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62 comments on “Open mike 14/11/2015”

    • Paul 1.1

      “The dip in the dollar has increased the appetite for international buyers. Most recently we have been busy with wealthy Americans who can’t get enough of our perfect country.”

      The sell off continues…………………..
      Key’s legacy. A sold country.

    • alwyn 1.2

      Did you actually read the story?
      You seem to be implying that being in “The Taxmans Club” is in some way desirable.
      These are people who’s tax returns are going to be audited and explanations required for everything.
      I wouldn’t wish this distinction on my worst enemy.
      (Well my second worst enemy. The worst is a real A**H***.)

  1. Paul 2

    The fact that Michelle Boag has repulsive and abhorrent views is one thing.
    The fact that corporate media provides her with various platforms to spew her vile ideas is one thing.
    The fact she got invited on the Panel just after Key’s shameful behaviour in parliament was probably an unfortunate coincidence.

    It is another thing totally, though, for our state broadcaster to promote her toxic opinions. That neither Brian Edwards, a token liberal from Herne Bay, nor Jim Mora challenged her degenerate victimisation was ghastly.
    Mora was the host of the programme. And he was silent.

    Boycott the Panel. Email Mora. Email his boss.
    Tell your friends.

    • Paul 2.1

      Chris Hedges, in his book ‘Death of the Liberal Class’

      “The liberal class refuses to recognize the obvious because it does not want to lose its comfortable and often well-paid perch.”

      Sums up Mora and his ilk.

      • Ad 2.1.1

        The liberal class keep the sate in taxes, from that well-paid perch.
        According to IRD, there are 212 individuals in NZ who control more than $50m in assets but have a declared income of less than $70,000.
        Whereas those liberal salaried suckers …

    • Rosemary McDonald 2.2

      The Panel, on Radio NZ may as well be on the shittiest commercial radio station.

      I call it the Afternoon Giggle Session with Jim.

      Trivial tripe.

      Once…they had Dita Di Boni and another woman (sorry, didn’t catch her name) and the two women were brilliant….Jim was way out of his depth.

      An hour of wasted air time when so much of real significance could be discussed.

      I suppose its how Natrad keeps its funding.

      • weka 2.2.1

        Roz P

        Dear @ThePanelRNZ, please consider not inviting @michelleboag back on until she has apologised for her comments about “parading victimhood”.

        @locked account
        Can you people who don’t have locked accounts tell @ThePanelRNZ than having Michelle Boag on is giving platform to #RapeCulture. K, thanks.

        She is shaming victims. She wants to silence victims. She wants us to put up with the PM making rape a political joke.

        Phone: (04) 474 1999

        Post: PO Box 123, Wellington

        Text to 2101

        • Treetop

          Were Key and Boag to apologise for their harmful comments which I OBJECT to, this is not enough. It shows me just how little they know about the effect/impact of sexual violence.

          • weka

            I agree. Any apology that comes now is going to look like what it is, PR management. They’re both very arrogant and as you say ignorant.

      • alwyn 2.2.2

        Why do you bother listening if it is that bad?
        Are you tied in a chair with the radio, set at a high volume, out of reach?
        Otherwise why not use the on/off switch.

        • Paul

          Views like that should not be broadcast on public radio.
          End of story.
          I sense you rather admire Boag’s extreme views.

          • aerobubble

            I disagree, its not that Moro stinks its that the smell persists.

            Victims of crime are revictimized by courts, by media, by the PM, on the basis that the strong brutal criminals must be punished and give no relief. Sadly I was taught better, that the weak the those that pander to evil, build evil up, evil for want of a better term. You see the PM is weak because he abused, Moro is weak because he isn’t raving on Boag, Boag is weak for her latest self victimizations, and criminals are the most weak and pathetic of all. Its not nice to want to help such pathetic individuals with our own liberal agendas its a form, far more potent, of punishments. The far right are just stupid children who just won’t be made to grow up.

