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And just for the weekend a video from The Eastern who had people dancing in the aisles before Andrew Little’s speech last Sunday.

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17 comments on “Daily Review 13/11/2015”

    • sabine 1.1

      there is an election? oh, yeah in 2017. 🙂 So much fun still to be had.

    • weka 1.2

      It only happened a few days ago, I don’t think people change their voting patterns that fast.

      • sabine 1.2.1

        2017 matters, the rest, pfft. who cares.

        Let’s just watch Dear Leader horse around, in parliament, in cafes, in changing rooms for rugby player. Its fun to watch ackshully, much fun times ahead.

    • mickysavage 1.3

      Post world cup and pre this week. I am pleasantly surprised.

      • Anne 1.3.1

        Me too. I expected quite a big Nat bump on the back of the RWC win. Doesn’t look like it happened.

  1. weka 2

    “New Zealand is increasingly looking like a country that is either deliberately riding roughshod over human rights or wilfully ignoring them.”

    Beck Eleven on human rights in Christchurch and Christmas Island and how badly NZ is faring.


  2. Tory 3

    Fuckin socialists in Sweeden have finally woken up

    While hundreds of thousands of war refugees sit in Lebanon, these leeches have jumped the queue by paying other leeches to head to Europe for a better life. Looks like the gloss from the liberals welcome is fading fast.

  3. weka 4

    Roz P

    Dear @ThePanelRNZ, please consider not inviting @michelleboag back on until she has apologised for her comments about “parading victimhood”.

    Lamia ‏@LI_politico 4 hrs4 hours ago

    Can you people who don’t have locked accounts tell @ThePanelRNZ than having Michelle Boag on is giving platform to #RapeCulture. K, thanks.

    She is shaming victims. She wants to silence victims. She wants us to put up with the PM making rape a political joke.






    Phone: (04) 474 1999

    Post: PO Box 123, Wellington

    Text to 2101

  4. Tory 5

    Let’s roll out the sympathy vote for the criminals, seems to be the media MO nowadays and no doubt someone here will set up a “Give A Little” page for the misunderstood pillars of society

    • mickysavage 5.1

      Complain to John Key. He is the one who thinks that all these terrible people (sarc) should come back to New Zealand. At least Labour is advocating that these terrible people (sarc) should be able to remain in Australia.

    • Trey 5.2

      Speaking of misunderstood pillars of society what is John Keys mate Mike Sabin up to lately

      • Whispering Kate 5.2.1

        Also Jason Eade – calling Jason Eade, is anybody out there, come in please.

        • tracey

          Didnt he land a plumb job with some friends of Nats ? Funny how most former left pollies tend to go to more public services or NFP while many former righties go to big paying crporate jobs? Prolly a coincidence 😆

  5. RedBaronCV 6

    Peter Dunne is restructuring fire services both urban & rural so it looks like the lot.

    Urban fires are funded by insurances levies on fire insurance by insured home owners and paid over to the Fire services Commission.

    Rural Fire services are funded by the following (per DIA):

    “RFAs receive funding from:
    -property owners through local authority rates;
    -levies on commercial forest21owners under the FRF Act;
    -DoC (where DoC is a stakeholder in an ERFD);
    -the Commission through grants for vehicles and equipment, and administration
    grants for ERFDs and payment of suppression costs from the RFFF.”
    (The Commission’s revenue is derived from insurance levies paid by urban and rural property owners. )

    So a few questions for Peter please from the MSM:
    -just how much of the urban fire levies are transfered from urban to rural areas as a subsidy to fight rural land fires (not rural house fires) in particular sums for equipment (there is some flash equipment out there). Why are urban dwellers providing this subsidy?
    -is the rates funding being cut so that urban dwellers are going to be giving even bigger farmer/forestry cost subsidies in rural NAct held seats.
    – have commercial owners (in particular offshore ones) been forced into paying adequate fire levies as this has long been a problem with offshore insurance contracts.
    -what pressure is being put on offshore rural owners of land and forestry to ensure they are paying their fair share of rural fire services so they are not being provided with a huge hidden subsidy from urban householders.
    -what tax arrangements are going to be made to fund fire services for other emrgency work that they do that is not fire related so homeowners don’t bear the cost of such things as tourist road accidents.

    • sabine 6.1

      And how much work is done by the Voluntary Fire brigade both rural and urban, and could you put a value to it. 🙂

      As for funds, there are many smaller stations in NZ that are literally self funded, or are only there because they raised the funds to start building the station and only then received help.

      • RedBaronCV 6.1.1

        I’m not knocking the volunteer component of firefighting- I imagine that the unpaid component will be streched to the max. They already do a lot they shouldn’t have to.

        I’m more concerned with the creeping funding subsidy provided by homeowner insurance (which has increased automatically as the insurers have loaded up premiums) to the well off property owners in rural areas who should be charged for what they are receiving in terms of non house fires.

        Rural fire appliances appear to be funded by homeowner policies once the station is built – for the benefit of large landowners firstly
        If there is no longer to be a rates contribution that benefits large rural landowners again.

        Nact need to come clean about the funding arrangements so we can be sure we are not propping up their rural votes. There needs to be a discussion about what is tax funded and what is not . Where are the MSM for this.
        And I see no reason whatsoever why the average home owner should be subsidising wealthy rural interests. Or protecting the illusion of a budget surplus.

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