Bringing it home

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These ads made by the ACTU to oppose John Howard’s removal of unfair dismissal rights sure bring home what National’s fire at will law will mean for working families. No wonder National wants to curtail any real debate by ramming it through under urgency.

Part two is here.

16 comments on “Bringing it home”

  1. ak 1

    Maaaaaaaate………….fan-bloody-tastic. Fred Dagg for PM.

    Good lesson here Standardistas: more power in one of these vids on TV than a thousand blog posts.

  2. Tane 2

    ak, did you have the Fred Dagg one show up instead of the working mother?

  3. ak 3

    nup, got both (little row at the bottom)

  4. Tane 4

    ah, sweet. but yeah, good ads eh? if only the nz union movement had money.

  5. ak 5

    People beats money any day (Jim A) – you’ve obviously got the talent and motivation, I’ll chip in for a camera!

  6. Stephen 6

    if only the nz union movement had money.

    Ahem! They do, they just give it to a certain political party, with a few crumbs to the Greens sometimes.

  7. Tane 7

    I think they collectively gave a total of about $80,000 to Labour this election – there’s not much of a TV campaign in that mate. The Aussies spent millions on the Your Rights @ Work campaign.

  8. Stephen 8

    True. Not that an NZ campaign would cost millions. I suppose you could change your lament to ‘if only the nz union movement had members’? (that’s not a dig, i’m just saying)

  9. Tane 9

    You could, or you could lament that we don’t live in a model socialist utopia.

    Tell you what, draw up a realistic plan for a union-run TV campaign in New Zealand, taking into account inter-union politics and the financial situation of each union, email it through to me, then we’ll talk.

  10. Graeme 10

    Tell you what, draw up a realistic plan for a union-run TV campaign in New Zealand, taking into account inter-union politics and the financial situation of each union, email it through to me, then we’ll talk.

    But after amending the Broadcasting Act?

  11. Tane 11

    Graeme, I thought the Broadcasting Act allowed issues advertising outside of an election campaign?

  12. Graeme 12

    And during an election campaign … the question is ‘when does an issues advertisement become an avertisement that opposes a political party?’.

    Not just ‘opposes the election of a party’, but ‘opposes a party’? Who knows?

    That said – great ad.

  13. Leftie 13

    An excellent ad that portrays a realistic situation for workers. We need more of this sort of thing.

  14. millsy 14

    I wonder where are the right-wing commentators on this thread? They are usually spamming every other.

    I was in the process of looking for another job, but this 90-day law has scotched any chance of that happening. I am not going to risk giving up my current job, and security, for a job that has the prospect of being dismissed at any time in the first 3 months.

  15. deemac 15

    yup, the Dagg video is genius

  16. watching Tariana Turia on Sunday’s Marae was a lesson in sleaze and double talk.
    Whilst claiming to be on the side of working class Maori last Sunday’s interview showed that she is well to the political Right , and certainly is not working in the interest of ordinary Maori. Her support for capping State Housing and her sickening buttering up to Key, who just three years ago, enthusiastcallly supported the racist Iwi/Kiwi adverts makes me want to vomit. She seems to also to have an unatural hatred of Labour and in particular Helen Clark which cloud her judgment on the important isues that affect Maori and working people.Also of interest was the interview with Pita r Sharples and Georgena te Heu Heu the previous Sunday. Sharple was completely dominated by te Heu Heu , there was no doubt who was the real Maori Affairs Minister and it certainly was not Sharples.
    There is no doubt in my mind that ordinary Maori concerns are not going to be served by Turia and Sharples on their statements so far , It will be interesting to see how the other Maori Party members react to their leaders recent statements

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