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Andrew Little live chat 8:30am

Written By: - Date published: 7:01 am, May 18th, 2016 - 55 comments
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55 comments on “Andrew Little live chat 8:30am ”

  1. Ad 1

    My question to Mr Little is:

    What’s one thing that stops him getting cynical every week about politics?

    • Probably the prospect of one day in the never never of John Key actually telling the truth for a change.

    • Kiwiri 1.2

      Good question.

      Besides that, other than cynicism, and to develop broader and progressive perspectives, what are two things that that enable him to have wider and deeper views of issues beyond that filtered by King, Robertson, McCarten and Kirton?

    • whateva next? 1.3

      excellent question, after all as Billy Bragg says:
      “Our enemy really isn’t capitalism, it’s cynicism”
      and how Andrew counters the crap he has thrown at him daily, especially NZQT without getting cynical is inspiring, as with all the other Labour/Green/NZ First MP’s

  2. Johan 2

    What personal qualities do you bring to the debate with John Key? or is the next election National’s to lose?

  3. weka 3

    My question is who thought it was a good idea to have an interview in a noisy cafe?

    • weka 3.1

      I can barely understand what they are saying, and am missing most of it. I certainly can’t listen while I do other things, which is pretty much what many people would be doing at this time of day.

      Sorry Labour, but we already know that Little can be hard to hear because of how he speaks, so which advisors or staff thought a noisy cafe was a good idea? At this stage in the electoral cycle you really need to have these things sorted.

      • mauÄ« 3.1.1

        I can hear Tracy Watkins crystal clear, Andrew not so much. This may have been by stuffs design or just an honest mistake.

        • Colonial Viper

          Amateur hour by the sound team; also Little’s PR team should have insisted on an appropriate interview environment.

        • weka

          I could hear Watkins sometimes but not others. Fail all round.

  4. Mike Bond 4

    Again a bugger up from Little. Labour need a leader that can take them to a win over National. Little seems to fumble around and make a fool of himself continually!

    [From Labour: Note: Some media have reported that Andrew was intending to visit an overcrowded house that turned out not be overcrowded. This is incorrect. There was never any intention to visit the house in question, no claims were made about that house, and media were never advised of any visit to the house. The assumption was made by media after they were accosted by a local who was angry at some of their earlier coverage. – MS]

    • left for dead 4.1

      BBC, ..Bring Back Cunliffe …and let him wield the retirement stick, fresh look at a serious opposition.
      That will mean large amount of cooperation with the Greens and NZF and pull the MP Waka along side, killing off the true neoliberal labour party, act.
      Well it’s an idea away.

      • Mosa 4.1.1

        Yeah Cunliffe deserves another go with support of his party and a strategy of dealing with Key-Joyce dirty tricks brigade.
        He never had a chance in 2014.

    • Keith 4.2

      I now view with great caution any kind of story in the media that read like Sopers article read. Reading the entire article I wondered how they justified the title.

      Question is why are Labour and especially Little are getting kneecapped by our commercial media?

      • Mosa 4.2.1

        Keith the MSM is foreign controlled in NZ.
        The right wing bias has always been there but has worsened scince this government’s election.
        We now have to rely on the overseas media to get un bias in depth reporting of news once covered by our news sources.
        A typical example is One News reporter Katie Bradford commenting on Andrew Littles visit to a overcrowded house called it a “Political Stunt” yet the coverage of Key in the same story is up beat positive and surrounded by his adoring supporters!
        I have come to the conclusion that NZ has had a right wing Coup take place without military intervention and kiwis have no idea its happened we are without doubt now a one party state!
        This Nat-Key regime has the media on side and the opposition is now irrelevant

  5. upnorth 5

    what a disaster could not hear a thing. Two major media fails in 2 days.

    Are we serious as a Party or what?

    Is there any truth I am reading about Labour is broke?

    • mlpc 5.1

      Serious? Yes

      Seriously incompetent? Yes.

      Little and McCarten cannot do anything right.

      I wouldn’t profess to be a firm Labour supporter, but NZ deserves a better opposition and potential government.

      • weka 5.1.1

        Little does many things right, including reigning the worst excesses of a divided caucus. No mean feat that. Labour aren’t perfect but they’re not completely useless either.

