and cycling, and upgrades to improve traffic flow at the Basin Reserve. “Where previous ...
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    2 days ago
  • Keynote remarks: Tech 4 Democracy Summit, Madrid
    To Provost Muniz, to the Organisers at the Instituto de Empresa  buenas tardes and as we would say in New Zealand, kia ora kotou katoa.  To colleagues from the State Department, from Academia, and Civil Society Groups, to all our distinguished guests - kia ora tatou katoa. It’s a pleasure ...
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    2 days ago
  • On June 28, 2022, a meeting took place in Madrid between the President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, who was visiting Spain to participate in the Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as one ...
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    2 days ago
  • More young Kiwis able to travel and work in Spain
    A six-fold increase in the Aotearoa New Zealand-Spain working holiday scheme gives a huge boost to the number of young people who can live and work in each other’s countries, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says. Jacinda Ardern and Spanish President Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón made the Working Holiday/Youth Mobility Scheme announcement ...
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    2 days ago
  • Supporting local government candidates
    A significant barrier has been removed for people who want to stand in local government elections, with a change to the requirement to publish personal details in election advertising. The Associate Local Government Minister Kieran McAnulty has taken the Local Electoral (Advertising) Amendment Bill through its final stages in Parliament ...
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    2 days ago
  • Govt passes law to protect consumers in banking and insurance sector
    New financial conduct scheme will ensure customers are treated fairly Banks, insurers and non-bank deposit takers to be licensed by the FMA in relation to their general conduct Sales incentives based on volume or value targets like bonuses for selling a certain number of financial products banned The Government ...
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    2 days ago
  • New law paves way for greater supermarket competition
    Legislation that bans major supermarkets from blocking their competitors’ access to land to set up new stores paves the way for greater competition in the sector, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Dr David Clark said. The new law is the first in a suite of measures the Government is ...
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    2 days ago
  • Vaccine mandate for border and corrections workers to end
    The Government has announced an end to the requirement for border workers and corrections staff to be fully vaccinated. This will come into place from 2 July 2022. 100 per cent of corrections staff in prisons, and as of 23 June 2022 97 per cent of active border workers were ...
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    2 days ago
  • New Zealand's Commonwealth relationships strengthened at CHOGM
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta has concluded a visit to Rwanda reaffirming Aotearoa New Zealand’s engagement in the Commonwealth and meeting with key counterparts. “I would like to thank President Kagame and the people of Rwanda for their manaakitanga and expert hosting of this important meeting,” Nanaia Mahuta said. “CHOGM ...
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    2 days ago
  • Emergency monitoring centre opened to keep New Zealand safer
    Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty officially launched the new Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting (MAR) Centre at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) today. The Government has stood up the centre in response to recommendations from the 2018 Ministerial Review following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake and 2017 Port Hills fire, ...
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    2 days ago
  • Waikato Expressway speed limit to change to 110km/h
    Transport Minister Michael Wood has welcomed the announcement that a 110km/hr speed limit has been set for the SH1 Waikato Expressway, between Hampton Downs and Tamahere. “The Waikato Expressway is a key transport route for the Waikato region, connecting Auckland to the agricultural and business centres of the central North ...
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    3 days ago
  • Government listening to sector on NCEA
    Following feedback from the sector, Associate Minister of Education Jan Tinetti, today confirmed that new literacy and numeracy | te reo matatini me te pāngarau standards will be aligned with wider NCEA changes. “The education sector has asked for more time to put the literacy and numeracy | te reo ...
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    3 days ago
  • Further Aotearoa New Zealand support for Ukraine
    $4.5 million to provide Ukraine with additional non-lethal equipment and supplies such as medical kit for the Ukrainian Army Deployments extended for New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) intelligence, logistics and liaison officers in the UK, Germany, and Belgium Secondment of a senior New Zealand military officer to support International ...
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    3 days ago
  • Electoral changes will bring greater transparency for voters
    Changes to electoral law announced by Justice Minister Kiri Allan today aim to support participation in parliamentary elections, and improve public trust and confidence in New Zealand’s electoral system. The changes are targeted at increasing transparency around political donations and loans and include requiring the disclosure of: donor identities for ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government invests to minimise gambling harm
    The Labour government has announced a significant investment to prevent and minimise harm caused by gambling. “Gambling harm is a serious public health issue and can have a devastating effect on the wellbeing of individuals, whānau and communities. One in five New Zealanders will experience gambling harm in their lives, ...
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    4 days ago
  • More free flu vaccines and a second COVID-19 booster to groups at risk of hospitalisation
    The Government has widened access to free flu vaccines with an extra 800,000 New Zealanders eligible from this Friday, July 1  Children aged 3-12 years and people with serious mental health or addiction needs now eligible for free flu dose. From tomorrow (Tuesday), second COVID-19 booster available six months ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government backs action to drive strong wool growth
    The Government is investing to create new product categories and new international markets for our strong wool and is calling on Kiwi businesses and consumers to get behind the environmentally friendly fibre, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said today. Wool Impact is a collaboration between the Government and sheep sector partners ...
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    4 days ago
  • Veterans Minister pays tribute to service and sacrifice at Korean War commemoration
    At today’s commemoration of the start of the Korean War, Veterans Minister Meka Whaitiri has paid tribute to the service and sacrifice of our New Zealand veterans, their families and both nations. “It’s an honour to be with our Korean War veterans at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park to commemorate ...
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    6 days ago
  • Matariki projects star in latest round of Tourism Infrastructure Fund
    Minister of Tourism Stuart Nash and Associate Minister of Tourism Peeni Henare announced the sixth round of recipients of the Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF), which supports local government to address tourism infrastructure needs. This TIF round will invest $15 million into projects around the country. For the first time, ...
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    7 days ago
  • Prime Minister’s Matariki speech 2022
    Matariki tohu mate, rātou ki a rātou Matariki tohu ora, tātou ki a tātou Tīhei Matariki Matariki – remembering those who have passed Matariki – celebrating the present and future Salutations to Matariki   I want to begin by thanking everyone who is here today, and in particular the Matariki ...
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    7 days ago
  • First Matariki holiday marked across New Zealand and the world
    Oho mai ana te motu i te rangi nei ki te hararei tūmatanui motuhake tuatahi o Aotearoa, Te Rā Aro ki a Matariki, me te hono atu a te Pirīmia a Jacinda Ardern ki ngā mahi whakanui a te motu i tētahi huihuinga mō te Hautapu i te ata nei.    ...
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    7 days ago
  • Minister to attend second United Nations Ocean Conference in Portugal
    Oceans and Fisheries Minister David Parker will represent Aotearoa New Zealand at the second United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, which runs from 27 June to 1 July. The Conference will take stock of progress and aims to galvanise further action towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, to "conserve and sustainably use ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government supports innovative dairy sheep sector to scale up
    The Government is boosting its partnership with New Zealand’s dairy sheep sector to help it lift its value and volume, and become an established primary industry, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has announced. “Globally, the premium alternative dairy category is growing by about 20 percent a year. With New Zealand food ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government supports Buller flood recovery and longer term resilience
    The Government is continuing to support the Buller district to recover from severe flooding over the past year, Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty announced today during a visit with the local leadership. An extra $10 million has been announced to fund an infrastructure recovery programme, bringing the total ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government outlines plans for future COVID-19 variants
    “The Government has undertaken preparatory work to combat new and more dangerous variants of COVID-19,” COVID-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall set out today. “This is about being ready to adapt our response, especially knowing that new variants will likely continue to appear. “We have undertaken a piece of work ...
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    1 week ago