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Convoy protest 24/2/22

Written By: - Date published: 6:07 am, February 24th, 2022 - 81 comments
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Day 17

Stuff’s summary from yesterday, including the protestor and police actions late last night.

What you need to know / Kia mōhio mai koe:

* A late-night standoff between protesters and police with riot shields ensured after new vehicles arrived at the protest, entering the area after a bollard appeared to have been moved.

* Covid-19 has emerged among protesters at Parliament, with at least two cases confirmed by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday.

* The occupation continues to disrupt more schools, along with universities and offices in the area. Parents and students have said that Thorndon is “unsafe”.

* A protester has claimed police punched and eye-gouged him during an earlier scuffle.

* A man who who allegedly drove a car towards police this week has been given name suppression.

* Investigations continue into who had sprayed a “stinging substance” at police on Tuesday.

* Free parking at Sky Stadium for protesters is to cease from Thursday, on what will be the 17th day of the protest.


Radicalisation in real time (Dr Michael Daubs, Newsroom)

Parliamentary Grounds occupation and mandates: Analysis, and News Reporting lists of articles for 23/2/22 (The Democracy Project)

Figureheads and factions: the key people at the parliament occupation (Toby Manhire, The Spinoff)

Police wave white flag as occupiers dig in – why parliament stalemate won’t end anytime soon (Marc Daalder, Newsroom)

List of reasons for Convoy 2022 NZ (NZ Truckies FB)

Letter of Demand (from protest organisers)

Newsroom: ‘Splintered realities’: How NZ convoy lost its way

Stuff: Inside the disorienting, contradictory swirl of the convoy, as seen through its media mouthpiece,


81 comments on “Convoy protest 24/2/22 ”

  1. Jenny How to get there 1

    Hit the Right where it hurts them most.

    Unlike Left Wing protests, Right Wing protests are funded events.

    Realising this might be a weak point the police are looking into targeting the funders.

    …Meanwhile, Police Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers said the police were having a close looking at the legality of funding the protest – given much of the occupation at Parliament and the blockade of roads is against the law.

    Protest funder working for university forced to close campus (msn.com)

    • Cricklewood 1.1

      Does Greenpeace not fund direct action? BLM just paid a million dollar bail in the USA after an attempt on an elected officials life?

      Let's not overreact and give a right govt a precedent.

      • Jenny How to get there 1.1.1


        24 February 2022 at 7:48 am

        …..Let's not overreact and give a right govt a precedent.

        Hi Cricklewood, are you really labeling the Ardern administration a "a right govt"?

        • Cinder

          No, he is just making things up…

          It wasn't BLM and it was $100,000 not $1 million.


          Pays to do some fact checking with those sorts of claims.

          • Cricklewood

            My bad I mis read the number… the point it still remains its alot of money and the guy did try to kill an elected official.

        • weka

          No, they're pointing out the obvious, that if a centre-left govt starts confiscating funds from protests, what will National do for and XR or Māori occupation.

          • DukeEll

            and do it more stringently with better messaging as enough time would have passed to perfect the strategy.

            The paucity of intellectual construct some on the left are displaying in their convoluted attempt to use the power of the state to smash this protest is concerning.

            • weka

              I agree. People are scared and triggered I guess but it's instructional that the response of some is towards left authoritarianism.

            • Andrew Miller

              That is of course possibility, the other is that the longer this drags on with everything that entails the more it can be used as a pretext not to return to the status quo around protest and access to parliament.
              It also would seem to me to increase the possibility of an ever increasing section of NZers being open to arguments to put measures in place to ensure it ‘can’t happen again’.

              The idea that we should be careful what we wish for doesn’t just play out one way.

          • Jenny how to get there

            Ardern administration threatens to confiscate protest organisation's funds and assets.


            24 February 2022 at 9:07 am

            ….if a centre-left govt starts confiscating funds from protests, what will National do for and XR or Māori occupation.

            No "if" about it. This "centre-left" govt already do this now.

            The strange case of the Taitu.

            The Taitu was the sea going support vessel Greenpeace bought with crowd sourcing funds solely for the purpose of supporting civil disobedience against deep sea oil drilling and exploration far from land.