        • Jenny Kirk

          Agree Weka – this was a stuff-up by Stuff. Their people should have known the background noise would dominate. and I couldn’t hear Tracy Watkins either.
          It needs to be done again, at a quieter venue.

          • McFlock

            I’m sure the one with key will be in a quiet studio, questions all well vetted 🙂

      • mickysavage 5.1.2

        Yesterday was a media misunderstanding today was Stuff’s stuff up.

        • TC

          Media misunderstanding aka misrepresentation….too generous mickey.

          They are part of the problem not the solution in nz.

      • Keith 5.1.3

        A better media is what we need.

    • maninthemiddle 5.2


    • Kiwiri 5.3

      Rest assured. The new General Secretary is a super dynamic and fantastic bloke who will bring in lots of donations.

      • Colonial Viper 5.3.1

        Are you taking the piss?

        The guy has worked some big corporate jobs before, yes.

        But who/where are these major donors going to come from? Or is he going to fire up the grassroots public who are then going to donate $10/$50 sums to Labour a la Bernie Sanders?

  6. YNWA 6

    Second Labour stitch-up in 2 days by hidden agents, are we seeing the emergence of a new Crosby Textor strategy to distract from Corrections, Housing, Defence, etc just like the anti-semitism ploy in the UK?

    • TC 6.1

      Same strategy as always, wakey wakey labour.

    • Keith 6.2

      Bit too coincidental isn’t it and gives the impression that Labour can’t even manage a press conference right when National look horribly uncaring and incompetent. Its made all the more likely because Tracey Watkins loves Key and Soper is a tired old journo raised on a steady diet Rogernomics. Trust no one.

  7. upnorth 7

    i think it is time to dump Little and Matt, get the union tag off the party and get back to some core principles.

    Hover my biggest concern is and always have been and posted before Grant Roberston is going to deliver a complete failure on Future for Work in November.

    It is going to text book and no substance is my biggest fear.

    I have had a good think and I keep coming back to some really sad facts – there could be no list MP’s in 2017 and Little is just unelectable and look at all his election day failure to sure a seat.

    The other thing I have noticed the unions never put out a press release on why they shuld get %age of the vote to elect – I still blame the unions for their influence on the party.

    Labour needs to be a centre left party – I get frustrated when people don’t see the obvious of what a good opposition or future party shuld look like.

    The last 2 days have me shaking my head in my hands and Hager should be the next to exsponged – Panama papers what a big flop just like the moment of truth

    • Barfly 7.1

      troll much? and seriously learn to spell ffs

    • Stuart Munro 7.2

      Nah. It’s time to dump Key and all his sleazy foreign cronies.

      Push the top tax rate up till they fuck off. 95% should do the trick.

      Seize the trusts too. No more kiwis on the streets.

      • Colonial Viper 7.2.1

        Push the top tax rate up till they fuck off. 95% should do the trick.

        Hmmmmm the top tax rate kicks in at only $70,000.

        You’d be enforcing a defacto wage and salary limit of $70K pa on the nation.

        That’s going to be pretty unpopular with the top 20% of income earners.

        • weka

          So raise the bracket. Then you will get the sentiment.

          • Colonial Viper

            If you search back on TS you’ll find that I was talking about the old 89% and 91% income tax brackets in the USA many years ago.

            But the bottom line remains – the wealthiest in society don’t pay PAYE – only the paid mugs do, and the Panama Papers has reinforced that truth.

            • weka

              True. Bring on the collapse I say 😉

            • maninthemiddle

              PAYE isn’t paid on wealth. It is paid on income.

              I’m not sure of the NZ data, but in the US those earning over $250,000 account for just 2.7% of the tax returns by number, but pay 51.6% of all individual income taxes (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/04/13/high-income-americans-pay-most-income-taxes-but-enough-to-be-fair/).

              Based on this data, high income earners pay more than their fair share.

              • Colonial Viper

                Don’t be fucking stupid

                1) The truly rich pay a lower income tax rates than their secretaries. (Warren Buffett). Working white collar stiffs who make half million dollar salaries do get whacked with big income tax though, but they also live fabulous $$$ material lives.

                2) If those on high incomes want the bottom 90% to pay more income tax, then they should give the bottom 90% more income.

