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Daily review 07/07/2020

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, July 7th, 2020 - 137 comments
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137 comments on “Daily review 07/07/2020 ”

  1. Gabby 1

    So it turns out that Hamish Walker might just be a contemptible little weasel's arsehole. Who'd have thought it.

    • observer 1.1

      Muller has sacked him, it's not at all shambolic, strong team.

      • Gabby 1.1.1

        He gets to look like strong decisive leader. Woodlouse next.

        • I Feel Love

          Not quite Gabby, Muller sez "while awaiting the results of the inquiry", weak leader, what a shambles.

      • Muttonbird 1.1.2


        There was the pretty good photo actually of Muller and co. at Cardrona the other day announcing one of the few policies they have, the 'Tourism Accelerator". Ruining it was one guy in a cap who looked like a naughty schoolboy – Hamish Walker.

      • weka 1.1.3

        He hasn't sacked him, he's given the portfolios to someone else while the Inquiry is happening, at the same time minimising the seriousness of Walker's actions.

        Given Walker's racist press statement the other day, it's bizarre he hasn't been permanently demoted. Might be time for National to look for another Clutha/Southland candidate, but I won't hold my breath.

        • observer


          Fair enough. Given that Walker will hold the seat anyway, Muller has under-reacted there. No loss to him if Walker is on the back benches for 2 months, he's hardly a Bridges.

          • weka

            I guess it shows us what to expect. Bennett had form on this, she's gone, but obviously National consider privacy breaches to be a minor matter.

            • left for dead


              Have a listen to RNZ this morning,Privacy commissioner say politicans have some sort of immunity re- leaking info,not just parlimentary privilage.

              Also how about supporting people with dis-ablitys on this site and have a spell check,it is 2020. Dyslexic count, do you know how long it can take just too write a wee note like this,or shall I give up,is that the idea.

              regards Alex

              • weka

                thanks, will have a listen when I get the chance. Am pretty happy that the PC is very unhappy about what has happened, both Walker and Boag.

                I agree about the spell check, I will ask Lynn when he is around.

              • maggieinnz

                Hi LFD,

                I have dyslexia and use the Grammarly addon for chrome which works here. It's also available for other platforms too. I only use the free version and it suits my needs. Hope it helps.

                The chrome browser extension is here

                And for other platforms etc check it out here.

              • lprent

                Hi Alex,

                This may or may not help.

                Pressing Ctrl and right clicking on words marked as spelling errors should bring up the browsers usual menu. In most browsers that will bring up the browsers dictionary support. Just found that gem…

                Being a programmer and mildly dyslexic myself, I have been using the "Source" when I want to fix words because the right click context menu works well there.

                But I’ll have a look around for other server side tools that may help.

        • Incognito

          Muller doesn’t need to sack Walker. They will all be sagged in September.

          • weka

            Clutha Southland, I'm not so sure about that. Although after young Toddy as well, maybe there will be a swing.

            • Graeme

              Amy Adams is probably looking for a seat to get back in after the election. She has a house in Cromwell which is now in Clutha Southland after the boundary changes this year.

              • weka

                that would be the smart move from Nat. Don't know what their nomination process is.

                • Graeme

                  He was re-selected earlier this year after a challenge With hindsight it looks rather murky, bit like Toddles.

                  Suppose they can change candidate up until Nomination Day, 21/8

                  Bit sad for Jon MItchell, he could be in for a chance against Walker.

                  • Robert Guyton

                    Ought we to feel some compassion for the true-blue Nats of Clutha-Southland, who must be feeling sick to their stomachs with this latest exposure; Todd Barclay, Sarah Dowie, and now Hamish Walker?

                    Or not?

                    • Graeme

                      I know a few where it goes a way beyond the stomach. Not happy with the ol' party.

                    • weka

                      bout time they did something about it then. National have the same dilemma as Labour now, their party has been taken over and it will take a lot to set it right.

