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22 comments on “Daily Review 16/12/2015”

  1. weka 2

    I so hope this is true. The Daesh as scared of being killed by (Syrian) women because it means they don’t go to paradise.

    Some pretty interesting video around about Syrian women fighting units too, not sure what to make of that,

  2. mickysavage 3

    Well Key really outdid himself today …

    Interesting the Herald has changed the headline from “Prime Minister takes part in Rape Joke” to “Prime Minister caught up in radio station’s prison rape stunt”


    • Shocking but WTF is up with these radio people – FFS have they no decency at all. Key is now so ridiculed he doesn’t even realise when he is getting the piss taken out of him and taken out of him by scumsuckersupporters.

    • Muttonbird 3.2

      It’s part of Key’s strategy to appeal to what he considers ordinary Kiwis.

      It’s a gamble though and when it fails he ridicules the office and brings the position into disrepute.

      Soper and Williams both tried to claim that Key wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on but, really. More likely he did know what was going on but couldn’t figure out a way to extract himself from the situation without losing face.

      As for Marty Mars’ comment, If Key is going to promote himself on radio shows the radio hosts are going to take him to his limits. That is his and his minders’ problem, not theirs.

      • Draco T Bastard 3.2.1

        As for Marty Mars’ comment, If Key is going to promote himself on radio shows the radio hosts are going to take him to his limits. That is his and his minders’ problem, not theirs.

        No, it’s still theirs. They’re still sick bastards.

        • Muttonbird

          Key still knowingly participates in this stuff in order to try to increase his political capital with young people and dumbass right wing trash.

          Sure radio jocks are sick bastards but, with reference to a prime minister supposedly being above that sort of behaviour, why would they not be that way if they are actively being encouraged by said prime minister.

          • marty mars

            yes but where does it end. I agree that key encourages them but wtf is wrong with people on the radio – are they so up themselves that they think they’re fucking santa or something. They do sweet fuck all, they are nothing and nobodies, yet somehow because their voices are known they are f class celebs.

  3. greywarshark 5

    Here is the definitive answer to your question What is Syria and what’s this affray (war) all about? Private Eye has some useful points. (Approx date 7 Dec 2015)

  4. I just don’t get the hypocrisy here from trevett – ffs. I haven’t added any lines in they come as you see them.

    “But no Prime Minister should put himself in a cage, let alone one that ends up with jokes about prison rape.

    Politicians tend to grow into the role of Prime Minister and gradually don the gravitas involved. Key is no exception.”


    fail claire just a big fucking FAIL

  5. fender 7


    The farm and other assets bought with public money MUST be returned in full to the Crown, despite Ms Parata saying the Govt would have to negotiate

    We can’t have creeps lining up to get charter school funding in order to get a free farm!

    • b waghorn 7.1

      What no has mentioned in this whole fiasco is that there we kids involved in this failed experiment.

  6. ropata 8

    Winter is Coming
    When the World Turns Dark

    Our world is turning. As the memory of the financial crisis fades, the financial world moves “from war to peace”, gradually restoring interest rates, somewhat relaxing tight constraints on banks, wondering how financial institutions should be regulated to prevent crises in future. But outside the rarefied world of finance, movement is in the opposite direction. It is only a small distance from an uneasy peace, to the semblance of war. The world turns on its dark side. Winter is coming.

    The first signs of a chill in the air became apparent not long after the financial crisis, as people who previously rejoiced in the ability of governments to rescue broken banks and restore damaged economies suddenly became fearful of the consequences. Country after country turned away from generosity towards harshness, imposing austerity measures that hurt the poor, the sick, the disabled and – extraordinarily – the young, justifying those measures on grounds that had increasingly little to do with economics and more and more to do with the resurgence of a twisted morality last seen in the nineteenth century. […]

    The Poor Law reformers of the 1830s believed that hard work is a virtue in and of itself, regardless of usefulness to society or financial benefit to those doing it: the workless are “moral defectives” who must be forced to work in order to correct the defects in their personalities. Thomas Malthus believed that public spending that supports the poor encourages them to breed: the poor must be condemned to a life of poverty and deprivation to discourage them from choosing to have children at state expense. The children of workless parents must be protected from their malign influence. […]

    This is the creed of meanness and selfishness, lampooned by Dickens in “A Christmas Carol”. It is the creed of the false gods of Hard Work and Saving. But we, cocooned by the belief that we are better than our ancestors, invoke these false gods and publish the creed anew. The morality of the workhouse has become the morality of the Daily Mail.

    Worshipping the false gods of hard work and saving comes at a terrible price. The sacrifices those gods demand are the lives of those who do not – or cannot – live as they dictate. But as yet, there is no widespread challenge to their authority. People still believe the lie they tell: “There is no more money”.

    People used to believe the promise of the gods of borrowing and spending, “The money will never run out”. But their belief was shattered in the crash of 2008, when the debt edifice abruptly collapsed, causing widespread financial destruction. People not only stopped believing that promise, they also stopped believing in themselves. The terrible recession and ensuing long slump created an enormous confidence gap. Into this gaping hole stepped the old gods and their new lie.

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