            Greenpeace NZ sets out in crowdfunded boat to confront Amazon Warrior

            Greenpeace New Zealand8 April 2017

            Greenpeace has launched its crowdfunded boat ‘Taitu’ this morning from Napier and is heading out to confront the world’s biggest seismic blasting ship.

            Trump-backed oil giant Chevron and arctic driller Statoil are using the 125-metre long Amazon Warrior, dubbed “The Beast”, to search for oil off the Wairarapa Coast.


            After it's highly successful first protest voyage, Greenpeace mysteriously and in secret sold off the Taitu. Without any public notice, without any consultation with the thousands of Greenpeace supporters who had crowd funded this vessel.

            After getting tipped off about the sale, I met with the Greenpeace Auckland manager and asked her why Greenpeace was getting rid of the Taitu.

            She told me that the Labour government had threatened legal action to take legal action against Greenpeace to seize all Greenpeace funds and assets unless they stopped using the Taitu to blockade oil exploration vessels. (An illegal act under the infamous Andarko amendment drafted by the oil companies and passed into law by the previous National government)

            The Greenpeace Auckland manager also told me that this sale was supposed to be secret and quizzed me on how I found out about it. I told her that I was informed of this impending sale of the Taitu by a member of the Greenpeace Board of Executives The Greenpeace Auckland manager told me they weren't supposed to let anyone know and said "They shouldn't have said that."

            I tried to make the argument with her, that Greenpeace should go public and call the government's bluff. But she said the risk of losing their funds and assets, was too high.

            And so the Taitu was secretly disposed of.

            With the disposal of the Taitu Greenpeace effectively ended their campaign of civil disobedience against deep sea oil drilling on the high seas.

            In fear of legal action targeting their funding Greenpeace have distanced themselves from any protesters engaged in civil disobedience against deep sea oil drilling.

            ….Greenpeace has distanced itself from activists who had to be helped off an oil rig in Taranaki, amid calls by business leaders for anyone who supported the move to be prosecuted.

            Calls for prosecution after climate protesters helped from OMV oil rig

            5 Mar, 2020 05:41 PM

            I told the Auckland Greenpeace manager that I was not surprised by the government's tactic of going after Greenpeace funds to get them to give up their (illegal under the Andarko Act) civil disobedience campaign against deep sea oil, because the very same threat against the funds and assets of unions that take illegal actions was enshrined in the Employment Contracts act. This clause has never been repealed and has proved very effective in disciplining the union movement.

            So no surprise that this same tactic would be used against the protest movement.

            The point is, Left oganisations, unions and Greenpeace have been threatened with having their funds seized if they take illegal actions.

            So why shouldn't right wing protesters have their funding threatened in the same way when they take illegal actions?

          • felix

            Is that the centre-left govt that spent the first year of the pandemic bickering with our nurses over paying them a couple of grand a year?

        • Cricklewood

          I mean when you end up with say a Nat govt…

          But if you were to look at housing and wealth growth you could well conclude we have a right wing govt…

  2. I mean, seriously, how low and despicable can our government go, to kill 51 people just to discredit the right? /sarc

    Or, alternatively, how demented can these conspiracy theorists become?

  3. Jenny How to get there 3

    Block the cars, not the people.

    The right to protest is a fundamental right, On seizing power the right to protest is the first thing that autocratic regimes or military coup makers ban.

    From the beginning I have always said we need to move on the illegally parked cars not the protesters.

    (Let's see how long this well funded right wing Glamping protest lasts, if we remove all their camper vans and other vehicles.)

    No Right Turn agrees, and further makes a good argument for permanently removing cars from the parliamentary precinct and turning it into real space for the people. Instead of what Trevor Mallard wants, turn the parliamentary precinct into some sort of forbidding fortress.

    No Right Turn: Pedestrianise the government precinct

    • Andrew Miller 3.1

      So first in first dibs?

      If freedom to protest needs to = freedom to set up camp so long as your cars don’t block the street, can you explain how that works, given I presume you accept everyone incl people you don’t like have the right to protest.

