WMBAD: Global goals

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3 comments on “WMBAD: Global goals”

  1. greywarshark 1

    Thank you White Man. I’ll try and get enough energy up to get a message to John Key and ask him to do……………… well something useful, like put the toilet seat down nest time he uses it. I think he could manage that.

  2. Once was Tim 2

    I’m not sure you’re correct about that @ Grey (putting the toilet seat down I mean). He’s way above having to do that!
    But I think he’s worrying a bit too much about his flab, knock-knees, and when he can book another dose at the Caci Klunk without being noticed – to get rid of all those wrinkle lines that often mysteriously disappear when 7 Blunt and the du Plissy need to have a couple of jokey-blokey minutes in Proim toim.
    I imagine there’s going to be one or two stop-offs on his way beck ta Nu Zull, albeit with the MSM cheerleaders in tow (Tova, etc.)

  3. greywarshark 3

    Do you think he is operating under the Picture of Dorian Gray treaty with the devil?

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