Bloody Marys for breakfast

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Nevermind has this: “Our favourite National Party Hack unbiased political commentator weighs in on rat hygiene when the Bloody Marys it seems he had for breakfast appear to catch up with him ”

Classic stuff, but enlightening too.


8 comments on “Bloody Marys for breakfast”

  1. nommopilot 1

    he’s on something stronger than a few bloody marys…

  2. ak 2

    mmmmm….viewed sans sound (batteries flat), one can’t help but notice a remarkable resemblance ‘tween rat and prat: the darting, hunched movements, the beady eyes, those gnashers – a mere testicular enhancement away from a total personification of his politics…

  3. L 3

    The teeth yes.

    Is someone trying to get him fired?

  4. nommopilot 4

    you think someone spiked his coffee?

  5. L 5

    I think the camera shot didn’t cut him out of picture… as requested …

  6. Paul Henry is the main reason I don’t watch that program. The other is the near total lack of any interesting or useful content.

  7. nommopilot 7

    I think they should cut him out of picture permanently. that guy gives douchebags a bad name.

  8. Rex Widerstrom 8

    Brilliant… everything that is wrong with NZ media encapsulated in a few frames.

    Above, a “leading current affairs interviewer” giggles like a schoolgirl because someone said “urine”, leaving only one question unanswered – is he Beavis, or is he Butthead?

    Meanwhile the “news scroller” beneath informs us that we can look forward to “Michael Laws goes public on family’s anguish” (translation: Sad publicity seeker exploit’s own child’s illness to remain in spotlight).

    This, ladies and germs, is New Zealand “news” circa 2008.

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