                    • Robert Guyton

                      Brought it to the attention of my fellow councillors – met resistance to the idea that the behaviour of MPs is of concern to local body politicians smiley

                    • Gabby

                      No, they'll line up like good little troopers and vote for the next swede in a suit.

                    • weka

                      just the ones they know 😉

                      Are you following what's happening with the ORC and Hobbs?

                      (lol, I feel there should be a LotR pun in there somewhere).

                    • Graeme

                      Council staff are often referred to as 'the orcs', especially when they have their enforcement hats on. I've seen a couple of instances, fires mainly, where it was quite apt. Fortunately not directly on the receiving end. A few texts do the rounds warning of orcs abroad or at the gate….

    • Bearded Git 1.2

      …and on RNZ just now …it was leaked to Walker by Michelle Boag.

      Same old Dirty Politics.

      • RosieLee 1.2.1

        Way past time to put RNZ on notice as well.

        • gsays

          Apart from Jim Mora, what has RNZ done wrong?

          • Bearded Git

            Yes exactly…RNZ simply reported the facts, and did this fairly.

            • George

              I prefer to think of it as "leaking" facts in this case …says Michelle Boag…

          • observer

            Not much at all. Jeez, I dunno – get a gift of a juicy story and turn it into a cause for complaining some more. Tedious, really.

            Try Kim Hill and Nicola Willis this morning. Now that's RNZ quality.

          • weka

            Boag was on The Panel this afternoon. They really need to stop using her as a commentator.

            • mickysavage

              She was answering emails too and this was commented on. She said she was multitasking. Obviously she was getting ready for the storm.

          • left for dead

            Wallace and other hand wringers,wrecking a once proud network.

      • McFlock 1.2.2

        Acquired in her role as acting CEO of the rescue helicopter trust.

        There's still the question as to why the trust had patient-identifed data sent to it, e.g. was it an analyst screw up or did it have a genuine need for that information.

        And if the trust got the data in error, did Boag or anyone else report this to the data supplier, or did she run straight to her party? lol even odds either way?

        • weka

          I'm assuming they had it in case they needed to transport someone fro quarantine.

          why would Boag have access to it though?

          • McFlock

            It depends on how big the admin team is, I suspect. If it's five tiers below her, there might be vertical compartmentalisation issues for the trust to look at.

            But if the acting CEO was actually working for a living in a small team and helping develop the staffing plans if any of those folk need air transport, she might have reasonably legitimate access. Or maybe someone emailed her going "I got sent this, seems to be more than I should receive, what should I do?" And her response speaks for itself.

            • weka

              I would have thought the people who would need the list ahead of time would be whoever manages the call outs, and the staff that go on call outs. I guess Boag could be hands on in that management.

              The second scenario makes sense, although the person emailing shouldn't have emailed the information, but described it instead.

              • McFlock

                I mean, if I got something I felt completely out of my depth on and the boss says "give it all to me, I'll handle it", suddenly all my problems are solved because the managers will be the ones doing battle.

                But those are the causes of the train:car collision, and investigators need to confirm that all the signals are working, the car was functioning normally, the drivers were all sob – holy crap, that train had three wagonloads of illegal ammunition and weapons?! And they belonged to the people who reported the crash to make a point about the safety of that level crossing?! WTF???

                That's the sort of vibe I'm having at the moment, lol.

    • RedBaronCV 1.3

      Just sacked from his current shadow cabinet roles or dumped as the candidate as well hopefuilly?

      • gsays 1.3.1

        Only his shady shadow roles.

        Apparently it's a shambles, a National disgrace.

    • Herodotus 1.4

      There are some idiots around 😱

      Pity there is not stronger support for the 3 strikes rules, from my reckoning that this is his 2nd.

      • gsays 1.4.1

        It's OK, he belongs to the 'personal rsponsibility' party. I am sure his leader will sort it out. /sarc.

      • I Feel Love 1.4.2

        Nah, it's his third, lying about door knocking, a bloody strange guy.

