Minister declined to comment…

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Isn’t it amazing how many Ministers can’t wait to front up to the media when they are selling. But when it comes to after sales service they just don’t want to front?

The latest is the Minister for Corrections following revelations Serco was deliberately just checking the minimum legal boxes by way of training its new officers, leaving gaping holes in their employees’ ability and suitability for their new roles, and presumably, putting them at personal risk?

9 comments on “Minister declined to comment…”

  1. Steve Withers 1

    There are no surprises here.

    National ministers don’t like facing the fact their ideology produces steaming turds in abundance.

    But in this case, that SerCo would fail in the name of profit was almost a given. You can’t cut staff numbers, pay less and do less….without the result (for staff and prisoners and wider society) being….less.

    National are – apparently – too stupid to see it for what it is. Or too proud to admit they were wrong.

    Either way…..past their best before date.

    • esoteric pineapples 1.1

      “National ministers don’t like facing the fact their ideology produces steaming turds in abundance.”

      I don’t think this particular government actually runs on any sort of ideological platform. It’s a feral government born of monetarism but really just making decisions based on the best outcomes for the vested interests it represents. It’s a “cabal”.

    • whateva next? 1.2

      “National ministers don’t like facing the fact their ideology produces steaming turds in abundance. ”
      I think they do realise, but goal is to hide them somewhere they don’t have to cope with the stench.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Private enterprise fails to do something better than the State yet again and yet National and their groupies will continue telling us that privatisation is always better – against all evidence. To help with these lies they have to avoid actually saying something when the truth comes out.

  3. greywarshark 3

    esoteric p
    I don’t think this particular government actually runs on any sort of ideological platform. It’s a feral government born of monetarism

    The government’s stupidity or pride is questioned on observing its failure to answer or remedy the faults occurring in Serco’s regime.
    Really it’s quite simple – it doesn’t care. It took on Serco as part of hiving off its duties of serving the people it is supposed to be acting for, This neo lib dominated government lot hires entities to relieve itself of its duties. It delegates its responsibilities to the hirelings and faults become operational matters. No way is it going to remove the dog poo from its shoes, it just takes them off, throws them away, and buys a new pair. All smelly problems are dealt with from a long distance, if at all.

    Is Serco running Christmas Island? I think I heard that or did I just think it was possible.
    Note RadioNZ headline ‘NZ won’t intervene at Christmas Island’. Indeed the inmates there may think that all their Christmases have come at once but not as we know them.

    And lazy Corrections Dept. – not living and working to its title = doesn’t ensure correction to those who are not sent to prison. Again government actually doesn’t care about the good running of the country and assisting people who break the law to remedy their lives and become good citizens. No they just think like the Australians, and would like to deport them.

    Corrections acused of under-reporting breaches
    An advocacy group says the Corrections Department has stopped reporting offenders who fail to turn up for community work and this could be the reason so few of them complete their sentence.

    The people employed to work with the offenders are having their hours cut in half because only about a third of the offenders are turning up for work details which are part of their sentences. And the Corrections are not doing anything to ensure they do turn up!! Unbelievable.

    Studies from the USA have long shown that the way that the poor are treated by their justice system indicates bias against them, and against colour, and when there is lack of work done in rehabilitation so as to stop or reduce their offending it is an indication that government is not committed to helping such citizens turn their lives around, resulting in better societal conditions for all. There definitely is something wrong with our justice system and how it fais to rehabilitate offenders.

    • Murray Simmonds 3.1

      Yes, Serco WAS running Christmas Island – up until things got a bit hot – so they all ran away and left it ti the inmates sort out.

      I don’t suppose the Nats will be shouting that from the rooftops either . . .

      And yes, esoteric pineapples, thats a really great line: “I don’t think this particular government actually runs on any sort of ideological platform. It’s a feral government born of monetarism but really just making decisions based on the best outcomes for the vested interests it represents. It’s a “cabal”.

      Sums them up perfectly in my opinion.

  4. Paul 4

    The opposition must highlight this.
    On Morning Report, comment in Live Interviews.
    ” you have allowed the National Party to not front for 7 interviews this week.”

  5. Keith 5

    “The NZQA report was critical of Serco NZ Training’s systems”

    “…the “initial training” content plucked the legal requirements from the level three National Certificate in Offender Management course”

    “Only 26 per cent of those enrolled had completed the full course inside the six months it was meant to take”.

    “NZQA called the qualification rates “weak”, saying it was “largely due to flaws in the programme design” including assessment methods which were “impractical and unrealistic”.

    “Direction from governance (Serco managers) was overly focused on ensuring sufficient supply of prison officers.”

    “NZQA found Serco NZ Training “was not adequately resourced” which “led to a sacrifice in qualification completion putting Serco employees at risk of not refining their skills while operating in a complex and high-risk prison environment”.

    That is a selection of comments by NZQA. Pretty unequvical isn’t it! Serco have done a piss poor job like everything else they have done with Mt Eden, not even hit a bare minimum standard to get maximum profit. And they are still raking it in on the taxpayer because the idiots in this government allow it. But what is their response to this rather damning report?………

    “We are pleased NZQA found Serco Training met the most critical needs of training, ensuring all staff met the requirements to work as a prison officer. The report recognises that Serco Training’s initial training course for Corrections Officers clearly provides new employees with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for this role”.

    Hello??? “We are pleased”….. FFS, the response is an outrage of contempt and lies, Its like Nationals lies!

    Of course Sam won’t front, he’s hopeless anyway, he’s a gold plated embarrasment as a minister for an embarrasing policy that is badly run. But he is not alone, Key runs away and hides too when the going gets tough, only he talks shit far more seamlessly. Their advisers tell them to do so, let it slip off the agenda. What more can we expect from this wreck of a government that lives upon twisted truth and propoganda

  6. Atiawa 6

    Great phrase Tracey – “.. when it comes to after hours service they just don’t want to front “.

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