What’s with TV?

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The major papers, radio and political blogs picked up John Key’s War is Over story but neither of the main TV channels ran with it last night. Why is that? A photo in the Herald this morning shows Key surrounded by a swarm of press gallery reporters and TV cameras and yet neither TVNZ nor TV3 ran the story.

Did they think that Key’s statement – and I won’t excuse him by calling it a gaffe. I think it was a bang on reflection of his innate value system ie Iraq? Dead foreigners? Too far away to care. But I digress, what interests me is who made the call at the TV news desks not to run this story? Don’t they think New Zealanders deserve to know how John Key handles foreign affairs, and interviews, come to that?

In a way it’s good that he’s provided this opportunity to remind the country that in 2002 Key and every single member of the National Party voted for a resolution that would have committed NZ troops to Iraq. If Don Brash or John Key had been Prime Minister then we would still be at war in Iraq alongside American, Australian, and British forces.

And hey John, they’re still there.

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