    • NZJester 1.5

      The news says ( Acting chief executive of Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust Michelle Boag has confirmed she gave the patient details to Walker. )

      So it was National people all the way trying to do a hit job on the current government.

      She has fallen on her sword according to the news article, but I think should face charges for using her position to access those detail.


      • SPC 1.5.1

        The info went to her private email, until we know who sent it to her I am not buying her story at all.

        • Incognito

          Forensic examination of her e-mails will tell.

          But her e-mails …

          • SPC

            I am guessing burner phone, so not work related at all.

            From lines about the spreadsheet not being protected, an external to work hack is inferred. Of course that might be to protect a NP source at some level within the public service or management regime.

            • Incognito

              Still investigate. If it was sent as an attachment there could be metadata that hold clues.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    The Electoral Commission once again bowing to the powerful elite.


    "Under the Electoral Act, party advertisements require a promoter statement and the written authorisation of the party," the commission spokesman said.

    Obvious answer is to put the required "promoter statement and the written authorisation of the party" on it and stick them up on every street corner!

    Similar to the, 'Let's do this' moment, she grabbed something real, popular and already in existence and ran with it. Do the same here, Hayden!

    And get them in the Labour shop, I'll buy one.

    • gsays 2.1

      The Electoral Commission was found to be wrong in banning Darren Watson's Planet Key song.

      To my mind this poster is way more apolitical than the song.

  3. Gabby 3

    And Michelle Boag. What a shocker. Errors of judgment all around apparently. Nothing to do with being vile little shits. Horrible, horrible people.

  4. SPC 4

    Boag gave the info to Walker who passed it on to media.

    How Boag got it is now the issue – she says it came to her as CEO of Auckland of Rescue HelicopterTrust. I am not sure if this credible, time will tell.

    • Gabby 4.1

      As in, who's her connected friend who thought she could use the info?

      • SPC 4.1.1

        And why was it sent to her private email address if it was related to her role as CEO of that Trust?

        Heron needs to identify the sender of that email before Boag accidently deletes it. And if the sender used a burner phone etc and Boag could not identify who sent it …., why would she think it was related to her work …

        My suspicion is she is protecting a National Party asset, the question is where MOH, or in the border security system, or …

    • Muttonbird 4.2

      Clearly shows there is a Nat plant in the ministry. Got to get them out as they must have breached all those forms they signed when they were hired.

  5. observer 5

    Read these statements by Walker, Muller, Boag – incredible.

    Party meltdown.


  6. Adrian 6

    Charge them and jail them. Contemptible shits!

    Labour to govern alone.

  7. SPC 7

    On track and trace monitoring.

    Maybe the MOH needs to look at a system for monitoring the Apple and Android apps that have come out about a month back.

    In this regard, one should note the USA is no longer taking in Indian IT migrants under their H-1B visa, and the government should look at bringing in IT expertise – US IT workers (leaving a commmunity spread environment) and a few of the Indian migrant workers (around 60,000 a year) shut out of the US employment market.

  8. ianmac 8

    Wonder if Muller knew earlier in thw week when he was failing to comment on the matter?

    What a shambles and lack of Leadership in the National Party.

    • SPC 8.1

      They tried to dismiss an investigation as politics to deter it, but once Heron had those powers to question people they were done.

    • Muttonbird 8.2

      They were very, very, very quiet, weren't they?

  9. Anker 9

    What a bloody outrage. This should mean single digit polling. Finally Nats caught out

  10. Muttonbird 10

    Farrar watch:

    Farrar attempted to soften this earlier on today. He went down the avenue that the real crime is that the information wasn't password protected.

    I see that Nats are now using this line.

    Farrar = Dirty Politics.

    • SPC 10.1

      Not password protected, Bishop sent the email to Boag's private email address?

      • Muttonbird 10.1.1


        • SPC

          Walker said he had received legal advice that he had not committed any criminal offence.

          "The information that I received was not password-protected by the Government. It was not stored on a secure system where authorised people needed to log on. There was no redaction to protect patient details, and no confidentiality statement on the document. "By exposing a significant privacy issue I hope the Government will improve its protocols and get its safeguards right."

