When Animals Attack!

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Well, this is awkward. And won’t somebody think of poor Michael Woodhouse? It’s like seeing Dad kiss the au pair. Are you my new mum?

Alternate captions welcome!


Hat tip, veutoviper, via Giovanni Tiso.



32 comments on “When Animals Attack!”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    Looks like he’s sucking her Nazi brains out of her Nazi ear, to gain power.

  2. joe90 2

    Eww, nasty suck….

  3. b waghor 3

    More awkward than a teenage boy having to hug his hairy mowed auntie.

  4. ankerawshark 4

    I know I am not allowed to pull the hair, so thought I try and suck it!

  5. Stuart Munro 5

    Collins ‘leaning in’ as she establishes a beach head in cabinet to get her ordnance ashore.

  6. b waghor 6

    “I beleve the correct term is check mate mr key”

  7. fender 7

    Oh look there’s a half-sucked Oravida milk bottle lolly stuck in your ear canal, I’ll remove it then “Woodhead” can wipe you down with the towel he’s holding.

  8. Red delusion 8

    Jk whispering to Judith, have you seen the latest polls

    • McFlock 8.1

      So that’s what they call “whispering” in your family is it? How well do you play the banjo?

  9. Incognito 9

    JK: “I like your new shampoo; is that L’Oravida Swamp Kauri?”

    JC: “No John, you should know better, you naughty little flirt; it’s Eau de Greed.”

  10. David H 10

    Where’s the ponytail??? You PROMISED me a Pony Taiiilll

  11. kejomu 11

    if she knows whats good for her she,ll turn up tomorrow wearing a ponytail.

  12. Sans Cle 12

    “Zip it Judy – I’m the Karaoke King of this party…..and as for your choice of Karaoke song? ‘Remember me’ by the band Blueboy?!”

  13. AmaKiwi 13

    I did not have sex with that woman.

  14. maui 14

    The last cabinet minister was reinflated today. In other news, man watches on holding wetsuit while remaining dry in dry suit.

  15. Murray Simmonds 15

    Pssst! Wanna be next Prime Minister?

  16. Chromophore 16

    John Key relaxes by trying out the new scary Beehive Echo-Chamber.

  17. Kevin 17

    Probably whispering to her that he has a scrunchie in his pocket.

  18. Jenny Kirk 18

    + 1000% to you all – a great giggle to start the day with !

  19. left for deadshark 19

    They are rightwing dummies, that National have out the back, their is a lot of them I’m afraid. It is just puffing it up again, you can see the seam down the back.

  20. left for deadshark 20

    Woodhead eg “Pinocchio” is worried it will blow up again.

  21. Ad 21

    “Honey, I’m having dreams of you with a pony tail”

  22. mary_a 22

    FJK and the awful Crusher should get a room and take the Woodlouse along with them, to make it a distasteful threesome!

  23. Smilin 23

    Get a room you gross pair of twats-Woodhouse

  24. Paul Campbell 24

    “sniff, aaaaah, I’ve missed you, eeep!”

    “sigh, maybe I should grow a ponytail and cop a feel too”

  25. Neil 25

    Key caught out blowing up his inflatable doll as bemused national MP looks on

  26. Bill 26

    Zombie apocalypse falters at first hurdle. No brains.

  27. red-blooded 27

    Give up, John ! No matter how hard you suck, the poison won’t come out – it’s in her blood.

  28. ropata 28

    There’s a fun twitter thread on Bryce Edwards’ feed also:

    Presumed to be a kiss – but what was John Key really whispering to Judith Collins at her reappointment ceremony? pic.twitter.com/2L0MbaQCM6— Bryce Edwards (@bryce_edwards) December 14, 2015

  29. Scott 29

    Mr Key exacts revenge on Johan Le Roux for calling Ritchie a dirty lying cheat.

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