Argentina gets first elected female president

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argentina.jpgWe’ve been writing about Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark (btw – yesterday was the 8th anniversary of signing Ministerial warrants for the first term Labour ministers).

Now Argentina has an interesting twist – Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the first woman to be elected president in Argentina, succeeded her husband, Nestor Kirchner.

From the NY Times:

“Cristina Fernandez was sworn in Monday as Argentina’s first elected female president, completing a rare husband-wife transfer of power that the nation hopes will ensure continued recovery from an economic meltdown.

Fernandez, whose husband Nestor Kirchner is credited with leading Argentina out of its 2001-2002 economic meltdown, vowed to increase his center-left economic programs, create jobs and reduce high poverty levels.”

13 comments on “Argentina gets first elected female president”

  1. the sprout 1

    no doubt she will also be labelled a lesbian by all those men threatened by talented women.

  2. no, no, no. she is attractive- therefore they can just drool over her and make leering posts about how we need more women like her in politics.

  3. the sprout 3

    hmm attractive. but won’t that make her even more threatening?

  4. Draco TB 4

    “hmm attractive. but won’t that make her even more threatening?”

    No, because the stupid pricks will assume that she’s just doing what her husband tells her anyway.

    Capcha: Mr Astuteness

  5. [D4J comment treated as spam]

  6. umm d4j many women shave…their legs…their armpits. jezzzzus it shows how many women you have cohabitated with

  7. [D4J comment treated as spam]

  8. yes well i could tell you weren’t a real bloke

  9. The Double Standard 9

    It’s a real shame that you are censoring dissenting views on this site.

    Have you lost the plot?

    Kiwiblog loses the plot

  10. Robinsod 10

    Hey Bean, while it’s good to see a female president I’m more happy about the fact she is another leftie.

  11. the sprout 11

    yes soon all of Sth America will be red!

  12. Matthew Pilott 12

    TDS you already look like an ignorant muppet on the censorship topic. Get over it, champ.

    Dissenting? My god you’re slow – do you read what you’re writing? Do you think anyone else would read it and think that what you say has a shred of credibility or a modicum of intelligence?

    That’s a serious question BTW, do you honestly think anyone reads what you’ve written and agrees, or thinks you make a good point…

  13. r0b 13

    TDS is trying to re-litigate the fight he so totally lost here:

    2007 Trans-Tasman MP rankings

    TDS can’t defend the obvious hypocrisy of DPF censoring left wing posters on his blog. So he is trying to pretend that is some kind of moral equivalence between The Standard (and Kiwiblog) filtering the output of an unwell individual, and Kiwiblog issuing life time bans to left wing posters that DPF doesn’t like.

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