            And the media peddles their shit all the time, take our current farce, how Australia has harmed its economy by saying to every foreigner become one of us or we will expose to heavy risks where even the suspicion of gang membership, potential minor jail time, and unanswered charges of molestation can all add up to the minister arbitrarily keeping you from your kids, from your assests and help your spouse divorce you, etc. That’s the problem the sheer arbitrariness of state power that supposed libertarians like boag hooten farrer Hopkins etc should all be up it arms as it links liberty with economics and nationalism in perverse and unseemly ways thanks to the pm gaff.
            Its just sad when the nation panel eg says Key dodged it all again while missing the ramifications not only to trade but to basics like economic competency of the chatter classes.

            Everyone is hurt by arbitrary laws. Kiwis demand to know the bright line test that would see them or relatives dumped from Australia. It harms investment with Australia, it means the risks of carrying relatives returning because a spouse has been ejected, it means risks to doing trade less you find suddenly racism and nationalism is raised another level for internel weak minded weak pathetic far right senators and MPs who need yet another distraction from their abusive mentalities.

          • alwyn

            “Views like that should not be broadcast on public radio”
            I sense that you are opposed to Free Speech and wish to censor those who don’t adhere wholeheartedly to your opinions.
            End of story.
            I don’t have any opinion on Boag’s views on anything.
            I have far better things to do in the afternoon than listen to Jim Mora and his guests. I have never heard her talking about anything as far as I can recall.

        • Rosemary McDonald

          Actually, one of us IS in a wheelchair…and often can’t reach the switch.

          However…there is still some excellent material broadcast on Natrad, and there is the occasional gem.

          Michele Boag must be one of the most pretentious and arrogant individuals in the country. Her ego and sense of entitlement are breathtaking.

          She adds nothing to the Panel, other than vitriol and dated prejudices.

          A friend needs to whisper in her ear that she is way past her best by date as a commentor on just about everything.

          Natrad can surely do better.

  2. Penny Bright 3

    Who are Cameron Partners – one of the two organisations commissioned to write reports recommending the privatisation of Auckland (Supercity for the 1%) assets?

    “Welcome to Cameron Partners

    Cameron Partners is a leading New Zealand investment banking firm providing M&A and corporate finance advisory services.

    Our clients receive the attention of senior, experienced bankers operating from our Auckland and Wellington offices.

    Our clients are in New Zealand and offshore and span listed and unlisted corporates, private equity funds, entrepreneurs and public sector organisations.

    The common theme is that our clients seek market leading transaction execution and advisory services in the New Zealand market.

    Cameron Partners is the New Zealand global alliance partner of Rothschild, one of the world’s leading investment banking houses with offices in 33 countries.”

    I’m off to my fifth international anti-corruption conference tomorrow – where I shall be exposing whose interests have been served by this, in my view, corrupt corporate coup, this forced amalgamation of seven Councils in the Auckland region, and their replacement by seven ‘Council’ (CORPORATE) Controlled Organisations (CCOs).

    We the people had NO say in this forced Auckland amalgamation.

    We the people of Auckland, have been under direct corporate control for the last five years.

    Billion$ of public monies are being transformed into private profit through the contracting out of Council services and regulatory functions to multi layers of private sector consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.

    Yet – the ‘books’ are NOT open, and the public are not being given the ‘devilish detail’ explaining where EXACTLY where this public money is being spent, invested or borrowed.

    While I’m at this Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference, I’ll be seeking to make contact with independent, professional forensic accountants / auditors.

    Because when I’m elected Mayor of Auckland, I won’t have a team of ‘spin doctors’ attached to the Mayoral Office – but a team of independent, professional forensic accountants / auditors – who will go through the books with a fine tooth comb, and find out where every dollar of public money is being spent, borrowed and invested.

    The ‘Rule of Law’ regarding the public’s LAWFUL rights to ‘open, transparent and democratically accountable’ local government in Auckland WILL be implemented and enforced – from the Mayoral Office.

    For this 2016 Auckland Mayoral campaign – (unlike the 2010 and 2013 campaigns) I WILL have a team ‘on the ground’, and those who genuinely want to take back our Auckland region from what in my opinion, is corrupt corporate control, will be welcome to join.

    This will be a full-on campaign against neo-liberal Rogernomics.

    It’s time for the public majority to benefit from OUR public monies, and wrest back control of our assets, our resources and our communities from corporate control!

    After 30 years of this crap – it’s ABOUT TIME!