      • Jenny how to get there 3.1.1

        “…can you explain how that works, given I presume you accept everyone incl people you don’t like have the right to protest.”


        Under the principal first penned by Evelyn Beatrice Hall

        “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”

        Why not?

    • ianmac 3.2

      Yes Jenny. Wouldn't that be grand. Henry and NRT should be on hand to help plan the pedestrianisation. I'll have a word in Trevor's ear.

    • Barfly 4.1

      The woman has asthma and is unvaccinated /sigh

      a future "Herman Cain Award nominee?"

    • felix 4.2

      Do you just feel no responsibility at all for your picture to match the caption? Is this now the acceptable standard for links on thestandard?

  4. Jenny how to get there 5

    It's not finished.

    "Freedom Glamper"

    "Parliament grounds 2022"

  5. Presumably the protestors will soon claim those who moved the concrete blocks last night were agents provocateur and infiltrators like those who threw the unknown substance and faeces at the Police. Perhaps they were all wearing hearing aids and that is how they knew.


  6. ianmac 7

    Very funny but astute too.

    Inspired by Sir Russell Coutts' recent foray into epidemiology and public-health policy, Professor Rod Jackson – who knew nothing about sailing until he did his own research – offers his opinion on how sailing should be done

    The trouble with sailing is that everyone listens too much to what the so-called 'experts' have to say. I mean: yes, the actual sailors have years of experience; and yes, the yacht designers have fancy so-called degrees. But I mean, what's all that worth? ….


    • vto 7.1


      brilliant, absolutely brilliant…

      and to do it in such a public way


      in my worldly experience there are two types of people with problematic opinions – one, those who have never experienced serious destitution or proper life loss; and two, those with outsized self-confidence…

      both distort their vision

      coutts would seem to be a classic on both counts

    • Shanreagh 7.2

      Brilliant -hopefully supplied directly to Russell Coutts.

  7. Coventrie 8

    Has anyone involved with this 'protest' considered that a far better source of any supposedly dangerous radiation/radio signals might be their own cellphones …?!

    • Barfly 8.1

      Sssshh not to be spoken of…

    • joe90 8.2

      It's Trev's fault.

      • Shanreagh 8.2.1

        How sad and how deluded.

        What do we do when NZ's children are affected like this?

        They are calling for iodine to counter the ‘radiation’
        Crusty things on lips etc may indicate that this skin infection is spreading in the camp

        • Shanreagh

          NB The treatment for impetigo does include iodine

          General measures from


          Specific measures

            • Symptoms are significant or severe (fever, malaise)
            • There are more than three lesions
            • There is a high risk of complications
            • The infection is not resolving or is unlikely to resolve.

          Suitable oral antibiotics in New Zealand are flucloxacillin 500 mg four times daily for 5 days (adult dose), and in case of allergy or bacterial resistance, trimethoprim + sulphamethoxazole 960 mg, twice daily, for five days (adult dose), erythromycin 800 mg twice daily for 5 days, or cephalexin 1 g twice daily for 5 days [2].

          In New Zealand, the use of a topical antibiotic (fusidic acid, mupirocin or retapamulin) is discouraged, due to the potential to develop bacterial resistance and contact allergic dermatitis.

          Preventative measures

          • Treat carrier sites: apply antiseptic ointment to nostrils
          • Wash daily with antibacterial soap or soak in a bleach bath
          • Cut nails and keep hands clean
          • Identify and treat the source of re-infection, usually another infected person or carrier in the household as it is a contagious skin infection.

          To reduce the chance of passing the infection to another person:

          • Avoid close contact with others
          • Children must stay away from school until crusts have dried out or for 24 hours after starting oral antibiotics
          • Use separate towels and flannels
          • Change and launder clothes and linen daily.

          Sounds goofy though blaming the infections on radiation…..most believable NOT
          Best to go home as there would be no chance of being able to isolate at the protest. I had little friends with impetigo as children and one got very sick with it and others infections putting her kidneys under strain processing and clearing the infection.

      • Barfly 8.2.2

        The "cray cray" is strong in this one

      • mac1 8.2.3

        "I have to admit I felt better once I left the area" says protester Clay Drummond.

        So do we, Clay, so do we.

