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Greenpeace planet destroyed for shareholders

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40 comments on “Daily Review 09/11/2015”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    National party pollster David Farrar is wetting his pants on his blog about the Herald on Sunday using Max Key’s image in an article about inequality in New Zealand. He can’t bring himself to link to the article but this is his whinge…

    The Herald on Sunday does a major story on inequality. And who do they decide to run not one, not two, but three photos of to illustrate their article? Max Key.

    That’s appalling. Max Key is a 20 year old, just out of his teens. He is not a politician – his father is. You can argue about whether or not he gets a mention at all, but to run three photos of him is just targeting him because of his father. It’s very sad.

    The Herald have a fixation with him. This article is possibly the lowlight, but in total they have had 52 articles that mention him in the last year. They should stop.

    – David Farrar

    If David Farrar finds publicity around Max Key difficult to stomach then he might suggest to the prime minister that Max Key doesn’t promote himself as New Zealand’s Kim Kardashian.

    That’s right. If anyone should stop, it’s Max Key.

    • Paul 1.1

      Max Key is an adult.
      He is making choices to self publicise.

    • RedBaronCV 1.2

      Am I alone in seeing a somewhat unfortunate resembalance to photo’s of a younger Oswald Mosley – I struggle to get past that but maybe it’s just the haircut

    • maui 1.3

      +1, Would be interesting to see what Farrars reaction was a few months ago when every media org was reporting on Maxs hawaiian holiday video for 5 days straight. You know the video that also shows the PM in selected bits, so it had obvious endorsement from him. Best for Farrar to suggest that Max leave politics if he’s so concerned.

    • weka 1.4

      I agree about Farrar whinging, but out of curiosity why did the Herald use pictures of Max Key in an article about inequality?

      • Muttonbird 1.4.1

        I don’t know. He didn’t link to it and I assume that’s because he was too scared to link to an article about inequality in New Zealand.

        • Rosemary McDonald


          I particularly like the comparison between photos of today’s privileged and paintings from the Victorian era.

          Very clever.

          • Muttonbird

            Yes, it’s a fine piece of research and one which is very important to the future of a fair New Zealand.

            And that’s precisely why Farrar is bleating about it.

            • weka

              Having read the article it seems entirely appropriate to have photos of Max Key. It’s not like he was the only one either.

              Always good to have an opportunity to hear Tourette’s performance of “John Key’s son’s a DJ”

          • veutoviper

            Snap! Only just realised you had put up the link after the time to edit my comment at 1.4.3 expired. I had wanted to ‘plug’ Jess last night in reply to your comment then, but was too tired. No, I don’t know her and am not her agent etc, but as I say below, I am very impressed with Jess McAllen’s work – and she seems a unpretentious and nice person from occasionally reading her tweets, who has won the respect of a lot of older journalists.

      • b waghorn 1.4.2

        They made special mention of the rise of clubs like the ya ya club key Jr is part of and said how detached from the reality of less well off peoples lives these kids are, or words to that affect.

      • veutoviper 1.4.3

        Have you seen the Herald article, weka?

        If not, here is the link – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11541769

        Jessica McAllen, the author, has tweeted that she had no control over the photos used. The Herald chooses these.

        I don’t now whether you have read any of Jess’ other work. She is a young (23/24) woman who has written some really good articles in her very short time as a journalist. She recently went freelance after a year or so working for Stuff/Fairfax, and the article above was her first for the Herald on Sunday. IMHO, she will go far – a mature and insightful head on young shoulders – and I now watch out for her work. I cannot remember doing this with many journalists in the past!

        She also recently won (jointly with one other young female writer) the Wintec Press Club award for ‘Best Writer of the Year for 2015’. https://twitter.com/Jess_McAllen/status/660268198097367040

        Jess has done some similar articles before on the young and wealthy in NZ, but has also covered a wide range of other subjects including a must read interview with Chris Knox. Mental health issues are also high on her list of interests. Here is a link to some of her other work.


        She has given me hope that there will still be some good journalists in the years to come.

        • In Vino

          +1. We need far more like Jessica. And it is often the case that writers have no control over photos used by editors. But I thought the photos well-chosen. Farrar is whistling into the wind.

        • weka

          thanks for that veuto.

    • vto 1.5

      Max Key is the epitome of today’s inequality, as portrayed by Max Key himself …

      What a guy


      Maybe he really is like his old man – a piece of shit.

      Just heard on te radio news now John Key say that if the West Papuans want to do something about their Indonesian overlords then they need to take it up with Indonesia themselves, as Key wants nothing to do with them.

      Which lines up also with John Key’s attitude to the poor souls stuck in Christmas Island, in deceptively claiming they are free to leave and it is Australia’s place and nothing to with Key.

      What an absolute wanker.

      What would his mother think.

