Bill Bored?

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5 comments on “Bill Bored?”

  1. The decrypter 1

    Hmmmm-OK- Bored -bill’- You’ve got the Judy… now where’s the Punch??? –where is it?.——and Judy show?

  2. The decrypter 2

    Bill’s free board. Dipton Penitentiary.

  3. Ms Fargo 3

    Leadership. It comes from the top – interesting that National made the woman attack the woman (Bennett on Ardern, Newshub). They wouldn’t like the optics of a man doing it. And the irony of being negative about someone “stealing your positivity” …

  4. McFlock 4

    How could we tell?

  5. Eco maori 5

    John key was planted buy USA all he did was sign away our human rights and f up our country i.e. poor people are to busy trying to survive they are easy to lie to they say the rich laugh that the poor are honest the kings of nz will fleece other people resources and if they get cought use there get out of jail free card to get off that is why non off them will admit to there crimes Maori are put down buy this instertulizatiation racism all one sees in the MSM is all the bad thing about Maori the other one pesenters they want to use our haka our culture to sell nz as a nice place but kick shit in our face at any opportunity it is all primeval i.e. animalistic i.e. pick on the weak we need to get our shit together show some compassion to all people young old Brown white or yellow there is plenty to shear around in our country

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