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TPPA protest November 2015-12

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19 comments on “Daily Review 16/11/2015”

  1. b waghorn 1

    They are interviewing simon lusk on story tonight for those that are interested.

  2. Anne 2

    What about?

    Something to do with Slater?

  3. b waghorn 3

    The clip gives the impression he’s portraying himself as a bad Arse! But with the way they edit promos its hard to tell.

    • ianmac 3.1

      Oops yes. Lusk reckons that he was helping about 20 people who were pushing for Stuart Nash to dump Labour and form a new party.

    • Anne 3.2

      Yes, and he’s proud of it.

      According to Garner, Lusk’s next victim is going to be Phil Twyford. He claims some Chinese businessmen are paying Lusk to bring Twyford down.

      • Tracey 3.2.1

        All fits with Dirty Politics being alive and well… as is the Double Loop I posted about last week.

    • b waghorn 3.3

      I just saw a toxic chubby little loser with Rambo delusions who hunts deer in a deer paddock ,any politician that deals with him should be drummed out of politics.
      Not very in depth reporting but at least they’ve dragged the little shit into the light.

  4. Bill 4

    If Western leaders had any real political nous, they’d retrace their steps back to square one. They’d own up to their disastrous litany of blunders and seek to win over the hearts and minds of the masses of the Middle East over the heads of the tyrannical terrorists.

    But even then, they’d have a problem. To win hearts and minds they’d need to offer ideals that can fire people’s imaginations. But right now, Western civilisation can only offer glorification of the rich and contempt for the poor, grotesque inequality, rampant consumerism and macho militarism.

    The sad truth is that few of our politicians are capable of inspiring their own grannies, never mind winning over the resentful masses of Baghdad, Karachi and Kabul.


    • Tracey 4.1

      Theres no money in hearts and minds unless you are a heart or brain surgeon… 😉

    • vto 4.2

      “The sad truth is that few of our politicians are capable of inspiring their own grannies, never mind winning over the resentful masses of Baghdad, Karachi and Kabul.”

      A sadder truth might be that those resentful masses are the same as everyone else and want no more than a maccas and a movie

  5. weka 5

    The Green Party just commited to having gender equity in its cabinet should it come to power. Shaw explains the relationship between that and getting good MPs,

    Villainesse: So it sounds like quite a lot going on then with the party. Is there anything else the party is doing at the moment in terms of fighting for the rights and equality of women?

    James Shaw: One of things I’m really focused on is our candidates going into the 2017 election, and having young men and women who are well-represented on our party list. So what that means is – having that focus on women and having that focus on young people – means that we actually have to go out and find those people who would make good MPs. And that’s why I have no problem with this idea of having a quota. Because one of the things it does is it forces you to go and look for the talent. And I think that the argument that people say “Look, we just appoint on the basis of merit,” is a really lazy one, because essentially you just take what comes to you. In a situation where like attracts like – if you’ve got a party that’s mostly composed of old white men – then that’s going to attract more old white men, and it’s not going to attract people of other ethnicities, it’s not going to attract women, it’s not going to attract young people. And so when you say, “You know what, we’re going to have a Caucus and a Cabinet that actually looks roughly proportional to New Zealand so it’ll contain people of different ethnicities, it’ll contain 50-50 men and women, it’ll contain a good spread of age groups, and so on,” then you have to go and look for those people, and you have to recruit them and you have to bring them on board and provide a supportive environment for them.


  6. Graeme Stanley 6

    If White Ribbon is APolitical as they claim why haven,t they stood down their Ambassador John Key who has denigrated women parliamentarians over their sexual assaults and Rapes.?Is it more about Funding after all he canned funding to rape crisis centres didn,t he and his Misogyny and Everyday Sexism over Ponytailpulling Serial Offending. and lack of apology for his Governments handling of The Tania Billingsley case SUX. Eh?

  7. joe90 8

    Vox primer on Syria.

  8. Ad 10

    I loved this because it shows how hard a politician has to work, even when they are elected to a major leadership position, to actually get real Progressive stuff done.


    Possibly an object lesson for the next Mayor of Auckland.
    But an object lesson for any leftie aspiring to have a tilt at something big.

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