      • Robert Guyton 8.2.4

        From the replies:

        Jombucha 🏴‍☠️@mangetout·15h

        "Should've renamed Molesworth Street to Transmission Gulley."

  8. ianmac 9

    Are the protesters going down with Covid? Sadly they should be. Maybe the reason that the protesters are said to be more testy now is because they are sick but won't admit it, or ask for help.

  9. Matiri 10

    Battle of Portaloo – from one of Te_Taipo's tweets in the lead post. Ha ha!

  10. weka 11

    At least one brave soul gave their details to the MoH after a positive test.

    • Andrew Miller 11.1

      Given that it seems that around three quarters of those on site are unvaccinated, this has the potential to get seriously unpleasant.
      You only hope whatever goes through their heads as to what’s actually making them sick that however many it spreads to they seek help straight away.

  11. Ad 12

    Phase 3 is sounding like the nuclear Duck and Cover plan.

    • Cricklewood 12.1

      It's moving to fast, already getting caught short on the RAT distribution… we'll find out just how resilient our supply chains and health system are shortly. We're only a week into exponential spread and hospitalizaltions are steadily climbing. The worst cases take at least a week or two develop its going to be a very bumpy ride.

      • Shanreagh 12.1.1

        Please provide a link to the 'caught short on RAT distribution'.

        The 12noon press conference provided the updated situation and it did not sound like a caught short situation…..one testing centre ran out earlier today but has already been resupplied from the supplies already in the country with millions more expected over the weekend. .

        • Ad

          I don't know who in the major construction companies have got them.

          Our health and safety teams are just in panic.

          We're one of the biggest.

          • Cricklewood

            I'm in the same boat… we had 1000 booked. Having to send guys to queue for 2 hours.

        • Muttonbird

          Screen sector seems to have plenty. I'd have had maybe 20 RATs over the last 4 weeks. From last week all crew are tested daily before going on set.

          Construction simply isn’t a priority for these tests. If workers go down just get more workers.

          Not the same on a TV production.

          Also, the availability of RATs seems to be driven by H&S officers which are very well established in the screen sector. Maybe other industries need to up their game on that.

          • Cricklewood

            They probably managed to get them in privately. The govt purchase has proven to be about a week late in terms of ability to get them out to businesses before it really.kicked off.

        • Cricklewood

          You can only get them at testing centres with upwards of 2 hour waits. The orders that are meant to be with essential industries havent been delivered as yet. Sounds like next week now.

  12. Corey Humm 13

    Is that middle class refugee camp outside parliament still going on?


    The police don't scare anyone if you wanna scare people send an army of MSD workers out … That'd scare the shit out of anyone.

  13. Yes Corey some very expensive Campervans and SUVs. It sure looks like a protest for the people, NOT.. wink

  14. observer 15

    Children, scared and crying, are taken out of the camp by a woman wearing a shirt with slogan "hands off our children".

    Protecting children by placing them at the centre of a virus cluster … that's caring.

  15. McFlock 16

    Three people claiming mask exemptions got kicked off a bus when they tried to board near parliament.

    One of them claimed masks didn't work anyway, which gives the game away, IMO.

    Pity the bus driver might be in trouble. Half the bus were yelling at them to get off the bus. Clear safety issue to prevent fights between passengers [is what I would put in the paperwork were it me].

    But this is another reason why these fools are actually harmful – what about someone who really does have breathing difficulties that stop them wearing a mask? Everyone looks at them sideways because of the fakers. At least the vaccine pass checks as valid if someone has a genuine exemption. But masks are too obvious – everyone knows if you ain't wearing one.

    • felix 16.1

      If anyone actually checks passports that is. At my workplace customers need to present passport which is scanned and ID to match the name on the scanned passport.

      Of the three places I've been to dinner this week, one had no checks at all, one checked and pretended to read my passport and one checked to make sure I had a picture that looked like a passport at a glance. No scanning and no ID. I needn't have had a valid passport at any of them. All had staff in masks and all paid lip service to the passports.

      • McFlock 16.1.1

        Visual at most places, work has it on record in such a way that me faking it would get me fired, scanned at pub yesterday and cinema last week.