          Article link: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12346280

          They are running the same line they did with the Treasury leak, the Bishop snoop. The racist dog whistler is now claiming he was doing us a service.

          His defence is that the information was not secure. Yet Boag is claiming it came to her on a private email to her in her work capacity. Something does not add up.

          Their lines are NOT in synch.

          • Incognito

            Pretty legal.

          • Draco T Bastard

            The information that I received was not password-protected by the Government. It was not stored on a secure system where authorised people needed to log on.

            Yeah, I'd say that the lawyer giving that advice needs to go back to school.

            Stealing from an open house is still stealing. Same would apply here.

            And I'd say that it propably was stored on a secure system – until it was removed from that system and sent to Boag.

            • Graeme

              It's also personal information relating to a patient of our health system, which I thought was about as private and confidential as it comes.

              • greywarshark

                Any boy who graduated from a Good School should know what is correct behaviour and not look for excuses for exposing people's private information to others, that’s nasty hacking stuff. . Or was he home-schooled? There is no excuse Walker, get your boots on and go. And take your granny dolly with you.

    • Gabby 10.2

      Wonder how he knows that.

  11. SPC 11

    Still nothing on the story at the Herald, don't want to know, don't want to tell – waiting for National to prepare a cover up they can run with?

  12. Drowsy M. Kram 12

    Bridges relieved he lost to Muller – let the resignations flow. Anyone feeling for Hooton?

    Maybe there’s a book in it: The Hollow Men – Dirty Politics – Dirtier Politics: How attack politics is still poisoning New Zealand’s political environment

    Have felt for some time that Boag is naturally 100% pure poison – surely now Wallace can finally stop inviting her back to appear on The Panel.

  13. Reality 13

    Well, well, well. Sleaze, dishonesty, sheer nastiness – the adjectives coming like a tsunami.

    To see Muller and the Woodhouse twerp on the news tonight trying to be so serious was pathetic and laughable.

    And speaking of Woodhouse, his toilet seat with Clare Curran on it is disgusting. And now he says he can't remember it. Despicable.

  14. Anne 14

    Many of us foresaw that Dirty Politics was going to be rife this year. The Nats will go to any lengths to grab the reins of power. Not the least bit surprised Michelle Boag is implicated.

    And no thought for the distress it must have caused the targeted individuals.

  15. Observer Tokoroa 15

    dirty lady…

    Clean out your mess before you leave your dirty dirty scene – National Girl !

    Hose out the Helicopter and disinfect it before you leave it – Mrs dirty Boag

  16. In Vino 16

    I had a nasty feeling that Muller would be manoeuvred out and it would be Nikki Kaye as leader in a head-on with Jacinda… replicating Labour's manoeuvre last election.

    Of course, I may be wrong…

  17. mac1 17

    "National- Putting the Shame in Shambles".

    Unbelievable. From the top down. I hope the enquiry hunts them all the miscreants down and sheets the responsibility home.

    Resignations, repudiations, renewal.

    National needs time in the wilderness to reassess, to discover its soul, to reflect and repent.

    And discover decency.

  18. calltoaccount 18

    Wonder how Boag got the spreadsheet? If it was done in a way that looks / is malicious (as opposed to ‘shambles’), then Nats are done for. Yay!

  19. Gabby 19

    Todmunter will be disappointed that Winsterfirst seemingly has bagsies on Arron Banks and his crew of lying little shits.

  20. Anne 20

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Why did someone supply Boag with the list? Why did she pass the list on to Walker, and who else – apart from the media – received a copy of the list?

    If Boag is telling the truth (?) and she didn't know Walker had given it to the media then what was the original plan of action? Was it just going be left lying around in strategic places?

    The mind boggles at the potential scenarios. 😮

    • weka 20.1

      Walker is saying he made claims about govt covid systems and needed to back that up so gave the details to the media. So it's conceivable Boag hadn't intended that esp given Walker is a loose unit. Otoh, it's inconceivable the statements today weren't coordinated, so why should we trust anything any of them say? Boag makes a better apology but she made this bed so will have to lie in it either way.

