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Daily Review 19/01/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, January 19th, 2018 - 78 comments
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78 comments on “Daily Review 19/01/2018 ”

  1. weka 1

    Who’s the dude in blue?

    • stunned mullet 1.1

      • weka 1.1.1

        Trying to remember when I stopped watching cricket. Probably when Vetorri was still a teenager.

        • Union city greens

          So you don’t like cricket?

          • BM

            Cricket, best game ever, it’s got it all.

            • Muttonbird

              Oh dear.

            • Union city greens

              I love it, well, when England or Surrey are playing.

              It’s a great game. Like chess with a ball. Like boxing with a bat.

              • BM

                When’re the poms going to get some decent quicks, they’re on par with India when it comes to producing fast bowlers.

                You’d think the premier domestic competition in the world would be producing them by the dozen but all that seems to come out of the UK are these tall bean pole fast-medium bowlers.

                • Union city greens

                  I’m a Scot, but a unionist Scot, so I support all our home countries, but regards quicks, it does seem the days of Jimmy and Stuart are close to the end.
                  A couple of decent spinners, openers, middle order and tail batters wouldn’t go amiss either.

                  • BM

                    Jimmy and Stuart aren’t quicks

                    Both are FM swing bowlers at best, I’m talking Devon Malcolm, Norman Cowans, Bob Willis fast, England hasn’t had a decent quick in decades.

                    Seve Harmison wasn’t too bad. bit of a flash in the pan though

                    • Union city greens

                      Not here for long, for soon to be obvious reasons, so just to say, c’mon the 3 lions.

                    • BM

                      Forgot Graham Dilley RIP.

                    • Tricledrown

                      BM when England’s weather allows them to play more cricket .
                      Then when working class people can afford to play cricket.
                      Then when nepotism is dealt with.
                      England would beat NZ on most occasions still.
                      Australia has the conditions and when you fly over any Australian city the number of ovals you see gives you an idea why Australia is always near the top of the world cricket.
                      Healthcare is better in Australia as well so sports people get quick good treatment for sports injuries.
                      The NHS is being rundown making it very hard for most to get any treatment.

            • Keepcalmcarryon

              Don’t have time for cricket. Too busy working for Bill English’s proud low wage. Right wing bludgers must have a lot of spare time to waste days in front of the TV.

          • weka

            Actually I do like cricket, just not enough to spend all that time watching it. I grew up in a house with a radio in every room so that Dad could go about his weekend and still follow the crickey. Or rugby. Never got the hang of following it on the radio myself

            • Union city greens

              Was more setting you up to hit us with an ‘no, I love it’, but just as well, no comedian likes a funnier straight man (woman).

  2. Rosemary McDonald 2

    You know, the more fuss made about the impending parenthood of our Prime Minister the less credibility the ‘this is the new normal’ narrative will have.

    Couples have been juggling jobs and parenthood for absolutely ages…this is nothing new, so can y’all just move on???

    Much more media blitzing over this, and those of us who still don’t trust Labour since the last time they were on the Government benches will begin to suspect that this perfectly normal biological function is being beefed up to distract us from a wobbly coalition.

    Just today I was sent copies of two emails…one from the Labour spokesperson for Health prior to the election pointing out that the issue my friend was writing about was well covered in the Labour Manifesto and promises were made to fix this significant injustice.

    The second email my friend received was from the newly minted Minister of Health in response to friend emailing his office to remind him of the pre-election promises….”We understand that you have had extensive correspondence with the Ministry of Health directly on the Funded Family Care policy, which has addressed the matters you have raised.

    The Minister and this office is unable to further assist with your enquiry. ”

    So basically the big FO.

    Not good enough Labour…not good enough at all. You damn well promised to sort this issue.

    Perhaps while the Government is all aglow with the prospect of parturition…they might just want to spare a thought for those parents who have cared for their disabled children for decades, had to go to the Human Rights Review Tribunal and two Courts to get justice…. only to have the previous bunch of bastards knife them in the back and treat them like garbage.

    Having said that…Labour could have sorted this prior to the 2008 election and chose not to.

    Looks like its going to be another three years of bullshit for disabled New Zealanders and their chosen family carers.

    • BM 2.1

      The media almost killed Ardern with kindness at the election, I think they’re going to finish her off this time around with the wall to wall pregnancy/marriage coverage.

      It’s all so over the top it’s pissing people off.

    • Anon 2.2

      It’s not even a juggle, they’re rich and will have one full time parent. On Jacindas salary alone they could hire a full time nanny if they wanted. Even if the kid ends up disabled they could fund whatever they need themselves, but I doubt any ministry would deny them anything anyway.