      What would his mother have thought if NZ prime minister had said the Jews in Europe should take up their situation with the Germans in the 1930’s?

      What would his mother have thought if the NZ prime minister had said the Jews in Europe were free to leave if they truly wanted to, in 1930’s Germany.

      . . . .

      Today Max and John Key have shown the world who they are and it is very sobering

  2. ianmac 2

    John Key uses McCaw for his political purposes.
    John Key has used his son Max to gain favour as loving father family man – risky.
    So if Key was upset, who should he blame? His political advisers and his own conscience I reckon.
    Trying to think of which PMs or MPs have exposed their family in the way Max is. We did see Helen’s parents and …ummm…

  3. joe90 3

    Irish comedian Gráinne Maguire has decided that if male politicians believe they have ownership over female bodies, shouldn’t they know all the gory details.



    • greywarshark 3.1

      Very poignant joe 90. I remember back in the day women going to Northern Ireland from Eire and buying condoms etc and they would have been confiscated as they went thorugh the border checks to Eire. So they organised a group of mates to line up on the Eire side and threw the condoms, contraceptives to them over the barrier. It was a feisty thing to do, brilliant publicity but it’s a long haul. Irish politics seem to be well insulated against ideas of female equality.

      • joe90 3.1.1

        Even though it’s part of the UK abortion is as restricted in Northern Ireland as it is in the Republic.


        • weka

          That’s weird.

          I can’t believe that the UK has a luxury tax on tampons. wtf?

        • greywarshark

          Well the Colleens had it worked out somehow. Perhaps they went to Brit, got supplies and came back through N Ireland which as part of Britain, didn’t have confiscation on the items. Then at the other border, into Eire, I think they had to chuck them up high and over. It would have been good to have skilled netballers on the other side. If done quickly, it could have been extremely successful but probably not repeatable.

  4. Tautoko Mangō Mata 5

    I have found an interesting site which discusses the legal arguments of parts of the TPP text. Here is a bit of discussion on the tobacco carveout. 29.5

    “Here’s my first question: Is this provision self-judging? In other words, who decides whether a measure is a “tobacco control measure”?

    The language about a party “electing” to deny benefits suggests maybe it is self-judging. The whole provision depends on what governments “elect” to do.

    On the other hand, you need some oversight of these things, or a government might claim that any ordinary regulation is a tobacco control measure because of some distant relationship it has to tobacco control. A party can “elect” to use the exception, but only, of course, if the measure is a tobacco control measure. So perhaps the investment tribunal would need to decide this question?


    What a can of worms this TPP is!

    • Tautoko Mangō Mata 5.1

      “TPP a blow to democracy, just Corporate Colonialism, says Katter

      “Federal Member for Kennedy (in Queensland) Bob Katter today called the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) the greatest blow to democracy in 300 years, saying that it amounted to nothing more than a new form of Corporate Colonialism.”
      There is plenty of opposition to TPP in Australia,

      We need a good showing on Saturday to show National that we will not accept the TPP.

    • veutoviper 5.2

      Thanks again for your comments and links re the TPPA. I have not had the time to find overseas comment etc and your links have been invaluable in keeping up to date..

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 6

    Time lapse video of the launch of the ICBM (as in missile) yesterday from San Francisco

    • AsleepWhileWalking 6.1

      In the strange world of conspiracy theories it seems that this may have been predicted on the cover of The Economist, albeit a few days out. (Since I barely qualify as a layperson in the world of weaponry, or conspiracies for that matter, I may have gotten my missiles all mixed up. Apologies in advance).

      If The Economist covers are actually predictive we can expect something similar in a couple of days.


  6. greywarshark 7

    That Economist cover is so intricate that it would need a very well informed group to pick its features and describe them. Great way to get conspiracy theories and scare oneself silly. (The silver doctors site.)

  7. vto 8

    How can John Key say the West Papuans should take their cause up with the Indonesians?

    Imagine if Michael Joseph Savage had told the Jews to take up their cause with the Germans in the 1930’s.


    that is losing the plot

    isn’t it?

    • b waghorn 8.1

      “That’s losing the plot”
      No he’s just to gutless to raise tough issues with foreign governments.

      • Expat 8.1.1

        He is a man with no values, stands for nothing, will flop to the highest popularity position of any situation, I used to dislike old Hone H because of the things he used to say, but then I realised that at least he actually had a spine and fought intensely for what he believed in, and give him credit and respect for that, even if I don’t agree with what he says.

    • b waghorn 8.2

      On today’s evidence I have to back track it would seem you are right and key is losing the plot.

  8. joe90 9

    The killing goes on.

    Following the Friday deadly shooting of a young Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip, and a woman in the West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that the number of slain Palestinians since October 1st, has arrived to 78, including 17 children and three women, while more than 2513 Palestinians have been injured. Names of slain Palestinian listed below this article.



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