    • SPC 20.2

      If to her in her work role, why by email to her private email?

      And if Walker's claim the spreadsheep was not protected, why presume the person who accessed it did so in their official work role?

      Now let's go back to the snooping on Treasury budget information before the official release.

      Synergy – like twins born the same day – lets illuminate. Barclay and Bishop came from the same background. Both from uni to work in parliament then onto the same job corporate affairs for an Auckland based international tobacco corporate (where there is dirty smoke …) before to parliament as MP's in the same year 2014. Barclay has since been replaced by Walker. For mine Heron should invite Bishop to speak to him.

  21. aj 21

    Hard to pick the top tweet, has to be close…


    • weka 21.1

      that is good. This one too,

  22. ianmac 22

    The leak might not be illegal but wasn't there something in the Privacy Act that it was illegal to disseminate information which you had no legal right to have – or something?

    • weka 22.1

      on the face of it, it looks like a straight out breach of the Privacy Act to me.

      • mickysavage 22.1.1

        The only offences under the Privacy Act relate to failing to provide information to the Commissioner. It is probably illegal but not criminal.


        • weka

          Is Walker saying 'not criminal' National spinning?

        • McFlock

          Seems to also be a likely breach of s92U of the Health Act 1956, but again I can't find any penalty for it:

          Despite anything in the Privacy Act 1993, information provided or obtained under a direction under this Part may not be used or disclosed by anyone except for the effective management of infectious diseases, but nothing in this section limits the right of an individual to access or disclose information about him or her under that Act or any other Act.

          The suspicious thing to me is that it turned up in her personal email by itself, even though it was part of her role (apparently). So she didn't actually steal the data, because she didn't remove it from the Trust's systems herself. Wasn't that lucky for her? /sarc

    • SPC 22.2

      Boag said she got it in her role of Rescue Helicopter, yet the info went to her private email – from whom we do not yet know.

      • greywarshark 22.2.1

        I think we need to borrow one of those Police Helicopters until election time and have it hovering over various National Party people – as you would with potential criminals. Just think of the loot that the police could restrain? – lots of deckchairs and lounges and nice cars and expensive clothes and properties and….

    • ianmac 22.3

      Privacy Commissioner:

      "Edwards believed the deliberate leak of the information was illegal and in breach of the privacy act, he said."


  23. Incognito 23

    National needs a big dead cat on the table.

    • Muttonbird 23.1

      Careful. You're starting to sound like Ad.

    • weka 23.2

      Maybe this is the dead cat.

      • mac1 23.2.1

        Hoo boy, weka! as a distraction from what?

        What 'indiscretion' needs distraction by a cheetah-sized dead cat in the guise of a former President of the National Party, heavily involved in former dirty tricks campaigns, passing on sensitive and private information on patients to an MP who had recently been sanctioned for inappropriate behaviour by his leader, who then passed it onto the media, purely for political advantage in a bid to discredit a successful and popular government.

        Well that one will rebound on them, like a very live tom cat with claws sharpened and feral instincts aroused, spitting fury and retribution.

        What's still hidden in the closet, weka?

        • weka

          Heh, I was trying to be funny, but who knows!?

          It's that or this is Hooton's master plan.

          • mac1

            The dead cat is on Muller's top lip. He is growing a moustache, trying to put a new face on National.

            People will also forget the other stuff when they notice the moustache- the old 'putting on a wig for the first time' trick.

            Perhaps that's it. Muller is about to start wearing a wig. It's a well-known political fact that 'big hair' pleases the punters!

      • Incognito 23.2.2

        The story is weirder than weird and that’s pretty weird.

    • George 23.3

      That may be the late great miss catty Boag…meow!!!

    • Gabby 23.4

      There's always Rodney.

  24. ianmac 24

    Hoots David!


