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Last week, John Key was bouncing on a new cloud. The Australian Government had teamed up with banks to help stop homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. Key publicly mused that ‘his’ government could do the same here.

We said it was only a matter of time until English quietly killed the idea. Sure enough:

“The Government has ruled out an accord with banks over mortgage holidays to ease homeowners through hard times.

“A spokesman for Finance Minister Bill English said that after examining the issue it appeared banks were already acting to help customers hit by redundancy or a drop in income and there was no need for the Government to step in.”

At least he was kind enough to wait until little Johnnie was out of the country.

8 comments on “As predicted”

  1. Tigger 1

    Welcome to government of the people, by the people, against the people…

  2. djp 2

    This is good.

    Why reward idiots at the expense of those who decided not to buy at pie in the sky prices.

  3. IrishBill 3

    Um, because John Key said he would? The issue is not the policy but the spin surrounding it. Key floats the idea on the front page then later on when all the PR value has been sucked out English shoots it down in the business pages. It’s a bait and switch scam.

    • djp 3.1

      ah.. fair enough

      I am still glad if he doesn’t follow through on populous claptrap on the whole

    • mike 3.2

      The only scam was the one offered by the banks who were still accruing the interest and lumping it on the principle. Pity you lefties don’t read the fine print.

      Thanks JK, once agin you rise above the populist bullshit.

      • Pascal's bookie 3.2.1

        Mike, JK was publicly pondering the ‘populist bullshit’, English overruled him. As predicted here.

        That’s the point of the post

        Or can you not read the big print?

  4. mike 4

    He said he would look into it – he did and decided against it as it would just delay the misery. Again just a quick decision with no labour-like fucking inquiries.

    • Pascal's bookie 4.1

      If you are really planning on running with ‘the decider’ as the new brand, I’m gonna gave to tell you, it’s a bit fuckin’ tarnished mate.

      The previous owner was a dry drunk retard with some daddy issues and he really made a mess of things. Just so as you know.

      Tell me now, what’s action man done about all those decisions that got made at his ‘do fest’? It was supposed to be quite the deal, and you reckon he’s Mr light on his feet with no pissing about. Yet it all just looks like mist mike. Like when you flick water at a hot pan. Sizzle and steam with nothing behind it.

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