        Larger corporate chains seem to be better at scanning (vs sighting) than smaller businesses, just my observation though.

    • weka 16.2

      Pretty decent shove out the door. Feel sorry for the driver. What a bunch of fuckwits.

      Has the mask exemption process not been sorted to filter out the fakers?

      • McFlock 16.2.1

        Nope. It's a definite foul up.

        If the exemptions for the vaccination pass are too tight, apparently some of the places giving out genuine mask exemptions did less than zero checking, and a bunch of folks took advantage of that. Then there's no consistent way to check whether an exemption even exists or identify a pass, and if you kick out the wrong person it's discrimination. And even if you're sure the person is bullshitting 99%, there's that 1% you're wrong and you'll end up with an extended argument with crazy at the very least. So half a planeload of people have "exemptions".

        An almost irrevocable clusterfuck, imo.

        Dunno whether it would even be worth implementing a new system, given that omicron could well be over before the use-case scenarios are even developed.

        Glad it hasn't been so bad with vaccinations – although if I could get paid $200 to get someone else's jab, it would be a definite internal conflict lol

        • weka

          ten proxy jabs, decent wad of cash.

          If I thought omicron was the end of it, I might agree.

          I don't know what the medical conditions are that mean one can't wear a mask, so hard to tell what a good system might be. I know someone who has an exemption from wearing in an all day situation due to headaches, but they also come from an anti-vax household so hard to know what that's about.

          WINZ have this designated doctor system for making sure chronically ill people aren't faking, and it's a fucking horrible and stupid system. Seems like starting intention would be important.

          • McFlock

            Yeah I can think of loads of reasons for mask exemptions.

            I'm seriously pissed at wankers for sabotaging a system that could have been done in good faith and kept everyone comfortable and mostly safe.

            edit: the eternal phrase comes to mind “this is why we can’t have nice things”.

            • weka

              same. My commitment to a protest rights kaupapa is wearing thin in places.

              • weka

                Obviously civil disobedience on a bus has its uses. But these clowns just can't, or more likely, won't read the room. Or they're just so up themselves. Not the first time I feel like we're dealing with obnoxious preteens.

                What's really fucking annoying about that is that the mainstream does need a really big wake up around a bunch of stuff, but this is just socially and politically inept and it's going to ruin protesting for everyone else.

                • McFlock

                  Call me an old grump, but I've been a bit blah on the "ra-ra march" angry protest thing for a while. Might not just be me after this.

                  Here's something I totally had no idea existed until today: Red Books Day. 21 Feb, people got together for readings and discussion of e.g. the Communist Manifesto.

                  Might be another way to skin the awareness cat.

                  • weka

                    nice. All the tools I reckon, more likely to reach a wider range of people.

                    I was thinking of Rose Parks re the bus. I'm still a big fan of XR in the UK. A big part of their kaupapa is not pissing off the locals (where possible). Plus I do like me a decent march.

                    • McFlock

                      "Not pissing off the locals" is definitely a lesson reinforced by this crowd. Seemed like half the bus was yelling at the three unmasked to get the fuck off the bus.

                      How much of that was an innate overcoming of reluctance to speak out because the mask issue is so serious, vs just a hatred of the campers, who knows. But if it was purely from a generalised concern for public health, I'd be most impressed lol

  16. georgecom 17

    anyone here want to buy 1 or 100 tin foil hats? pretty soon there won't be anyone in wellington left I can sell them to, thanks Billy Te Kahika for telling everyone to go home, thanks a bunch.

    since chantelle brunner blocked me from her facebook page or suggesting she was Ronald McDonalds front man, rather than a freemason, I cannot market them there as a remedy for freemasonry.

    And I tried Sue Grey but she has a stock pile of about 1000

  17. Peter 18

    Brad Flutey is worried about people getting sick at the protest because of sinister government attacks:

    "Flutey, a known conspiracy theorist and former political candidate, made the baseless claim electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation was being used on protesters to cause COVID-like symptoms."

    It'll be hard to ascertain if brain damage in the protestors is the result of electromagnetic field radiation. The reasons for that are obvious.


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