    A short story in which captain 'Sully' Sullenberger is bringing his powerless plane down to the Hudson River and irate passenger Todd Muller keeps knocking on the door & telling passengers "Well no I don't have a better suggestion right now but this is an utter shambles&quot

  25. mac1 25

    Who were they talking about/? The Herald reports……

    "On Saturday, before they knew Walker's involvement, Muller and National's health spokesman Michael Woodhouse were damning of the privacy breach.

    "This is unconscionable and unacceptable that those suffering from the incredibly dangerous virus now have to suffer further with their private details being leaked," Woodhouse said.

    "The Government needs to get to the bottom of this, and quickly."

    Muller told RNZ the breach was "quite staggering" and "unacceptable".

    "Is it a deliberate leak or is it accidental? It doesn't really matter at a level … it's loose, it's shabby and it's a reminder these guys can't manage important things well."

    It points to National's failings. Decency? Fail. Hypocrisy? Fail. Management? Fail. Leadership? Fail. Credibility? Fail. Political nous? Fail.

    • ianmac 25.1

      What comes around goes….. or is it Karma.

      Wonder if those keen "journalists" will quote Muller's words back to him?

    • Gabby 25.2

      Woodlouse will be thrilled that the bottom of it is being got to so quickly.

  26. Robert Guyton 26

    Sat at the table beside Muller, Woodhouse and Penk? at the Otago Museum cafe today. They were being hosted by what seemed to be a gaggle of starry-eyed Young Nats (guessing), none of whom were/seemed to be Maori. No sign of Hamish Walker. A bloke approached one of the cafe staff once the group had left to ask what the occasion was. He seemed infuriated by the response.

  27. weka 27

  28. Marcus Morris 28

    National has known for some time that the only chance they had of making inroads into Labours support was to discredit it on the Covid19 issue. Clearly this whole appalling saga has been master-minded by the the Crosby-Textor brigade and, this time, it has back-fired spectacularly in the most ham-fisted way. First there was the Bishop-Woodhouse "expose" which was clearly orchestrated. Then there was the "man who never was" fabricated by Woodhouse ("can't possibly disclose my source" ) and now this debacle. This is "attack" politics of the first order. The Nats bought into the C/T scheme several elections ago. It is their Party that has lost all credibility.

    • greywarshark 28.1

      Don't call it ham-fisted and run it down. It has turned out just fine. It is really funny that people start acting like coaches for the Opposition and advise them what they should do to succeed. I want the buggers to fail so all of you coaches go back to your day jobs. You will be doing some good there I hope. I am interested in what is happening and any thing useful we learn perhaps go direct to Labour or the Greens to make sure they don't step in the smelly stuff themselves.