    Penny Bright

    ‘Anti- corruption / anti-privatisation Public Watchdog’

    2016 Auckland Mayoral candidate

    • Paul 4.1

      From the article.

      ‘”You might think [about] what has happened since and that “just gets you bloody wild,” Smith said.

      Bloody wild. Like so many people affected by Pike, ask Smith about what happened before and after the explosion and the temperature in the room rises – a dangerous mine blew up and nobody has been held to account for it.

      “Just a waste of lives,” Smith said, “It should never have happened.”

      “If you start thinking about it you just get angry. I honestly think the families of everybody should get together and prosecute the Government. It’s them that’s responsible for it.”

  3. veutoviper 5

    Breaking …

    The second part of the Inside the Hunt for Rawshark – Hager Raid court files released by the High Court to Scoop Indepenent News is now up on Scoop.

  4. Reddelusion 6

    Another poor Roy Morgan poll for labour, suggest 29pc overstated after this weeks silly stunts and throwing toys out of cot in mock outrage

    • ropata 6.1

      please go to christmas island & see how you like it

    • ropata 6.2

      do you have any clue about the world around you?

    • alwyn 6.3

      No, no. You misunderstand. That Poll was before this weeks Parliament.
      John Key deliberately waited until after the poll before he had a go at Davis and his cohorts.
      If the poll was to be taken now National would be down to about 15%, Labour would be up to at least 55% and the Green Party into the mid twenties.
      Just wait till the next poll and you’ll see.
      Or perhaps the one after that.
      Or maybe the one after that.
      Or the one after that.
      Or the one after that.
      Keep the faith Comrade! The Little man will prevail.

      • Paul 6.3.1

        If you still support Key after his repulsive antics this week,you have no shame.

      • sabine 6.3.2

        the only poll that matters is in 2017. And John Key has enough time till then to find a few other groups of people in this country to offend an to insult.

        Drip Drip Drip

    • ropata 6.4

      did you see keys unwarranted insults and the nats’ foul behaviour to sex abuse victims?

      • Reddelusion 6.4.1

        No, I saw a bunch of precious blow hards choose to be offended and over Interpret a put down for thier own political gain I have seen jk be accused of far more by LWNJ with out having a tantrum akin to the left put on last week, which would put a 2 year old to shame

        • Draco T Bastard

          Man, you RWNJs really do know how to twist things so that they fit your delusions.

          • Reddelusion

            Only problem Draco as what you consider delusions are beliefs of majority, thus reality for all intent and purpose, a problem for the minority that occupy your little space

            • ropata

              do you actually have beliefs and principles? all i see is a jumped-up prick blowing his own trumpet and laughing as he sells out NZ to bankster cartels

            • Draco T Bastard

              Beliefs != reality.

              It is you RWNJs going round treating your beliefs as real that makes you delusional.

            • McFlock

              so if the rest of the country jumped off a cliff, reddelusion would say that anyone who pointed out that it was a bloody stupid idea was the one who was delusional…

  5. savenz 7

    Don’t forget to March for your rights today for TPP. People are against it world wide!

    “The World Health Organization director-general has criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership for its impact on drug costs.

    “Margaret Chan said she has “some very serious concerns” about the TPP and that, “If these agreements open trade yet close the door to affordable medicines we have to ask the question: is this really progress at all”. She added, “Can you bear the cost of $1,000 for a pill to treat Hepatitis C? Unless we get these prices down many millions of people will be left behind.”

    Council of Canadians health care campaigner Michael Butler has noted, “It is estimated that changes to patent protection for pharmaceutical drugs in CETA alone could end up costing our public health care system anywhere between $850 million to $1.65 billion annually. Our costs will increase for biologics under the TPP too. In 2010, biologics comprised over 14 percent of the Canadian pharmaceutical market and cost the Canadian health care system more than $3 billion a year; biologics are expected to grow to approximately 20 percent of the market over the next decade.”

