With friends like these…

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Judy Kirk claims she didn’t show at Lee’s election night gathering because Coleman had told there was ‘plenty of support’.

John Key didn’t show because of the proverbial “long-standing family engagement” and he’s passing the buck on the distinct lack of senior National figures present, saying pointedly that he didn’t organise the event.

So now Party leader and president have gone beyond insulting Melissa and her team by not bothering to show up, they’re putting the boot into Coleman too. Nice.

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  1. Jasper 1

    Thats National for you

    Kick em while they’re down, Pick em up while they’re high.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Lee decides to quit before the end of the term. Having been in Opposition for 6(?) years, salivating at the chance to become a Minister, only to not get that, and now be mauled savagely by her own colleagues, she’s got no hope at all now of ever getting onto the front benches.

    Best thing for her is to realise that Parliaments not going to help her anymore and leave. Of course if she does, then it just takes one more before Stephen “I can’t marry my dog” Fwanks returns.

  2. exbrethren 2

    I’d be happy if they’re putting the boot into Coleman.

    A nasty individual who ran the campaign but refused to take any blame basically saying “it’s all Melissa’s fault”. Shoddy performance from an individual with seeming anger management issues.

  3. Merlin 3

    Jasper, Lee only came into Parliament at the last election. but yeah, no future for her now. Seeign your political future shot to pieces like that, you would wonder why not move onto something else where you have a future.

    • Pat 3.1

      There are plenty of hopeless, freeloading MP’s in parliament. Lee doesn’t have to walk away from a $130K-plus-expenses salary, and in the current economic climate she would be mad to.

      Who knows what her list placing will be in 2011. Might as well wait for the election and see where the cards fall.

    • Jasper 3.2

      Thanks, I couldn’t find any information on when she came into Parliament during my four second search.

      Probably confused her with Wong.

  4. gobsmacked 4

    My nomination for best line on Melissa Lee:

    “To her credit, she fronted up and admitted to her failings. (Her colleagues have bravely fronted up and admitted to her failings too.) ”

    from David Lewis, at Pundit.


  5. I try to stay clear of posts where I expect to get my butt kicked.

    However, it doesn’t help my case when I expect at least a semblance of balance from t’other side so I’m host on my own petard.

    This looked bad. Really really bad.

    I still don’t believe National expected to win (especially with the motorway decision announced and the super city in full flight) but the campaign was poor, the management of the campaign was poor, and the handling of the result was even worse.

  6. Rich 6

    You can imagine his speech in 2011:

    I today call an election and look forward to facing the electorate on September 17th, and to being elected for another three years. However, due to long standing family holiday commitments, I will be departing for Hawaii from tomorrow and expect to return sometime in October. While I’m away, Bill and Murray will no doubt do an excellent job on the election campaign.

  7. brings to mind Armistice Day a couple of days after the last election; Key didn’t attend because he wasn’t aware that Helen Clark would be. Funny how some people decide what their priorities will be…

  8. BLiP 8

    What a pathetic cop out of an excuse – why would Judith even ask Coleman whether or not she should be there, did she need his permission? As for Coleman, what a dick.

    The way Melissa was treated by National is the way the country will be treated.

  9. interested 9

    Just a wee point to add to the mix. National Prime Ministers don’t generally make an appearance at by-election day parties – win or lose. There was no PM presence at Taranaki-King Country, Selwyn, etc etc.

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