                3) The richest 400 people in the USA own half the country. They sure as hell don’t pay half the income tax. (That’s what companies registered in low tax states and tax havens are for).

                • maninthemiddle

                  1. Again you confuse wealth and income. The ‘truly rich’ are not necessarily the highest income earners.
                  2. Red herring. I didn’t argue any such thing.
                  3. Really? Relevance? Again you confuse wealth with income.

                  To repeat, PAYE is not paid on wealth. It is paid on income.

                  • Colonial Viper

                    Don’t try and teach me how to suck eggs, dickhead.

                    The issue I had was with your idiot comment “high income earners pay more than their fair share.”

                    1) Income earners who declare their full income aren’t the problem here.

                    2) The extremely wealthy who do not declare their full income, are the problem here.

                    3) If you want the bottom 90% to pay more income tax, give them more income.

                    Not brain science is it mate.

                    Of course, you’d hate to see ordinary people eating into fat corporate profits with increased wage and salary demands.

                    Again you confuse wealth with income.

                    What’s your point then? That the US should reinstate wealth and inheritance taxes to catch the wealthy who pay no income tax? Yep agree with you fully.

                    After all, that’s the only way to be “fair” in the face of the parasitic 0.1% who refuse to pay their fair share, and who in fact go to great lengths to avoid paying their fair share.

                    You are really concerned about people paying their “fair share” right? Right?

                    • maninthemiddle

                      I suspect you’re just having a bad day. The data I presented showed categorically that high income earners pay their fair share. More than their fair share. Your response has been nothing more than an opinion piece.

                      “The extremely wealthy who do not declare their full income, are the problem here.”

                      Again, you confuse wealth and income as the basis of taxation, but mores the point you haven’t provided a shred of evidence what you’re claiming is even true.

                      I’m happy to provide you some links if you like.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      the data you showed is irrelevant.

                      If you want low income earners to pay more income tax, simply organise for them to have more income.

                      Also, I am happy to implement a wealth tax, to catch those 0.1% who currently avoid paying all income taxes.

                      After all, you believe that the wealthy should pay their way in society and not be exempt from fair taxation, don’t you?

                      Again, you confuse wealth and income as the basis of taxation, but mores the point you haven’t provided a shred of evidence what you’re claiming is even true.

                      Please don’t treat the readers of The Standard as naive fools, shit head.

                  • Colonial Viper

                    To repeat, PAYE is not paid on wealth. It is paid on income.

                    I said that all the way back in my comment

          • Colonial Viper

            To be more specific, I am all good with the idea of an ~89% tax on all income exceeding 10x the minimum wage = $310,000

            • weka


              • Colonial Viper

                I think the electorate would really get behind this idea as well. If the upper crust think that top income threshold is too low, they can always significantly increase the minimum wage. To say, a living wage.

    • Colonial Viper 7.3

      Hover my biggest concern is and always have been and posted before Grant Roberston is going to deliver a complete failure on Future for Work in November.

      It is going to text book and no substance is my biggest fear.

      I agree that this was always going to be the most likely outcome from Grant Robertson.

      This idea that “technological unemployment” is the biggest challenge facing our society at the moment, is of course, nothing but more BS pretend and extend of the status quo, with a bit of gentle massaging here and there.

      Here on The Standard, we’ve got a far clearer idea of what the medium term future (next 20-30 years) is going to bring to NZ.

      And Labour, like the rest of the political parties, aren’t anywhere close to accepting it.

      • dukeofurl 7.3.1

        Getting in early without any idea what its about- hater and wrecker much ?

        • One Anonymous Bloke


          Why they tolerate a party member who hates the party is beyond me – unless of course they’ve realised that the fact of his membership renders his entire liturgy moot 😆

        • Colonial Viper

          dukeofurl: pin your hopes on it if you like. But I predict zero electoral traction. And zero mention of the urgent need to create a low carbon economy and to get ready for major climate change.

          Therefore, irrelevant.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 7.4


      Your concern is so sincere, and not marinated in right wing lies at all.

  8. Bob 8

    Has anyone managed to track down a transcript of the interview?
    I have tried following the video but it is an absolute shocker!

    • whateva next? 8.1

      I am watching it without any problem at all, not sure what all the squawking is about.

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