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  • Additional MIQ for Christchurch
    An additional hotel will be added to our network of managed isolation and quarantine facilities, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “I have approved and Cabinet is in the final stages of signing off The Quality Hotel Elms in Christchurch as a new managed isolation facility,” Chris Hipkins said. ...
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    4 days ago
  • NZ COVID-19 response earns another major digital investment
    Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications Dr David Clark welcomes Amazon’s Web Services’ (AWS) decision to establish a Cloud Region on New Zealand shores, further boosting New Zealand’s growing digital sector, and providing a vote of confidence in the direction of New Zealand’s economic recovery. “Amazon is the second ...
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    4 days ago
  • New Zealand invests in cutting edge cancer R&D
    Scaling up the manufacture of CAR T-cell cancer therapy for clinical trials Advancing New Zealand’s biomedical manufacturing capability Supporting future international scientific collaborations Transforming cancer care with targeted, affordable solutions Research, Science and Innovation Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods has announced that the fight against COVID-19 will not stop the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Expert group appointed to lead New Zealand’s future health system
    An outstanding group of people with extensive and wide-ranging governance and health experience have been appointed to lead the Māori Health Authority and Health New Zealand, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “This Government is building a truly national health system to provide consistent, high-quality health services right across the country. This ...
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    4 days ago
  • Funding to help clean up contaminated sites
    The Government is supporting the clean-up of contaminated sites in Northland, Dunedin and Southland to reduce risk to people’s health and protect the environment. Environment Minister David Parker said the funding announced today, through the Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund, will help us turn previously hazardous sites into safe, usable public ...
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    4 days ago
  • Predator Free apprenticeships open up new job opportunities
    The expansion of a predator free apprenticeship programme is an opportunity for more people to kick-start a conservation career, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “The Predator Free Apprenticeship Programme is focused on increasing the number of skilled predator control operators in New Zealand through a two-year training programme. “The Trust ...
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    5 days ago
  • Further NCEA support confirmed for Auckland students
    The number of Learning Recognition Credits for senior secondary school students will be increased for Auckland students, Education Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed today. This recognises the extended time these students will spend in Alert Levels 3 and 4. “It means students in Auckland will have a fair opportunity to attain ...
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    5 days ago
  • Long-term pathway next step to better mental wellbeing for New Zealanders
    The Government is taking a new approach to support people who experience mental distress, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “Kia Manawanui Aotearoa – Long-term pathway to mental wellbeing (Kia Manawanui) is the first 10-year plan of its kind that targets the cause of mental distress and also sets out how ...
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    5 days ago
  • Keeping our Police safe to keep our communities safe
    The Government is committed to keeping our frontline police officers safe, so they in turn can keep New Zealanders safe – with one of the largest investments in frontline safety announced by Police Minister Poto Williams at the Police College today.   The $45 million investment includes $15.496 million in ...
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    5 days ago
  • Clean Vehicles Bill passes first checkpoint
    The Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill will help New Zealand drive down transport emissions by cleaning up the light vehicle fleet, Transport Minister Michael Wood says. The Bill passed its first reading today and will establish the legislative framework for key parts of the Government’s Clean Car Package, including ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding boost supports ongoing Māori COVID-19 response
    The Government is responding to the need by whānau Māori and Māori Health providers to support their ongoing work responding to COVID-19 and to continue increasing rates of Māori vaccination, Associate Minister for Health (Māori Health), Peeni Henare and Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson announced today.   This increased ...
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    6 days ago
  • Significant increase to COVID-19 penalties
    Penalties for breaches of COVID-19 orders are set to significantly increase from early November 2021 to better reflect the seriousness of any behaviour that threatens New Zealand’s response to the virus, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “Throughout this Delta outbreak we’ve seen the overwhelming majority of people doing ...
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    6 days ago
  • Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill returns to Parliament
    The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill has returned to Parliament for its second reading in an important step towards giving enforcement agencies greater power to protect New Zealanders from terrorist activity. “The Bill addresses longstanding gaps in our counter terrorism legislation that seek to protect New Zealanders and make us safer,” Justice ...
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    6 days ago
  • Joint Statement: New Zealand and Australian Trade Ministers
    Hon Damien O'Connor MP, New Zealand Minister for Trade and Export Growth, and Hon Dan Tehan MP, Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, met virtually on Monday 20 September to advance trans-Tasman cooperation under the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (CER). CER is one of the most ...