    • ianmac 7.1

      From website “itsourfuture”
      “US FTA was costing their (Australian) Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme $200
      million more a year for drugs and warned against repeating the mistake in the TPPA.
      There are also risks that drug companies would threaten or bring disputes under the TPPA’s investment chapter over decisions about patents by the Patent Office or the courts. US drug company Eli Lilly has just claimed
      $500 million in compensation from Canada under the investment chapter in NAFTA, the model for the TPPA. Canada’s Supreme Court refused to grant patents for medicines because Eli Lilly had not shown the drugs would have the benefits that they asserted. Such claims aim to
      frighten governments and courts to find in the drug companies’ favour.”

      In Blenheim today a small group is meeting in Seymour Square at midday to discuss the future actions. All welcome

  6. ropata 8

    Farewell to a beautiful native species, allowed to die by useless Govt

    Northland kakariki has gone the way of moa and laughing owl. It didn't need to happen:— Dean Baigent-Mercer (@OwlThatLaughs) November 5, 2015

  7. ropata 9

    Christmas Island cartoon

    You'd better pray you never need #asylum. My #cartoon @PressNewsroom #nzpol #ChristmasIsland #FazelChegeni #auspol— Sharon Murdoch (@domesticanimal) November 10, 2015

  8. ropata 10

    golf courses maybe OK to sell but definitely NOT water, ports, or airport FFS!! capitalism in NZ = stealing public assets

    No surprises: consultants who specialise in recommending council asset sales have recommended Ak council sell assets— Robin Campbell (@robellcampbin) November 12, 2015

    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      Capitalism has always been about stealing public assets. It is through the control of the publics resources that the capitalists get rich and become rentiers/bludgers.

  9. Grindlebottom 11

    2 Paris arrondissements under attack. Gunman has shot people in at least one restaurant. 2 explosions at a sports stadium, up to 100 being held hostage in a concert hall. Police saying 26 dead, Story still unfolding on Al Jazeera news, they’re showing footage of police cordons etc.

  10. Grindlebottom 12

    Herald is saying the PM should apologise for “hurting MPs’ feelings”.
    Editorial: Why John Key should say sorry

    • weka 12.1

      “hurting MPs’ feelings”

      That’s not a quote btw. The line is actually How good it would be to find we have a Prime Minister who is big enough to acknowledge those who seem genuinely hurt and say simply, “I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry”?

      Problem is, Key did mean it, and doesn’t give a shit. He can trot out a PR spun apology now, but I won’t believe him.

      • Treetop 12.1.1

        Key’s comment is a new low, the PM is the person rape survivors need protecting from. Key’s attitude, just may explain why sexual assault survivors get treated the way the do by ACC.

  11. ianmac 13

    In Blenheim 29 turned out to a little march through town and we chanted in the approved style regarding TPP. Pretty good for 2 days notice. Great resources on

    • Rosemary McDonald 13.1

      500 + in Hamilton. Long walk along SH1 in the hot sun. Lots of toots from cars driving past on their way to the usual Saturday display of consumerism at the Base.

      One of our signs said SAY SORRY KEY

      Lots of women pointed at the sign, gave the thumbs up….

      Much talk amoungst the politically irrelevant about the Key/Carter shitstorm in the House…and much pride at the women making their stand.

  12. Grant 14

    Text of Phil Wallington’s John O’Shea Memorial Address to the 2015 SPADA Conference.

    Well worth reading. The fourth estate is one of the pillars of democracy and it no longer functions as such.

  13. sabine 15

    wonder what this is about?

    “Having exposed the world yesterday to the 2-mile long line of tankers-full’o’crude heading from Iraq to the US, several weeks after reporting that China has run out of oil storage space we can now confirm that the global crude “in transit” glut is becoming gargantuan and is starting to have adverse consequences on the price of oil.

    While the crude oil tanker backlog in Houston reaches an almost unprecedented 39 (with combined capacity of 28.4 million barrels), as The FT reports that from China to the Gulf of Mexico, the growing flotilla of stationary supertankers is evidence that the oil price crash may still have further to run, as more than 100m barrels of crude oil and heavy fuels are being held on ships at sea (as the year-long supply glut fills up available storage on land). The storage problems are so severe in fact, that traders asking ships to go slow, and that is where we see something very strange occurring off the coast near Galveston, TX.”

    • Colonial Viper 15.1

      It means that despite all the frothy optimistic financial engineering going on, the global real economy is failing, driving down fossil fuel consumption (and reducing GHG emissions).

