Closing the gap

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I take it all back. Key really is a genius! I didn’t think he could do it, but I underestimated him. Under his leadership, the country has closed the gap with Australia.

By 30 centimetres.

Massive New Zealand quake moves country West

— r0b

13 comments on “Closing the gap”

  1. Bender 1

    lol – you’re awesome r0b

    • r0b 1.1

      Very kind – but some Standardista editor improved my contribution, gave it the proper punch line (thanks for that!).

  2. Mark M 3

    thats 30 cm closer than his predecessor managed.
    Im waiting for the warmer climate

  3. Of course Aunty Helen would of consulted Maori first to see if we had really moved 30 centimeters.

  4. ak 5

    Nice one r0bbie!

    Bizarroid, eh what? After sinking Labour’s “closing the gaps” with his disgusting and blatant hatemongering, our decrepit gentleman serial adulterer’s back for another huge gorge on the hard-working taxpayer as gap-closer-in-chief!

    Quite frankly, like all decent right-minded kiwis, I’m fed up with all these special privileges and hand-outs for NZ businessmen based purely on footy-jersey colour: aren’t we all born with the same opportunities? This is pure separatism and nanny-statism at its worst, the sooner we get rid of that chutney ferret Keys and these arrogant corrupt communists the better.

  5. Zepher 6

    Man I’m happy. I’ll be getting my block of cheese in no time.

  6. Mac1 7

    Only 44 million years and we”ll be right alongside. Can’t wait to shake hands with my Aussie neighbours over that ditch. Ha, anti-spam word is ‘interfaces”. Spooky.

  7. He didn’t need it any closer mate … he can walk there 🙂

  8. Great post. Must be all of the clueless hot air triggering fault lines.

  9. Roughly 2000 km between the two countries…. so we just need another 6000 earthquakes and we’ll be there. Maybe this is Mr Clueless‘ secret plan?

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