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    6 days ago
  • Prime Minister’s Post Cabinet Press Conference/COVID-19 Update opening statement
    ***Please check against delivery***   E te tī, e te tā, nau mai rā [To all, I bid you welcome]   As you will have seen earlier, today there are 22 new community cases to report; three of which are in Whakatiwai in the Hauraki area, and the remainder in ...
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    7 days ago
  • Major milestones for Māori COVID-19 vaccine rollout as new campaign launches
    Whānau Ora and Associate Health (Māori Health) Minister Peeni Henare acknowledges two major milestones in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme for Māori. “I am very pleased to announce more than 50 percent of eligible Māori have received their first dose and 25 per cent are now fully vaccinated,” ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government funding to fight infectious diseases
    $36 million for research into Covid-19 and other infectious diseases The investment will improve our readiness for future pandemics Research will focus on prevention, control, and management of infectious diseases The Government’s investing in a new Infectious Diseases Research Platform to boost Aotearoa New Zealand’s Covid-19 response and preparedness for ...
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    1 week ago
  • Quarantine-free travel with Australia to remain suspended for a further 8 weeks
    Suspension to be reviewed again mid to late November Decision brought forward to enable access from Australia to first tranche of around 3000 rooms in MIQ Air New Zealand working at pace to put on more flights from Australia from October    The suspension of quarantine-free travel (QFT) with Australia has ...
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    1 week ago
  • Extra support for Ethnic Communities to share vaccination information
    Extra support is being made available to Ethnic Communities to help them share COVID-19 vaccination information within their communities, Minister for Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities Priyanca Radhakrishnan said. “We know we need to get every eligible person in New Zealand vaccinated. A fund being launched today will allow for ...
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    1 week ago
  • School holidays remain unchanged for Auckland region
    School holidays in Auckland will continue to be held at the same time as the rest of the country, starting from Saturday, 2 October, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “I’ve carefully considered advice on the implications of shifting the dates and concluded that on balance, maintaining the status quo ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government continues crackdown on gangs and organised crime
    Operation Tauwhiro extended until March 2022 Since it was launched in February, Operation Tauwhiro has resulted in:   987 firearms seized $4.99 million in cash seized 865 people charged with a firearms-related offence Gangs and organised crime groups will continue to be relentlessly targeted with the extension of Police’s successful ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to Body Positive 'HIV Treatments Update Seminar 2021'
    E ngā mana E ngā reo E ngā iwi Tēnā koutou katoa Ka huri ki ngā mana whenua o te rohe nei. Tēnā koutou. He mihi hoki ki a tatou kua tau mai nei I raro I te kaupapa o te rā. Nō reira tēnā koutou katoa Acknowledgements It’s a ...
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    1 week ago
  • Power bill changes bring fairness to charges
    A key recommendation of an independent panel to make electricity charges fairer across all households will be put in place, the Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has announced. “Phasing out the regulations on ‘low-use’ electricity plans will create a fairer playing field for all New Zealanders and encourage a ...
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    1 week ago
  • NZ economy’s strong momentum will support rebound from Delta outbreak; COVID fund replenished
    The economy showed strong momentum in the period leading up to the recent Delta COVID-19 outbreak, which bodes well for a solid economic rebound, Grant Robertson said. GDP rose 2.8 percent in the June quarter, following on from a 1.4 percent increase in the previous March quarter. This was a ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Projects create benefits into the future
    Making a well-known lake swimmable and helping to halt the decline of the endangered hoiho/yellow-eyed penguins are among a suite of new projects being supported by the Government’s Jobs for Nature programme across the southern South Island, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “It’s no secret that many of our most ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Opening statement for Whāriki Indigenous Small Business Roundtable
      Kei ngā tōpito e wha o te āo e rere ana te mihi maioha ki a koutou nō tawhiti, nō tata mai e tāpiri ana ki tēnei taumata kōrero mo te ao hokohoko arā mā ngā pākihi mo ngā iwi taketake Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa – Pai Mārire.  ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New members appointed to Kāpuia
    The Government is adding four additional members to Kāpuia, the Ministerial Advisory Group on the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques. “I’m looking forward to having Pamela MacNeill, Huia Bramley, Melani Anae and Katherine Dedo  join Kāpuia and contribute to this group’s ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Timeline confirmed for Emissions Reductions Plan
    Cabinet has agreed to begin consulting on the Emissions Reduction Plan in early October and require that the final plan be released by the end of May next year in line with the 2022 Budget, the Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw confirmed today. “Cabinet’s decision allows organisations and communities ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Pay parity pathway for early learning teachers confirmed
    Pay parity conditions and higher funding rates for education and care services will come into force on 1 January, 2022, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins confirmed today. The Government signalled this work in Budget 2021. “From 1 January, 2022, centres opting into the scheme will receive government funding and be ...
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    2 weeks ago