Candidate flag not fit for purpose

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Honestly, this is amateur hour stuff:

Confirmed: Wrong colour on potential new flag flying on Auckland Harbour Bridge

Officials have confirmed the potential new flag waving atop the Auckland Harbour Bridge is the wrong colour and will be replaced.

“The fabric weight and printing technique used to produce the alternative flag flying on the Auckland Harbour Bridge has resulted in a lighter blue than the silver fern flag eligible voters will consider in the final referendum,” a NZ flag consideration project spokeswoman said this evening. …

Apart from being a symbolic fail of epic proportions, this highlights the fact that the candidate flag isn’t even fit for purpose…

34 comments on “Candidate flag not fit for purpose”

  1. ankerawshark 1

    Beat me to it. I was about to post this link……if it was for the colossal waste of money on this project, I would be laughing my head off

    • Grindlebottom 1.1

      What a farce. The whole flag exercise wouldn’t look out of place as a Monty Python skit.

  2. Anne 2

    I saw the flags flying on the Harbour Bridge for the first time today and had a chuckle. There was the current flag in all its historical glory flying magnificently in the easterly breeze and there… was the new flag hanging limp and forlorn like it knows already that it has lost.

  3. sabine 3

    fucking pathetic.
    seriously this whole flag debacle is pathetic. National, can’t get anything right. Not even the flag they want. Pathetic fucking wankers the lot of them.

  4. Olwyn 4

    Well that is what happens when you decide you will change the flag with no compelling reason for doing so, and then sign up graphic designers and reality TV producers rather than historians and flag experts to settle on a design.

    • sabine 4.1

      National, cheap as since ages ago.

      gosh the slogans just write themselves.

    • Dialaey 4.2

      They didn’t sign up graphic designers, that’s part of the problem. Most graphic designers deplore both the process and the design chosen

      • Olwyn 4.2.1

        Sorry about that Dialaey – I thought I had vaguely remembered a graphic designer being among them. But I still think that there is more to a flag than design alone – it has a particular role and is bound by certain conventions, which is why flag experts and historians should have played a larger part in things.

  5. Gangnam Style 5

    Theres another 200 or so flying around isn’t there? The National party sent them out all over the country, my uncle got sent one in Whakatane.

    • sabine 5.1

      does it work drying the dishes?

      • Gangnam Style 5.1.1

        I meant Whangamata, been so long since I been up that way.

        • sabine

          but does is work as a teatowel? There are so many crappy teatowels around that just don’t do the job.

          • r0b

            That is so true. They seem to make some of them out of waterproof plastic.

            • Lanthanide

              I think part of the problem is the production process. Once they’ve been through the wash a few times, their absorbency usually increases quite a bit.

          • NZJester

            I would not use them as a teatowel. The colour will most likely run off of it and discolour your dishes. I bet a year or two up a flagpole and they will fade to the true colour national wants our flags to be, all white as we surrender our sovereignty to the multi national corporations who will set our laws in future if National has their way.

            • sabine

              you have a point there, that i did not consider.
              ahh, well, it will not be a tea towel in my household then.
              thanks for pointing out the colour issues of ze flag. 🙂

              • ropata

                Save the flag for Guy Fawkes and use it to wrap an effigy of FJK

                To me the “tea towel” lockwood flag represents the sale of NZ to Wall St bankers

  6. Nck 6

    It looks tie-dyed….and i wonder when they darken the blue, it will just be like the black bit, which ends up kinda like an All Blacks Jersey…. gone full circle…. Bloody expensive ride to nowhere……its just sad how the pm guy can destroy a country so quickly and just smile and wave and play with ponytails ….massive debt, selling assets, environment, housing, education, health, TPP, …. It’s like he dropped the ball on ‘literally everything’…. Unbelievable.

  7. Sirenia 7

    I noticed that it had quietly become National Party blue.

  8. Lanthanide 8

    Much like a misprinted stamp, that flag is now a very valuable piece of NZ collectable memorabilia.

    • Kevin 8.1

      Would’t wipe my arse with it.

      • Lanthanide 8.1.1

        It will go down as the symbol for the failures of this dismal government.

        • Kevin


          How can we even be considering a flag that makes zero reference to the tangata whenua is beyond me.

        • Tc

          Along with your rising power bills, underfunded health system, smashed education system, speculator driven housing prices, shitty waterways, hobbled solid energy, rail closure etc etc

          • Lanthanide

            Yeah, but you can’t drag any of those things out of a dusty cupboard at Te Papa in 50 years time and say “this was John Key’s folly”.

          • Anne

            A compliment.

            In a handful of words and with no fancy embellishments, you have the ability to hit the nail on the head every time.

      • McFlock 8.1.2

        Hmmm: design needs to be printed…

        Novelty “alternative flag toilet paper”?

  9. sabine 9

    $ 4000 to ‘fix’ the fucked up surrender feather limply hanging on the harbour bridge aka the dishrag.

    that *200 and you could probably feed a few kids.

    so 26 million for the referendum
    a few thousands for the fucked up surrender feather to be send up and down the country
    a few thousands more to fixe the fucked up surrender feathers send up and down the country

    National, the party of the fuckwit spendthrift mal baisé.

    • Muttonbird 9.1


      I like it! Much more appropriate than the ‘tea towel’ which gives the dishrag more legitimacy that it deserves.

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