Caption Competition

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18 comments on “Caption Competition”

  1. greenfly 1

    English maintained his look of innocence as the taser-microphone got closer and closer to his Leader’s neck.

  2. greenfly 2

    Both Key and English maintained their composure following the reading of the Budget, but the stress took a terrible toll on Gerry Brownlee.

  3. serpico 3

    At least John and Bill have less wrinkles than the haggard Sue Bradford.Living the utopian lie does cause stress.

  4. DeeDub 4

    Oh, can YOU guys see her TOO?

  5. lprent 5

    Bill: “He is prone to over-promising. I’m his handler today.”

    “Look you can’t see my lips move”

    captcha: law debats

  6. RedLogix 6

    Suddenly Calvin realised that all the grown-ups could see Hobbes after all.

  7. I’m going down in history.
    With this dickhead, whoopee.
    Way down.
    down down down downdy downdy doo-doo dee-dum
    dumpty-dumpty whoopdee doo whatsforlunchIfeelikesomethingfishy

    And-nasty trollshite there serpico, suits you –
    take a look at what this governing malarky is doing to
    the Minister of Tourism and his deputy, no utopia available to them and
    their industrially farmed bacon and egg lifestyle isn’t doing them any
    favours neither.

  8. Ianmac 8

    “God and I do not believe in condoms, but I sure wish one had been used a few decades ago!” muttered William the Pretender.

  9. Not the Sprout 9

    An interview

  10. bilbo 10

    Michael Cullen wondered whether it was an appropriate time to take of his Bill English disguise.

  11. marco12 11

    As Bill took a moment to ponder why his own leadership aspirations had gone so horribly wrong, a small tear welled in the corner of his eye.

    ‘You right Bill’ said John as he glanced over his shoulder, with a tone half question, half command.

    ‘Yep, right Boss. Nothing. Bit of dust in the old eye’.

  12. Robert Winter 12

    Still can’t get a clear shot

  13. Irascible 13

    “He can smirk now,” thought Bill,”But just wait until next week when he has explain why he lied. At least I’ve still got Crosby and Textor backing me.”

  14. ak 14

    When even the old shirt-poking-out-of-the-fly trick failed to attract the slightest attention, Bill’s good eye narrowed ominously on his rival’s neck…..

  15. roger nome 15

    John’s misanthropy is on display as he squares of with the media in his fuck you, cerulean blue tie. Bill ponders “if only politics were a fashion contest i’d screw that banker like a hollow man”.

  16. Spectator 16

    “Damn, that phaser isn’t working. The bloke with the funny ears must have sold me a dud.”

  17. ghostwhowalks 17

    Dr Strangelove , I presume

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