Comparatively, gingers have it easy

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Last month Mike Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Redasserted that ‘ginger jibes’ were a form of racism. Opinion was divided. As you ponder that one, spare a thought for Tanzanian albinos.

The New York Times reports that in the past year at least 19 albinos there have been killed and mutilated – victims of what Tanzanian officials say is a growing criminal trade in albino body parts.

 …[W]itch doctors are now marketing albino skin, bones and hair as ingredients in potions that are promised to make people rich.

As the threats have increased, the Tanzanian government has mobilized to protect its albino population, an already beleaguered group whose members are often shunned as outcasts and die of skin cancer before they reach 30.

2 comments on “Comparatively, gingers have it easy”

  1. Monty 1

    Surely you should be blaming the Nasty National Party for this – and especially John Key. The best retort about being a ginga (carrot top) came from my daughter

    “I’m not a carrot top – Carrot tops are Green”

    Saying that – What is it about gingas and the green party – First Rod Donald, then aussie commie. and it seems a few of their supporters are gingas as well. Something to do with being a “victim” I wonder.

  2. Matthew Pilott 2

    I don’t know Monty – what is it about the Green Party and “gingas”? Is there something wrong with that?

    Is your daughter a victim? Is she to be despised, perhaps? Do you wonder about her as well? What’s wrong with her Monty? Or are the Green Party MPs victims? Just trying to follow your reasoning.

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