    • Ad 2.3

      Relax Rosemary. There’s going to be a torrent of motherhood stories about our PM. No one can stop it, not even you.

      The left are in power here, and their leader is pregnant.

      I just know you can cope.

      • Rosemary McDonald 2.3.1

        “The left are in power here,”

        Are they???

        • Ad

          they run the country. sorry doll. you must have missed it.

        • weka

          Ha ha, nice one rosemary.

        • Anne

          I agree with Rosemary. It really is way over the top, but don’t blame Jacinda and Labour. It’s the media who are to blame.

          There’s an element at the least of truth in Rosemary’s response @ 2.3.1

          Are Labour running the country??? Not entirely. The global corporate bullies based here and off-shore are pulling most of the strings.

          And AD… how about you withdraw that pathetic attempt to demean Rosemary by calling her “doll”. Have long suspected you were a closet misogynist.

          • Ad

            Yes Labour run the government.
            Which runs the New Zealand state.
            Go look it up under Beehive then come back here.

            If you think Rosemary deserves a break after demeaning the Prime Minister about her pregnancy, you need a really good hard look in the mirror.

            • Anne

              If you are referring to Rosemary McDonald @ 2… I detected no demeaning of Jacinda whatsoever. Labour yes, and I don’t agree with her there.

              I’m sure there’s a name for someone who tries to cover up their own faulty response by attempting to suggest their target is the culprit.


              • Ad

                “…If we are going to be blighted with endless bloody front pages of the women’s trash mags featuring glamour shots of the PM wearing the latest designer preggy wear or Jacinda and Clark go baby shopping or renovate the nursery or how Jacinda deals with stretch marks/morning sickness/piles/constant need to pee/reflux/varicose veins…. I swear I won’t be accountable for my actions.

                Prime Minister is an important role, and yes, the one before last made it a celebrity gig and we all mocked him mercilessly for it.

                So , Prime Minister…some gravitas, please.”

                I am sure you can defend that as something undemeaning of the Prime Minister and supports pregnant women who can work as Members of Parliament.

                You went for defence.

                Start now Anne.

                • Anne

                  That’s the media’s doing and I’m sure Rosemary recognises as much. You can interpret it whatever way you choose but that does not mean you are right.

                  So , Prime Minister…some gravitas, please.

                  Thank-you for highlighting my point. There’s nothing rude or insulting about that statement. I doubt it was necessary because Jacinda will be well aware of the inherent danger, but people are still entitled to voice concern.

                  Yes. you are welcome to have the last word on the subject. 🙂

                  • Ad

                    Oh cheers.
                    After mentioning women’s mags, glamour shots, preggy wear, baby shopping, renovating the nursery, stretch marks, morning sickness, piles, varicose veins etc … then mentioning her actual serious role as Prime Minister, no one should take that as an insult to female Members of Parliament.

                    Go develop some actual feminism in your blood Anne.

                    You need it.

                  • Rosemary McDonald

                    “That’s the media’s doing and I’m sure Rosemary recognises as much.”

                    Yes, Anne. That was me waving a big (red if you like 😉 ) flag.

                    Not demeaning at all.

                    Telling the truth. What I could cope with reading of what’s been available on line this afternoon it is patently clear that this is the way the media is going to run with this.

                    Again…working while pregnant or as a new mum is nothing new…

                    The last thing I’d want to be blasted with as I ducked into Pak n Spend at 5.30 pm after picking up the toddler from daycare, after a shit day at work with my swollen ankles spilling over the stupid high heels the Boss insists on me wearing is the Prime Minister looking oh so glamorous as if the whole thing is a walk in the park.

                    It isn’t. And while my brain knows that as PM she has to maintain a certain image, my brain also knows she has a flotilla of minions in her orbit to help her do this. Having the PM’s privilege thrown in my face will not encourage me to vote Labour next time.

                    What will encourage me to vote Labour next time (If I too was younger and working and family building) is seeing this Government, that promised to effect change for the better, do it.

                    Wasting time on image maintenance when there’s real work to be done??? Yeah, nah.

                    Labour/NZF/Green tenure is by no means secure.

                    And if that Other Mob gets back in…we’re in for a wealth of pain.

            • Ian

              In theory maybe. The quality of Governance is what matters and this sideshow is not going to help that at all. Good luck to the proud parents . Good luck to NZ inc ,that has been incredibly short changed.

              • Muttonbird

                The apologist for waterway polluters returns!

