$250k for failed Job Interview

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I like my employer, and they’re not ungenerous.  But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t spend $250,000 on helping me to get another job – and one that I’m a long shot for at that.

As Tim Groser’s employers, you’ve got to wonder just how generous we as voters are being.  And why either he doesn’t think we’re good enough employers and wants to leave, or why National want rid of him.

We were told a week or so ago that although Tim Groser’s travel bill was astoundingly big at $3000 / day, it was okay: he’d gone from being a long-shot to being one of the final 2.

Now, we find that that’s another lie.

He’s not one of the final 2, he’s one of the 3 asked to withdraw their bids.

Mr Key’s $250,000 “investment” is another bad one from our Prime Currency Trader.

We all know National like jobs for their mates – and they’ve got to find new jobs as they plan for defeat – but this bill just seems too high.

22 comments on “$250k for failed Job Interview”

  1. Paul 1

    And which MP do the corporate media spend the day denouncing – Hone Harawira (who spent $31,800)

    • karol 1.1

      Last night on Citizen A, with Wayne Hope & Selwyn Manning, they predicted that, with Key on the slide the Nats approach up til the election next year, will be to attack Mana and also the Greens, and thereby weaken Labour’s chances.

      Looks like the MSM are taking the initiative for the Nats, and leading the charge.

  2. IrishBill 2

    And about the same “invested” in salary for Susan Devoy to make dull blue jokes. http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/dame-susan-devoy-s-speech-labelled-train-crash-5418010

    • Colonial Viper 2.1

      I think this is just the start for Devoy; her freight train of tragi-comedy has barely started rolling, and Collins will rue the day she appointed her..

      • Roy 2.1.1

        Not if Devoy’s job is to totally decredit and ultimately destroy the position of Race Relations Commissioner, which it may well be.

  3. Huginn 3

    Have to say that I’m relieved that Groser’s bid has failed.

    Rightly or wrongly, I couldn’t separate it out from the secretive TPPA negotiations and the scandals billowing out from the GCSB’s illegal spying.

  4. Tigger 4

    Key is defending the spend, using Mike Moore as an example. Except there’s one big difference between then and now…Moore got the job.

    Why did Key think Groser had a hope of getting it when NZ had so recently produced a DG? How was this ever seen as a good risk?


    • Rich 4.1

      If the global trade agreement system is fair, why would it matter to NZ who was leader.

      That it matters so much to Key to get the leader implies the system isn’t fair, in which case why are we mixed up in it.

      If we make things people want and need, they’ll sell well, trade agreement or not.

  5. RedBaronCV 5

    Be nice to have a detailed breakdown of this. A return biz class fare to london is around $11,000 and timewise the trip takes 24 hours each way- 48 hours in total.

    So he’s telling us what – that he spent two days out of every three in the air?? Did he take people with him and if so who are they and why did they do? Do mini bar tabs make up the difference?
    Did he miss out on the job because of the big tabs.

    What happened to the truck load of air point dollars he must be sitting on – if he spent it all on airfares then that’s about $21,000 of airpoints he’s picked up.

    If he was overseas that much was he doing anything for the NZ taxpayer – how could he be, he was only on the ground one day in three and that wouldn’t be in NZ.

    Surely this falls outside ministerial spending policies. Where’s the Auditor General when we need her? Time for Tim and the Nact’s to pay this back!

    • Tigger 5.1

      RB I’m afraid you really don’t understand. It doesn’t matter that Groser did nothing but lobby for this job on the taxpayer’s dime because that nice Mr Key “thought his colleague would have been a “brilliant” director and had the skills required to make a difference for New Zealand and global trade.” And it was a great investment even though “it was always going to be a long shot”. Mr Groser “gave it his best go with the support of the Government.” and that’s good enough for that lovely Mr Key.

      Bunji really did nail it, what current employer would do make this investment at those odds, even if you getting the job may, may not would, be good for them. I suspect only an employer who knew it wasn’t coming out of their pocket but someone else’s…

      • Dv 5.1.1

        >>nice Mr Key “thought his colleague would have been a “brilliant” director and had the skills required to make a difference for New Zealand and global trade.”

        Isnt he the same guy who thinks Hekia is a great communicator!!!?

  6. AsleepWhileWalking 6

    Meanwhile in beneficiary land…

  7. Kevin Welsh 7

    I guess it goes-to-show that you can’t always get a ‘shoulder tap’ when you want one…

  8. tc 8

    I thought it was more about keeping the hapless Grosser the F away in the hope he doesn’t come back.

    He does know where some dead bodies are after all, anyway 250k is chicken feed with this lot if you did the maths they probably already spend that each quarter on paying deadwood off like Longstone lurch and keeping deadwood in the trough like Blingish and Hekia whanau etc

  9. Mary 9

    Maybe it was because he said he thought learning Te Reo should be compulsory in every school? About the only good thing he’s ever said, even if it was for the wrong reasons. Probably still enough, though, to get him deemed a dangerous link in Nact’s corporate chain.

  10. georgecom 10

    Good so see some more positive publicity for Key and his Govt. Next time Key announces there isn’t any money I hope people remember back to Mr Groser blowing $250 k.

  11. georgecom 11

    Actually, has there been any good news for the Nats this second term? They seem to be stumbling from one blunder/cock up/bad story after another.

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