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TPPA trojan horse

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49 comments on “Daily Review 05/02/2016”

  1. An update on our efforts to save the St Heliers Post Shop and Kiwibank and the broader implications of this skirmish

    Our petition drive is going unexpectedly well. We’re at 1200 signatures and should be to 1500 tomorrow, if weather permits us to set up outside the St Heliers Library again from 9 AM. I and other volunteers have also been taking it door-to-door. Doing that, I’ve personally had only eight people refuse to sign (usually spouting the ‘free market’ ‘way of the world’ ‘economic reality’ ‘progress’ argument). Everyone else realizes a counter or area in a private, unaccountable business won’t hold a candle to what we enjoy now. St Heliers has had a post shop/office since 1912 and it and the library distinguish us from the other suburbs east of Auckland CBD along Tamaki Drive.

    I addressed the Orakei Local Board yesterday and asked them to support the vast majority of their constituents who wish the post shop to remain as is. They seemed engaged by the topic and most of them asked me a question. Chair Desley Simpson said they would need to do their own research, but I am hopeful.

    We’ve scheduled a community meeting for Friday, February 19 from 7 PM at the St Heliers Church & Community Centre, 100 St Heliers Bay Road, so that residents can finally have a proper say. Many, many people feel NZ Post has not done an adequate job involving and notifying residents in their process. Twice we have asked NZ Post, in the form of Holden Hohaia, Government and Community Relations Manager, to attend the meeting and he has refused. We invited Hohaia, for he contacted the MP sponsoring our petition, Phil Twyford, within 48 hours of the launch of our campaign’s Facebook group, to attempt to quell our revolt I suppose.

    Kiwis have already lost half of our post shop locations. With these losses can come loss of other businesses and the important but intangible feeling of community, which St Heliers has in spades. NZ Post claims they’ve adopted this model to reverse a downward spiral, yet now that they seem to have done so, they still continue unthinkingly on this course. They claim the franchise model works and seem hell bent on imposing it everywhere despite Hohaia’s statement that “all decision making considers the impacts on customers and the community.”

    I don’t realistically expect to win this battle, but it seems important to try to challenge NZ Post. It is beyond insulting to be told, by a Wellington bureaucrat no less, that “we are retaining the services in the St Heliers community at over 99.7% of their current level.” They derive this ridiculous figure because they claim less than 0.3% of 2015 transaction volumes were for services that won’t be available in St Heliers any longer: opening new Kiwibank accounts, term deposits, or Kiwisaver accounts. This from an organization whose annual report states that growing Kiwibank is a goal. And is 2015 a fair year to count new Kiwisaver accounts, when we know the effect of the government stopping the kickstart payment?

    In any event, how will Take Note’s undoubtedly low-wage employees match the experience of the Post Shop’s longer term staff members? How comfortably will customers, who frequently fill the Post Shop, fit into the smaller and more crowded space of Take Note?

    As an SOE it seems NZ Post has forgotten the state (the people) in favour of enterprise (profits) and one has to wonder how pressed they are to turn a profit, in the face of this government’s complete fiscal mismanagement and desire to post a surplus at any cost.

    • BM 1.1

      Lots of old people in St Heliers ?

      • Yes. The local population of the Orakei local board area is slightly over represented in older age groups, with a median age of 38.2 years, five years higher than the regional median of 33.9 years. And I would think there are more senior citizens in St Heliers than in some of the other suburbs within the district.

    • mickysavage 1.2

      Well done Julia. This is another example of the creeping destruction of the kiwi way by corporate forces. The forces that be need to concentrate on providing for our communities and not feeding the bottom line.

  2. BM 2

    I sampled a completely random segment of the protest. I talked to young and old, Pakeha and Maori, those up the front of the protest, those in the middle and those in the back. I was there all day. And I discovered that by far the majority of the protestors (we’re talking 8 or 9 out of 10) didn’t even have a basic knowledge of what the TPPA was.


      • BM 2.1.1

        So what?, they’re protesting and haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re actually protesting about.

        Bunch of gullible hive mind dumb arses.

        • marty mars

          What percentage do you think were there because they knew and were concerned about the issues?

          • BM

            10-20% max.

            The rest were there because they don’t like capitalism and they don’t like John Key.

            • marty mars

              as capitalism and john key are directly related to concerns about the TPP then surely that makes 100%

            • mickysavage

              I have a fucking clue. And everyone I spoke to had very good reasons for opposing the TPPA.

              Do you understand the TPPA BM? Read the 6,000 pages?

              • ianmac

                The 6,000 pages tell us that to answer a question about what is wrong with TPPA is nearly impossible to answer in a sentence. They have made the paper-work so huge that the pro-TPP, just talk in general terms about how good it would be.

