Daily review 11/07/2019

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11 comments on “Daily review 11/07/2019”

  1. Ankerrawshark) 1

    Wonderful result for the black caps.  Skill, strategy and guts.  Well done to the guys

    • ianmac 1.1

      Note that the Fans say "We won!" But if the team loses then they say "They Lost!

      • AklTransport 1.1.1

        maybe amongst your flaky circle. “We” lost, “our” World Cup is over….was all I heard after the loss to England in the league games.

        Trying some oblique crack at fans of a wonderful sport is pathetic in the extreme. It must still hurt after being picked last in school

  2. Ad 2

    Bolton, Pompeo and Pence meet with Hong Kong democracy activist Jimmy Lai.

    That's an extended finger like the Chinese Premier meeting with Julian Assange or Bernie Sanders.

    Excellent signal Mr Trump.

    • marty mars 2.1

      I can't tell but I'm assuming you are being sarcastic by calling it an excellent signal – no one wins from war.

      • McFlock 2.1.1

        Bolton and Pompeo want one.

        Having been thwarted in their Iranian escalation designs, they're working on the PRC. Dolt45 is probably oblivious to the nuances of what he okayed, if they ran it by him at all.

        • Macro

          Indeed. The fact that the China Trade deals are supposedly back on track is following an agreement that the US wouldn't be looking to closely at the China / Hong Kong situation.

          Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked Trump to back off criticizing Beijing for its crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, according to a person familiar with the discussions. Trump accepted — because Xi made it a condition to restart sputtering trade talks between their two countries.


          • McFlock

            So flipping in the American Exceptionalism bit, those guys think a trade war will slow down PRC development more than it slows down US hegemony. Scuppering trade talks would help the US regain a position of global dominance that it lost over the last couple of decades – due to their last grand plan.

            • Macro

              Frankly, I don't think they think too deeply at all. All tRump is interested in is looking good for his base. It seems apparent now that US foreign policy is now determined by what sort of material interests is in for you know who. As for Bolton and Pompeo they are just there to start a war someplace. Bolton because he's nothing more than a dumb fuck hawk, and Pompeo because he can't wait for Armageddon and the day of Judgement. 

              • McFlock

                That's the trouble with incompetent leaders: policy drifts with the power flows of the different warring factions within the regime. Sometimes the leaders are smart enough to keep the factions even in competition, but anything goes with dolt45. And too many of the sane grownups have left or been fired.

                Interesting times, as the curse goes.

    • Sam 2.2

      Guys (gender not assumed) every country has tariffs on a buch of things right through out the WTO https://dataweb.usitc.gov/tariff

      this is hardly a death kneel for either China nor the US. 

      I don't know what these other strategic geniuses are smoking but rumours of the demise of China or the US is greatly exaggerated.   

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