              • mickysavage


                Governments have multiple layers, PM, Cabinets, Advisors, Departments … decisions go through multiple decision making processes.

                I am sure the PM will not stop reading and hearing and talking about things. Why should her having a baby mean that she will not perform her role or that the multiple layers of review will not work?

                • Ian

                  I have never seen a first calver end up at the top of the pecking order. Youth and enthusiasm allways gets trumped by Age and experience.

                • Macro

                  I’ve been watching recently the second of the mini-series “Victoria”, and the comparison between the Queen of England – who was at the time Ruler of an Empire upon which the sun never set, and the Prime Minister of a small country of around 5 million people is very interesting. Victoria gave birth to 9 children while at the same time carrying out her duties as Monarch. In those days the involvement of the monarchy in the running of the country was considerable, and Victoria after the birth of each child, despite the protestations of her advisors, she was insistent on returning to her duties.

                  • weka

                    I just started watching this recently (series 1). Am quite enjoying it, but am curious as to how historically accurate it is. Do you know?

                    • Macro

                      I heard an interview with the writer on RNZ a while back and she was saying that they had access to Victoria’s diaries as well as the official records. Obviously it is historical drama so there is dramatic license, but the events and her reaction to them I feel are fair. She was a popular Monarch, and popularity such as she maintained over such a long period, had to be earned.
                      If you enjoyed the first series – you will certainly enjoy the second.

                    • Anne

                      I have studied Queen Victoria’s reign for some years and by and large the events have been accurately reported although quite a bit of undue license given the character traits of some of the key personnel.

                      For example, Prince Albert’s brother was said to have been be an out and out rake, but in the series he comes through as more of a lonely soul who made a youthful ‘error’ that blighted the rest of his life. A bit of an understatement methinks.

                      Apart from that its well done and the sets are opulent and magnificent.

                    • weka

                      oh good, thanks, I shall persevere.

              • Tricledrown

                Ian you are a dinosaur

          • Rosemary McDonald

            “The global corporate bullies based here and off-shore are pulling most of the strings.”

            These strings need to be severed….toot sweet…else nothing is going to change.

            And it is change that people voted for.

          • Tricledrown

            Anne ad being ironic rosemary is the Mysoginist.

        • eco maori

          Yes I’m observeing our Coalition Government carefully and hopefully they make the good choice that benefit the many.

  3. Anon 3

    The date is wrong in the title.

  4. Tricledrown 4

    On BBC Mark Richardson getting schooled by Jacinda.

  5. Ed 5

    Yes capitalism is destroying Venezuela not socialism.

    “Venezuela’s oil production is collapsing at an accelerating pace
    Peak oil and economic sabotage by the Americans is largely behind this, not “socialist inefficiency””


  6. eco maori 6

    The Queen of Great Britain is the longest serving monarch. She is definitely a great role model for all our Lady’s of the World she is firm and assertive and humane. I say it was a king there would not be a wedding of Harry and Megan this wedding is good for all humans. Many thanks to the Queen for this amazing event. Because I see that ladies are good humble humane intelligent leaders and to be fair half the population I Back Lady’s equality full stop. I know a lot of men strongly disagree with the views I have on subject they have to pull there head out of the sand and realise this is 2018 equality is how we have to go to have a peace full humane world society. Ka kite ano

  7. eco maori 7

    Yes WE need to change everything.
    In my view we have to examine Our lives and identify what is critical to substaning a happy healthy life /future for US and OUR Mokos grandchildren.

    1 Is man critical for sustaining life not anymore with new technology why do wership MAN

    2 Is money vital to our lives KNOW. why do we wership money.

    THIS IS WHAT IS VITAL FOR LIFE and in my view We should wership them and care for them and they will take care of US.

    1 Air clean health air a clean healthy environment. Take AIR away from US and we won’t last 10 min.

    2 Water we need clean healthy water to sastain life we won’t last a week without water.

    3 Food ie all OUR wild life plants and animals we won’t last 3 months with out food.

    4 Mother earth Papatuanukue we will be gone in seconds with out her

    5 The Moon we won’t last long without the Moon just about everything is influenced by the Moon sea levels would rise no tides emencly.

    This is why I’m a environmental friendly ADVOCATE.
    I hope the rest or the common people of OUR WORLD get it soon as we are the people who will lose the most if we don’t change our lifestyles. Ka kite ano

    • eco maori 7.1

      3 Is OIL and carbon based fuel nonrenewable fules and products we wership and don’t need these to substan a happy healthy life
      Ka kite ano

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