29 lives lost. No justice for their families.

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The Pike River families picketing the gates to the mine where their dead men lie have set up a devastating demonstration of what they’ve lost.

The Solid Energy workers who have been crossing the picket line daily to do “gas monitoring” at the mine backed away this morning rather than breach the gate.

This is the power of ordinary people standing together against injustice.

13 comments on “29 lives lost. No justice for their families.”

  1. saveNZ 1

    Good luck in your quest for justice, Pike River families.

  2. xanthe 2

    good on them !

    return the bodies to their families
    full forensic investigation of the ENTIRE crime scene

  3. Chris 3

    One way to help you win the election, Andrew Little, is to talk to the experts the families have engaged from overseas, then announce clearly that if elected Labour will start attempts to retrieve the bodies and begin a full investigation into what happened. Just do that, Andrew Little, and see what happens.

  4. Leftie 4

    That’s powerful !!

  5. Paul 5

    Good on you.

  6. The Real Matthew 6

    So what’s the position of the blogger on this issue?

    Does the blogger believe the mine is safe and we should re-enter? Would the blogger be happy to be the first person to enter the mine? Would the blogger be happy to take over directorship of the company that owns the mine and assume all responsibilites?

    [1. don’t have a go at authors on The Standard. Zero tolerance for this now. 2. don’t derail posts. 2 month ban – weka]

  7. BM 7

    Does Labour have any involvement in the Stand with Pike campaign? or is this all being put together by Bernie Monk and the other pike river families?

    • Nick 7.1

      Does National have any involvement in the Stand against Justice campaign? or is this all being put together by Solid Energy and other Shareholders ?

  8. michelle 8

    The main issue here is justice as no one was held accountable for these unnecessary deaths now this is not right we get tickets for not wearing our seatbelt and drunken drivers go to court and are charged what did those responsible for this get. This incident shows the justice system in our country is not fair and never will be because it treats the rich and wealthy better these people have access to the best lawyers money can buy this is not good enough in a country that prides itself on fairness and equality.

    • Bg 8.1

      What if (hypothetically) it was found that one of the miners or a group of miners was not following procedure?

      Should the families then pay back the compensation?

      Easy to pour scorn on the company (big corporate bully) but the mistake could quite as easily been perpetrated by the miners. What if someone was doing something they shouldn’t… I know it’s a horrible question but what if these people go in and don’t like the answer

      • weka 8.1.1

        “I know it’s a horrible question but what if these people go in and don’t like the answer”

        I’m guessing they’ve considered that and still want to go in. I seriously doubt that money is a motivating factor.

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