                Turn it around. Ask Key why he supports TPP. General splurge would follow as expected. Yes but what specifics are you supporting? If the open-minded Garner was brave enough he could ask some of the NAt MPs to explain in specifics, on the hoof of course.

                • mickysavage

                  Yep their justification is palpably untrue, like “opening up trade markets” with countries we trade with already. Putting ordinary people in front of a camera and expecting them to give lecturer quality responses is kind of really dumb.

                  Typical lefties they became a bit nervous. The opposite response from the right would be a bunch of blow hards insisting that they understanding things completely.

              • BM

                I’m sure you do MS and I respect your opinion.

                But, the facts are in and unfortunately when it comes to actually knowing what you’re protesting about, you’re in the minority.

                Seriously, gonna take da fishing, the benefit and our Maori rights !!


                • weka

                  Bullshit. Everyone in that video knew what they were talking about, just like in another video someone put up. You just disagree with them.

                  Nice easy memo from CT this week I guess – just make out that protestors are all dumb.

                  • Reddelusion

                    Last week car rally against TPP, protester was asked by TV 1 reporter what he disagreed wth about TPP. a bemused silence and then this pearl of wisdom,” petrol prices are going to go up” go figure! This level of ignorance is wide spread in protest movement

                  • Reddelusion

                    Last week car rally against TPP, protester was asked by TV 1 reporter what he disagreed wth about TPP. a bemused silence and then this pearl of wisdom,” petrol prices are going to go up” go figure! This level of ignorance is wide spread in protest movement

                • Tautoko Mangō Mata

                  At least those who marched understood that the public had not had a chance to have their say on the TPPA before it was signed.
                  Those who blindly trust Tim Groser and John Key have been gullible and have suspended their critical thinking by not researching more. If the Govt wanted to prove that it was better to be in than out of the TPPA, then why wasn’t a proper cost benefit analysis done. The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) are concerned at the TPPA and on 3 Feb 2016 called for a Health Benefit Analysis to be done.
                  Public Health Assn are also worried.

                  “Bunch of gullible hive mind dumb arses” – Your words, BM but applied to the wrong set of people.

                  • Reddelusion

                    Ok so we are suppose to take advise from living in the past unions, failed hard left professional protesters and tin pot left wing ideological driven academics as gospel, I don’t think so Next polls are going to be a lot of fun

              • Reddelusion

                “I have a clue”. Debatable and if so not based on reason or logic, simply ideology and hysteria

            • Halfcrown

              I have a fucking clue BM, but I bet all the brain dead fuckwits who vote the spiv in time after time after time don’t

              • Gangnam Style

                Wasn’t someone bragging/dribbling on The Standard the other day ‘duh I like John Key coz he goes on shock jock radio station’.

              • Reddelusion

                Every ones crazy but me, such a statement probably reflects more on you halfcrown ( or wit) than the so called brain dead fuckwits

            • b waghorn

              “The rest were there because they don’t like capitalism and they don’t like John Key.”

              Don’t like the greedy bankers form of capitalism and don’t trust key.


        • Gabby

          That’s kind of the point.

        • Jenny Kirk

          Didn’t any of you watch John Campbell on RNZ live-streaming the major protest ? He spoke to dozens of people : directly asking them why they were there, and what their concerns about TPPA were. And they all had clear valid answers. And they all knew why they were marching and protesting.

          So whoever Julian Lee is, and whoever he spoke, to is a load of old crock.

    • Sirenia 2.2

      ‘Completely open mind’ – well no self-reflection for a start. Sounds like just another journalist auditioning to be a future National Party press secretary.

    • Bill 2.3

      That the same Julian Lee who shot the “edited to fuck” nonsense that somebody linked to yesterday? Certainly reads like it. (Checked the link from the piece, and yes it is)

      Here’s a wee bit of food for thought BM. Put aside that the entire deal was only released very recently. The corporate media is meant to inform people. So, what does it say of the corporate media if “9 out of 10” people don’t have a handle on something as significant as the TPP?

      I mean, media organisations have resources not available to most people, yet utterly failed (by their own admission if Lees rantings are to be believed) to get any sense of knowledge out there into the public arena.

      Then again, it could be claimed that in spite of the corporate media not informing people, a fair few people managed to inform themselves by other avenues.

      Is there a third way to look at it? All ears.

    • Bill 2.4

      This made me smile. Lee could be talking back to himself and his fellow ‘free trade’ cultists from the future with this passage he penned 🙂

      Self-denial kicked in. Excuses were made, people explained that the numbers had been miscalculated, and they returned to the cult with an even stronger willpower than before. People would not accept the simple truth: that their leader had been wrong and their cult was a sham.

