White Man Behind a Desk

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Quiet Sunday morning? Check out White Man Behind a Desk.

13 comments on “White Man Behind a Desk”

  1. Charles 1

    “There’s a lot of macaronis… that’s just one picture… thats not all of them!


    Rhetorical question: Does using “Number of Troops per Capita” as a statistic with implied relevence, but no context, really help the argument gain influence with those not already convinced?”

    I will continue watching “Money and the Media”. It’s good stuff for a Sunday morning.

    Update: “Money and the Media” is brilliant tv gold.

  2. weka 2

    This is really good!

  3. ianmac 4

    Wouldn’t the White Man do even better with a live audience with whom to react/respond? I hope he continues with his foray.

  4. Kiwiri 5

    Bloody marvellous. I want to watch “Money and the Media” again.
    I’d be happy to make a donation equivalent to a flat white.

    • weka 5.1

      me too. When he’s got a few under his belt, I hope he goes for some crowd sourced funding.

      Would make a good regular feature on ts (plus I don’t have a youtube account so it’d be easier to follow. /laziness).

  5. Paul 6

    Worth sharing.
    Thanks for this.

  6. Tracey 7

    CLEVER young man… and there are many clever young men and women out there… they are just finding it harder and harder to be heard over those who find The Bachelor and The Kardashians cutting edge

  7. Karen 8

    The grabs from Ian Fraser and Judy Bailey have been taken out of a documentary series called “50 Years of NZ Television.” They came from section 5 of the first episode, which has some other bits Standardistas may find interesting.


  8. red-blooded 9

    What a star! You can sure see the influence of John Oliver, but it’s nice to have a kiwi voice and viewpoint. Plus, he just happens to be really funny.

  9. happynz 10

    Great work. I truly hope he keeps up with it and that he gets a big audience.

  10. philj 11

    Is this last and only place for serious satire? Bravo Mr White. Encore!

  11. Wensleydale 12

    Definitely channelling Jon Stewart, with the pen in the hand and the rampant gesticulating — damn fine job I must say. More power to you, young man. You’ll go far.

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