      • sabine 15.1.1

        why continue pumping then? would it not better to make a virtue out of being responsible with our resources?

        • Colonial Viper

          In general the economic and physical structures we have created won’t allow well or rig operations to stop.

          For instance, forward supply contracts still need to be fulfilled, and no drilling company is going to have two hundred people on a deep sea rig take a day or two off in the middle of the North Sea.

          For many wells, it is technically difficult and time consuming to arbitrarily “turn on” or “turn off” the flow of crude as it is coming out of the ground at very high pressure (example was the Deep Sea Horizon well).

          Also, while a drilling operation may be losing a tonne of money at $40 per barrel of oil, they are still getting $40 to offset their costs which is better than getting $0.

          TL:DR the economy we have created and entrenched means that it ‘makes sense’ NOT to be responsible with our resources.

          • alwyn

            I was about to post a reply very like this and after typing a bit you beat me to it.
            Yours is much better worded than mine would be so I don’t need to bother.

            • Colonial Viper

              we’re pretty much locked on course: even if the activity is harmful the system makes it logical to continue…

          • sabine

            It neither makes sense nor is it responsible.

            But I guess it allows for certain businesses and people to clip the ticket and make a living.

            And I am sure the drill baby drill crowd here in NZ is very keen and intend on clipping the ticket.

        • Draco T Bastard

          why continue pumping then?

          Because in capitalism a capital asset that’s not in use is losing money and profit. It appears better, financially, to keep pumping and lower the price so that consumption goes up.

          • sabine

            People don’t have money, so they don’t drive or consume as much as they used too.
            People don’t have jobs, so they don’t drive or consume as much as they used too.
            People spend over 50% on rent, so they don’t drive or consume as they used too.

            Nah, consumption can’t be the ticket, at least not the consumption of ordinary people as literally they can’t afford it anymore, or don’t need it anymore, or out of choice will not use anymore.

            Might the reason for stock piling is that unrest and disruption is anticipated?

  14. ianmac 16

    Scoop has put up Part 2 of the Hager Files. Found the Hager papers fascinating.
    KEB [Key Evidence Bundle] Vol 1 (Applicant’s Affidavits)
    The Deputy Commissioner actioned the Hager inquiry promptly. Mmmm
    The evidence was locked up yet within days Vodafone 2degrees were being asked for info from the Hager sim card seized.
    Masses of stuff far away from Dirty Tricks were seized. One was an enquiry Nicky was pursuing about some practice within the Police. Fascinating.
    Thanks Scoop.

  15. savenz 17

    Papantonio: Civil Justice System Taken Over By Corporations

    This post originally appeared on

    Republicans like to tell us that the private sector can always do a better job than the government, and that’s why we should privatize everything. The latest target of privatization is the judicial system, where arbitrators are taking the place of our trial system.

    America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses this with attorney Howard Nations.

  16. sabine 19

    This is a funny article that i found re Christmas Island and the response of National to the question from Kelvyn Davis. Now this article is from August 2015, obviously as per the article everyone knew that the deportation would happen, and have happened.
    So why the need to now throw people into prisons of shore by the Ozzies, and why the need by the PM to turn into a screeching harpie?

    “A report prepared for Justice Minister Amy Adams earlier this year noted there was no reliable system of monitoring deported offenders or obtaining reliable information on their risk before they returned.

    If police were informed an offender was being deported they would meet them upon arrival at the airport and request a DNA sample and fingerprints, but that was voluntary.

    This week Adams said officials had worked at “some pace” in recent months to get better systems in place to protect the public.
    “I recognise [the system] at the moment this is not nearly robust enough for those people deported back to New Zealand and I want to change that.”

    Last month, Adams announced the creation of a new register that would list people who had been, or were about to be, sent back to New Zealand after being convicted of a crime.

    Before the end of the year, she hopes to have legislation before Parliament that would see monitoring and conditions imposed on criminals returning to New Zealand similar to those that would have applied had their sentence been served here.

    A system for sharing information about offenders with Australia is also being developed.

    “In the meantime I’m comfortable police have adequate processes to deal with those that are arriving now and over the next few months,” Adams said.”

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