Belated big-ups

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It’s been a bit remiss of us to have failed to welcome The Hand Mirror into the left blogosphere. I’ve only just had a proper look at it and I’ve got to say it is gold. Sort of like one of those action movies where half a dozen superheros get together to save the world. Except feminist and smarter and with a better plot-line and not a movie (I’m also pretty sure a blog can’t save the world but I don’t really want to admit that). Come to think of it that was a stupid analogy. Nonetheless The Hand Mirror is definitely a welcome addition to the sphere and definitely a must-read.

6 comments on “Belated big-ups”

  1. Higherstandard 1


    As you suggested I read. I won’t be going back.

  2. Wow, when you give big ups you really don’t muck around, IrishBill!

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Also to Ms Negative Pants in the first comment (sorry for the delay, had other stuff to do) gee you sure seem to be in a bad mood today. Still, better you make anonymous nasty comments on some blog somewhere than kick your poor dog! Hope you felt better after you hit submit.
    Chuckles and moonbeams

  4. Ari 4

    Yeah, I stumbled on this one earlier, too. It’s really good, and anyone who’s not rabidly antifeminist is going to like it, I think. 🙂

  5. higherstandard 5


    No offence I was just stating that the blog was not my kind of thing.

  6. Thanks, Standardistas. Only just saw this post – I have been somewhat out of action because my parents have been visiting – lots of talking and drinking and very little blogging or even blog-reading.

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