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Convoy protest aftermath 5/3/22

Written By: - Date published: 6:05 am, March 5th, 2022 - 35 comments
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Day 3

Front page photo from RNZ, In photos: Removing the debris of a protest that ended in chaos

Clashes a catalysing moment for NZ’s fringe (Marc Daalder, Newsroom)

Parliament protest aftermath: Police enter ‘significant investigation phase’ (RNZ)

PM Jacinda Ardern on violence outside Parliament: ‘We will restore these grounds’ (RNZ, Weds)


35 comments on “Convoy protest aftermath 5/3/22 ”

  1. Lol.

    10 am a couple of days after the farce ended – and no comments.

    A footnote on page 372 of a future General History of New Zealand – and soon forgotten!

  2. Meanwhile over several chapters/100s of columns and books in the real world is an examination of the background to and the threats from etc of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

    I wonder which has the greatest potential to have an effect on life as we know it?

    • Hongi Ika 2.1

      Just another Palestine, Russia will take Ukraine, and there will be much hand wringing then it will all blow over. By the way how are the Saudi's and the USA going in Yemen ?

      • lprent 2.1.1

        I now don't think that the Russians will or now can take Ukraine.

        They (apparently) still haven't managed to suppress the air defence network.

        Don't appear to have been bringing more uncommitted troops up to the border, and have now committed most of the ones that were at the border.

        Meanwhile defensive armaments have been pouring in. The Russians can do more damage to the cities and infrastructure, and I expect that they will.

        But I don't think that they can now take Ukraine unless they commit a lot more.

        But I'm diverting from this post…. 🙁

  3. Robert Guyton 3

    Andrew Gunn treats the event in a manner some of us will enjoy 🙂


  4. lprent 4

    It does look like we can probably terminate this as a daily post. Looks like flogging a dead horse to me (and always did). A rather meaningless protest running to an inevitable conclusion. A boon for media.

    Mostly there will be cases coming up in court, probably with name suppression.

    I’m actually more interested in the next few days and seeing if Auckland has peaked on cases. If it has, then it should peak with hospital admissions in 5-8 days. Looks like it will be tight on hospital staff and facilities but doable.

    The rest of the country should be running 2-3 weeks behind for their peaks.

    • Ad 4.1

      Aye Cap'n aye.

      • lprent 4.1.1

        It was more of a comment for whoever was putting the post up.

        I think that my only significiant comment about it was looking at and commenting on the court decision on police and NZDF vaccine mandates. Which I concluded were that the court told the crown law that they really needed to present more evidence on benefits to the court to override NZBORA. Also told both sides off for not looking at the issues, and eventually had to make a decision, in the absence of evidence, based on the default setting prescribed in NZBORA.

        That was interesting. The protesters didn't appear to have an argument more sophisticated that "I don't wanna". Followed by a childish display of frustration and anger.

        • Adrian

          Seems to me that the judge may be a bit out of touch. It is not possible to be a soldier, or sailor or flyer, and serve offshore without a full suite of innoculations.

    • Anne 4.2

      It did play a role while it was all occurring though. We got our anger and frustrations off our chest. Now's the time to drop it.

      • lprent 4.2.1

        That is what showed in the comments. It was a good idea for making sure that OpenMike wasn't overflowing with just one topic.

    • Patricia Bremner 4.3

      Iprent, I agree, and what is scary, the numbers of deaths in Hong Kong in the older lightly or non vaxed. They are about 2 to 4 weeks ahead of us in the cycle.

      Thank you all who got vaccinated and their booster shot.

    • Case numbers down in the whole country – 18,000+.

      Hopefully the start of a trend!

      5 more deaths though. Did I hear anyone say omicron is a milder form of covid?

      • Barfly 4.4.1

        Omicron is milder – case numbers are I believe highly inaccurate – I doubt the asymptomatic are doing much testing and I have seen it speculated by a professional in NZ (don't remember who) that our daily infection rate could be up to 4x higher than reported. The sheer scale of the infections will lead to a hell of a lot more deaths IMO. However NZ's timing of vaccinations and boosters as well the ongoing social measures being practiced by the vast majority will end up with NZ retaining a very low death rate compared to the vast majority of countries IMO.

        • Anne

          However NZ's timing of vaccinations and boosters as well the ongoing social measures being practiced by the vast majority will end up with NZ retaining a very low death rate compared to the vast majority of countries IMO.


