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18 comments on “Daily Review 02/02/2016”

  1. Paul 1

    Phone up talk back radio and tell the audiences why the TPP is bad for us, particularly Investor State clause that undermine our sovereignty, the section surrounding the treaty of Waitangi and the sections about medicine.

  2. BM 2

    Those fellas doing the haka need to get outside more and get a bit of sun.

    They’re as white as.

  3. I find the photo at the top of the post offensive.

    Good to look out sometimes

    “This new flyover video of Ceres was created using enhanced images taken by the Dawn spacecraft’s framing camera. It was produced by the camera team at the German Aerospace Center, DLR, using images from Dawn’s high-altitude mapping orbit of 900 miles (1,450 kilometers) above Ceres’ surface.”


  4. seeker 4

    Bryan Gould :True origins of TPP lie in protecting profits


    A very important read in order to understand why the ‘trade’ part of the TPP is not all it’s hyped up to be.

  5. sabine 5

    Quote: It has revealed at least eight laws are going to have to be changed – including the Overseas Investment Act, the Copyright Act and the Tariff Act


    The government had planned to release the information after the deal was signed in Auckland next week.Quote end

    fact sheets from here.

    It must be a good deal….surely. 🙂

  6. sabine 6


    Quote: Parata closed the school’s doors last week after only two years of operation, but official documents reveal prior to its closing, Parata told the school’s board to meet with a consultant about the options available to them.
    The consultant of Ngati Wai was described by Parata as a “longstanding, very senior, public servant (who) has significant experience in governance, contract and commercial management”.

    But on June 24, the trust wrote to Parata concerned about the intentions of the consultant.

    The trust wrote that they had met with him, but instead of discussing the options available, the only option presented to them was “possible termination”.

    “Much to our disappointment, it was also concerning that (the consultant) asked us while deliberating on termination options to think about Ngati Wai first and the students second, he prompted us to consider the current Ngati Wai Treaty Claims that are in progress and that the land upon which the school is located and currently owned by the trust could be used for alternative means such as a health centre under the Ngati Wai Trust Board as part and parcel of the Treaty Settlement process,” the trust wrote.

    “We believe the person you commissioned to speak with us has sought, whether intentionally or not, to advocate a single pathway; that of termination, and subsequent land banking for the pending Treaty claim process involving the Ngati Wai Trust Board.”

    However Parata disputes there was a conflict between “the role the person was asked to play and other positions held by the person”.

    “The person concerned is not a public servant and was not a public servant when he met with the board. This person has had a long career in this area but was not asked to discuss Treaty issues with the board as this was not relevant.” Quote end.

    Quote: NZ First education spokeswoman Tracey Martin said the charter school was a failure from the beginning with the original contract “gifting the farm to the trust running the school”.

    “As the minister was trying to rescue this failed experiment she recommended an advisor to the school’s Nga Parirau Matauranga Trust board…it was obvious that the minster had given away millions of dollars of land and assets to a private trust”.

    Martin said any further roll-out of charter schools needed to stop.

    Parata said the trust’s assets would be the subject of a commercial negotiation process, which would begin shortly. Quote end.

    oh my, so much corruption so little space to hide it.

  7. sabine 7


    northland, not flint michigan.

    oh well,

    quote: Far North town on State Highway 1, north of Kerikeri, has a population of just under 500 and many households have installed tanks to collect rainwater rather than rely on the town supply, which has been problematic for years.

    In 2000, the Far North council gave Kaeo’s water supply to a private company – which went broke. After community meetings a local trust, Wai Care, offered to take over.

    Wai Care spokesman Bryce Smith said it had relied on advice from Northland Health and received funding from the Ministry of Health to upgrade the system.
    “The new plant that was installed, that was a recommendation from the Ministry. And that company [which installed it] went bankrupt before the completion of the installation.”

    Mr Smith said the water was fine when it left the treatment plant, and the old plumbing in the town was responsible for the brown colour and turbidity. Quote end.

    • Draco T Bastard 7.1

      Ah, look at that, privatisation failed again.

    • gsays 7.2

      hi sabine, i heard this on rnz yesty.

      sounds like wai care think they are only responsible for the water end of the arrangements, not for the transfer of water to the townsfolk.
      as in the difference between the supply and the lines companies in the electricity sector.

      perhaps the devil is in the detail of the contract that wai signed.
      to my cynical ears it sounded like the council was staring down the barrell of a huge infrastructure bill and a smarty pants at the table remembered what he had been told at uni. hey lets sell it.

      btw the spokesman for the wai care was a refreshing change to yr regular spin doctored mouthpiece.
      sounds like he would call a spade a bloody shovel.

  8. Draco T Bastard 8

    And John Key lies again. This time about David Cunliffe supporting TPPA.

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