    • pat 2.5

      whether those protesting could articulate what they are concerned about re TPPA is irrelevant…..these citizens are aware enough to know when they are being dismissed and treated like fools….maybe the TPPA is just an opportunity for some of them to express their displeasure with an administration that has manipulated things to the point where the only recourse is to protest
      The neolibs believe they are very clever in their manipulation of the electorate…it remains to be seen how good they are at controlling the results of the pandoras box they are opening

    • Molly 2.6

      I was asked a couple of pointless questions by a commentator, who came across as a total prat.

      He had approached my son – late teens – who correctly identified him as a prat beforehand and said no. I felt a bit sorry for the guy, dressed in a badly fitted suit – and assumed he was a student given his approach and awkward manner.

      Hah! After a couple of minutes of ego-strut questions from him, I took him for task for not staying on topic, and asked him if he had done any background at all on the issue before coming along. He looked offended. Then I asked where he was from, to which he demurred that he was from Auckland. No. I said – what organisation? NZME.

      I parted from him, aware that he had led the questions into pointless discussions deliberately, suggesting that next time he asks someone for their opinions that he introduces himself and his organisation first as a matter of professionalism.

      I have no doubt, many are better at me at spotting these “impartial” commentators, who will try to target those that meet their bias, and will selectively ask questions that are off tangent.

  3. Gangnam Style 3

    I hear its been raining cats & dildos up Waitangi, oh what a week!

    • fender 3.1


      I’m sure Joyce is more than capable of swallowing the whole thing, as per usual..

    • Reddelusion 3.2

      Yes hard left had there little hissy fit, hopefully therapeutic, world will move on, left will go backwards, normal status resumes

  4. fender 5

    jeez Mallard, why don’t you fuck off and go play Mayor or something.

  5. Macro 6

    As per usual in the friday dump before a long weekend….
    McCully not off the hook.
    How come this man gets to keep his ministry?
    Bribes in Saudi,
    Incompetency in the job.
    A complete lack of Moral compass – (oh! that’s the prime quality needed for success in the Key govt!) Keep that man.

  6. ankerawshark 7


    Interesting Key is appalled that this incident is getting global publicity. What about the impact of the hair pulling incident and the prison rape joke? What does he imagine people overseas thought about the PM carrying out these actions???????

    • Reddelusion 7.1

      2 wrongs don’t make a right

      • Gristle 7.1.1

        Get a grip mate. Can you tell the difference between:
        A. The Prime Minister does something that is repeated bullying, assault and sexual harassment as a bit of fun for him.
        B. Somebody from the general population assaulting a Minister as a part of a political protest.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right is the sort of superficial analysis I expect from the media and most of the commentators the use. Use your brain and make a difference.

        • Reddelusion

          Deranged jk syndrome is well advanced in your case Gristle

          A. silly at best, long bow to call an assault , B an assault of which you seem to condone is ok as long as a political protest, interesting

          • reason

            “Deranged jk syndrome” ??? …………. Is that a disease jk spreads ???? …. or is it a disease where you exhibit the symptoms of jk ( compulsive lies, bullying, hair fetish, selective amnesia etc )????

            Either way I wouldn’t want to catch it.

            Glad to have been warned about it though, thanks Redd :0

      • ankerawshark 7.1.2

        Well that is one way of thinking about it Redelusion at 7.1. But if you have done the first two wrongs ie. brought global media attention to this country for all the wrong reasons, then really your on extremely shaky ground acting outraged when someone else does it.

        Added to this, I expect more of a PM. What about you?

        • Reddelusion

          Where did I say I was outraged, simply indicated both where silly. Outrage over the insignificant is more a left trait. This global media stuff is also bs, who really cares or judges a country on their leader gaffs, failings you could find any such stories on most global leaders

          • ankerawshark

            not you outraged Reddelusion. John Key, although checking back he said he was appalled, not outraged. HIs track record on getting international media attention for all the wrong reasons is well known………….pony tail gate, prison rape “joke”…….it is a bit rich then claiming to be appalled by the actions of the young woman who threw the dildo, when the international media attention he has garnered is far worse, as it comes from the PM

          • ankerawshark

            not you outraged Reddelusion. John Key, although checking back he said he was appalled, not outraged. HIs track record on getting international media attention for all the wrong reasons is well known………….pony tail gate, prison rape “joke”…….it is a bit rich then claiming to be appalled by the actions of the young woman who threw the dildo, when the international media attention he has garnered is far worse, as it comes from the PM

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