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9 comments on “Daily Review 01/06/2016”

  1. Graeme 1

    John Key’s brighter future


    The pupils of Tarras School get an excellent civics lesson, and good on them, I hope they get a satisfactory result.

    But why does a small community, which is part of a small district council that doesn’t really get much from inbound tourism have to pay for this. Tarras is in Central Otago rather than Queenstown Lakes, and it’s economy is much more around agriculture, with a bot of construction. Tourist focused roadside toilets should be coming out of vote tourism or NZTA funds, not the local community.

    Commercial solutions don’t really work either, as the cafe / shop / garage most likely won’t get any cashflow from the tours because the stop won’t fit their itinerary. This is very much the case with Tarras, tours stop at Omarama or Tekapo for meals, so don’t want punters spending on the way.

    • whateva next? 2.1

      Planet Key doesn’t function without slaves, except at least slave used to have somewhere to sleep.

    • Bill 2.2

      That’s not a reason to merely get rid of this government.

      That’s a reason to entertain the idea that the introduction of wage slavery was just a short step away, and possibly just a temporary respite from chattel slavery. If that sounds outlandish, then consider the early Republican Party slogan that ran “free labor, free land, free men”. No room in there for either wage slavery or chattel slavery.

      And reflect that it took a lot of violence to force our forebears into wage slavery – no-one just hopped down a mine or skipped along to a cotton factory of their own free will.

      Christ knows how anyone became inured to the ridiculous notion of selling a life for the mere sake of someone else’s profit. But here we are…and increasingly indentured to boot.

  2. Enviro Gal 3

    Mike pontificating:
    happily I have a Mike free life
    no zb radio , no Seven Sharp.

  3. Draco T Bastard 4

    NZ1st Press release

    “Treasury says they advised Finance Minister Bill English that immigration could push Kiwis out of low-skilled jobs, depress wages and increase housing pressures.

    Thing is, most people have actually been saying that for decades. The only people who weren’t were RWNJs, economists and politicians.

    Now it appears that it was true all along.

  4. adam 5

    I like this from Trotter – I think he has a point if the labour party only has 2000 odd members, they are in a worse position than I thought. I also think the time is ripe for the left to take some electorate seats off them, as they should. This continued domination by labour of electoral seats has held the left back.


    • Gangnam Style 5.1

      Funny how none of these ‘Labour insiders’ gave Trotter, Hooton, Pagani, Gower etc a heads up on the MOU thing innit?

  5. Enviro Gal 6

    Chris Trotter has been a very harsh critic of Labour for a long time [40yrs]
    which helps no one on the left especially C Trotter.

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