Andrew Little entrusted with delivering a Gallipoli medal

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As reported at Stuff:

It was touch and go at Wellington Airport as the great-niece of a Gallipoli soldier raced to meet Labour leader Andrew Little to get him to deliver a medal to Turkey on her behalf.

Natasha Narayan is the great-niece of Private Kurei Papuni who died at Gallipoli on August 6, 1915, while fighting with the first Maori contingent.

Caitlin and her parents and sister had already departed for Turkey before the medal arrived and with no options left Narayan decided to drop Little an email.

His office staff picked up the request and got hold of Little and his wife and instructed them to hold tight until Narayan’s mother, Georgina, arrived with the medal.

“It is humbling to be entrusted with something so important to Caitlin, her whanau and iwi.”

“The family has only just received his Gallipoli medallion and it would be totally fitting for her to have that medal when she speaks on Anzac Day.”

16 comments on “Andrew Little entrusted with delivering a Gallipoli medal”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Not really sure why someone thought this was worth re-posting here. Are we going to re-post every stuff article about Andrew Little?

    • The last article about Andrew Little on TS was published 31 March.

      Leadership and loyalty

      If you click on the Andrew Little category, he was mentioned in posts on 4 and 7 April on other issues.

      So I’m not sure what this dig about “every Stuff article” is based on. More reasonable to assume that it’s a topical issue given ANZAC Day is just around the corner and we need a refreshing break from John Key’s gross lack of boundaries.

      • Lanthanide 1.1.1

        Reposting a straight news story, with no additional comment, should only be done for significant / important stories.

        This is neither significant nor important.

        • Well what a pity you don’t control what gets posted at The Standard, then. 🙄

          • Lanthanide

            Yes, all I can do is ask questions, like “Are we going to re-post every stuff article about Andrew Little?”

            So you’ll note I did everything in my power. So far I haven’t had a yes or no answer to that question.

            Is there anything wrong with posting articles like this? Not really, but as you can see, it hasn’t really generated any particular kind of comments by the readers here. Basically this is just “news”, in the type of “events that have happened”, but not something that is particularly comment or opinion-worthy. It ends up taking space on the main page that might be better used by other more opinion-worthy topics.

            • Stephanie Rodgers

              You’d first need to prove that “we re-post every Stuff article about Andrew Little.”

              Given that, as I noted, there hasn’t been a post about Little since 31 March, and the last link to Stuff related to Little was on 1 March, I should think the answer is obvious (and was obvious from my first comment, which you ignored in favour of all-but breaking the rule about telling us what to post)

              But please, keep trying to read dark hidden agendas into a simple news post.

              • Lanthanide

                It’s a question about what is going to happen in the future, Stephanie, it doesn’t mean I have to prove what has happened in the past.

                Imagine the Greens win 100% of the vote in 2017, and I ask the question “Are the Greens going to win all future elections with 100% of the vote?”, that doesn’t require that the Greens had won all previously elections with 100%, or even that the Greens had won *any* elections with 100% of the vote.

                It’s simply a question. No “dark hidden agendas” implied, except those you’ve imagined up yourself, for some reason. Next you’ll accuse me of attacking you because you’re a woman.

                • Murray Rawshark

                  That’s not fair, Lanth. Someone else will accuse you of that.

                  I don’t mind seeing this article because normally it would be FJK dealing with medals. It could be that he declined, or that Caitlin wanted to maintain the sanctity of her ponytail, but Little did help out. It’s not shockingly good news, but it’s not bad either.

    • David H 1.2

      Well we do repost a lot of articles abut Key, so maybe we’re just attempting some balance here.


    • Colonial Rawshark 1.3

      Another nice WWI puff piece.

  2. felix 2

    How come there’s no mention of him pulling her hair when he met her at the airport?

    Oh that’s right, because that would be completely bizarre, unacceptable behaviour for any politician interacting with a member of the public.

  3. shorts 3

    lets hope he doesn’t lose the medal on his travels

    And what Colonial Rawshark said

  4. Hateatea 4

    What a pleasure to read a positive and meaningful ANZAC Day story and that Andrew Little will have a role in helping one whanau stand tall at the ceremony.

    Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou – We will and do remember them.

  5. Reddelusion 5

    Newsflash Andrew little sitting in row 6, seat b

  6. Reddelusion 6

    Andrew little is far to short to stand tall

  7. alwyn 7

    It’s probably Stage 1 of Andrew’s campaign to get a Government provided job after Labour loses the next election and he gets the push.
    There is an old tradition, well twice anyway, of a former senior MP being appointed Chairman of the NZ Post Board by a Government headed by the alternative party. Look at Bolger, appointed by Labour and Cullen by National. The National Government after the 2017 election will be looking for a replacement for Cullen won’t they?
    On second thoughts it won’t really show he is capable of that big a job is it? Perhaps he is auditioning for a job as a postman.

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