          I'm still trying to 'educate' relatives who fell for the Nat./ACT crap about the Govt. vaccination programme being "a shambles etc". It's hard going because they are not the sort who can handle being wrong. Had the boosters started too early then the efficacy of many of them would have been well and truly on the wane by now.

          • higherstandard

            The vaccination programme was demonstrably slow and late Anne.

            As evidenced by the rush to shorten the gap between first and second doses and then second dose and booster.

            We are lucky that the latest variant of this virus is for the vast majority of people a milder or non existent experience compared to earlier variants.

            • KJT

              How to prove Ann's point.

            • Patricia Bremner

              higherstandard… This "Variant" is now also considered likely to cause heart problems and or stroke. Mild is relative related to deaths not long covid or injury.

    • Adrian 4.5

      The total case numbers may be unreliable because some returning positive with RATS are not registering the fact so hospital numbers may be the only reliable way to measure growth or shrinkage from now on. Thats probably the main reason that the government didnt want them available until absolutely nessesary, far too complicated for Luxon and Bishop to get their heads around.

      Hong Kong killing off the over 60s because only 80% have only 2 jabs and thats with Sinovac.

    • Peter 4.6

      A rather meaningless protest? It will peter out but there'll be the further chapters in provincial towns all over as people get home and link up with those who didn't go away. They'll be heroes as the stories are embellished.

      The Brian Tamaki general election campaign is the just about the longest in history. That'll go on. Hopefully like a long jumper with a 19km run up, as they approach the board they'll be too stuffed to jump.

      No doubt Groundswell will be in on the action for another chapter with farmers resplendent in their new utes but still distraught over the dairy payouts. Protest participants won't see it as meaningless. They'll turn themselves into winners but also the connections and links made will be meaningful.


  5. observer 5

    One positive development in the aftermath seems to be the departure of other, smaller occupations. Auckland Domain and New Plymouth, for example. Not sure about the others yet.

    • GreenBus 5.1

      New Plymouth "camp" has moved from the wind wand to Ngamotu beach close to the port in under the trees.

      • Matiri 5.1.1

        Christchurch protest still going in Cranmer Square, the Picton one has gone home.


        • PsyclingLeft.Always

          "You have so much freedom that you can set up an illegal camp in a residential/primary-school area, and complain endlessly and noisily about not having freedom," it states.

          "You even have the freedom to not get the vaccines. You just want to add freedom from consequence on top… at that point you're stepping on our freedom to not get infected by a dangerous virus…"

          ‘Residents said letters and complaints sent to the police and council had led nowhere, with the council previously stating they will not send staff to the park without a police escort, but last time RNZ spoke to police on this issue, that option was ruled out. ‘

          I have put the above from your link..

  6. observer 6

    You'll recognise the infamous Q-Anon trailer from the Parliament occupation. The messages of hate are still on there.


    Now they're protesting to the trees. Again and always: it's not about mandates.

    • Robert Guyton 6.1

      A forest?

      They've chosen a spot where their manure will do some good.

    • Shanreagh 6.2

      It has never been about mandates I agree. The closest it was to mandates was being out and out anti vaxx. But more for the violent over throw of democratically elected leaders and other Qanon nonsense.

  7. Peter 7

    There's a Department of Conservation site at Remutaka Forest Park.

    "There appeared to be about 30 people at the camp site today, 10 tents and some vehicles with anti-vaccine messaging on them.

    When media approach the area today, the group acted in a hostile manner, some saying "you're not allowed here".

    So, 'Freedom and Rights' and 'Freedom and Choice,' 'Communist Dictatorship' and all that sort of stuff, who the hell are a group of random citizens to tell, people wanting to be on Dept of Conservation land that they can't be there? And getting 'hostile' over it?


  8. PsyclingLeft.Always 8

    Today's posts by Pugh follow a Facebook post last month in which she expressed her thanks to the protesters.

    Pugh later edited the post before deleting it entirely, saying she did not know some of the protesters were anti-vaccination.

    The former Westland District Mayor was one of the last National MPs to get vaccinated, only getting her first dose in October, according to reporting by the New Zealand Herald.

    Her caucus colleague, Whanganui List MP Harete Hipango, attended a protest organised by antivax group Voices For Freedom, before later claiming she was unaware of the message behind the protest.


    Oh really ?! Fucksake……ah well, seems Mr Luxon’s problems ….continue

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