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Daily Review 19/12/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, December 19th, 2018 - 79 comments
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79 comments on “Daily Review 19/12/2018 ”

  1. joe90 1

    His blood turned 25.

    Rolling Stones guitarist and rock icon Keith Richards turns 75 today. https://t.co/mrACmmYnjE pic.twitter.com/s5A9KXk8v0— ABC News (@ABC) December 18, 2018

  2. RedLogix 2

    Day off here; have rather enjoyed watching this one on Thorium Molten Salt reactors. Fast paced and interesting. I’m not a nuclear engineers elbow, but it looks mostly plausible. Ignore the misleading title; I think it was meant to be ironic 🙂

  3. BM 3

    Another 5% at least for National and unless gifted a seat NZ First is dead.


    The Col better hope their plan of getting the dope heads to the voting booth in 2020 pays off.

    • RedLogix 3.1

      Well there is the usual pig-ignorant scare-mongering that comes out the the USA whenever anything to do with the UN arises. Much the same as climate change denial; it makes effective responses to global issues really hard to get traction on.

      • BM 3.1.1

        It’s the antithesis of what NZ First represents.
        Winston Peters is now despised by everyone, have a read of his Facebook page, NZ First will be lucky to break 1%.

        • Draco T Bastard

          It’s the antithesis of what NZ First represents.

          [citation needed]

          And that means you going through the actual wording of the pact and showing how it contradicts anything that NZ1st stand for.

          • BM

            NZ First, you fucking dimwit, it’s their name.

            Handing over power to the UN ???, WTF ??? how do think that would work at all with NZ First voters??

            • Draco T Bastard

              Ah, so you can’t back up what you said.

              Got it.

              Basically, you’re a typical ignorant right-wing schmuck.

              Nowhere in the pact does it say that power would be handed over to the UN.

              In fact, it says the exact opposite.

            • Charlie

              You’re either Simon Bridges or a clone as your comments here have the same smart arse dickhead ignorance, BM.

            • Cinny

              Is that the UN Migration Compact?
              The one in which legal advice was sought to ensure it would not threaten our sovereignty.
              The one that’s non binding?

    • Gabby 3.2

      Mexicans don’t want to come here BMmer.

      • BM 3.2.1

        Obviously not, but every no-hoper from the Islands will be turning up by the planeload keen to jump on the benefit wagon, I’m expecting a huge upswing of Pacific Islanders coming to NZ claiming “Climate change” refugee status.

        And it’s not like we’ll turn them away either, not with the Pacific Island reset this current government is pushing.

        • Pat

          and you think we should turn them away?

          • BM

            Yep, unless their lives are in imminent danger, Islanders will just have to learn to adapt to a changing environment.

            • BM

              Or move to one of the neighbouring Islands.

              They don’t need to come to NZ.

              • Pat

                and if their home islands become uninhabitable or largely so….no place in NZ?

              • marty mars

                NZ is a neighbouring island Einstein lol man you are all over the place.

                • BM

                  Don’t be an asshat Mars.

                  All the low lying Islanders can move to Tonga, Samoa or Fiji, they don’t need to move to NZ.

                  Tonga highest point 1,033 metres
                  Samoa highest point 1,858 metres
                  Fiji highest point 1,324 metres

                  • marty mars

                    why not here – we are some islands in the pacific aren’t we?

                  • ScottGN

                    Which Islanders are you referring to?
                    Some of them, Rarotongans and Niueans for example, are NZ citizens so they’ll be coming whether you like it or not.

                  • reason

                    what a pathetic attempt to back up your racism /argument with your meaningless abuse of geographical statistics BM.

                    Your argueent appears to be …. ” fuck em , they can all go live on their highest mountain / hill”.

                    Either your to dishonest, lazy or stupid to supply any relevant information.

                    Working with what you’ve posted …… your dishonesty does not pass the stupid test.

                    highest points … low level relevance.

              • Daveosaurus

                They have more business here than the damned English.

              • SpaceMonkey

                I thought NZ was one of the neighbouring islands.

            • Ed

              By the way, it is our western capitalist lifestyle that has caused the climate change that is submerging their islands.
              And 250 years ago Europeans like you colonised and stole these islands from the Pacific Islanders that had lived here for centuries.
              So back up the bus, BM.

        • Gabby

          Don’t worry BMmer it’s possibly cheaper if they come here.

        • Ankerrawshark

          Oh look here’s BM coming here to do what he means to do

        • ScottGN

          The Pacific Island Reset is intended to protect our interests in the region in conjunction with Australia, the only region we really have any interests in, let’s face it. And it’s designed to catch up after National’s cheapskate abrogation of our role in the region. Are you saying we should withdraw from the Pacific and leave it to China? Are you really that stupid?

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    Innocent man’s photo wrongly posted next to paedophile’s details by Sensible Sentencing Trust

    Hardline law and order advocates the Sensible Sentencing Trust have been labelled “negligent and cavalier” after wrongly posting an innocent man’s photo next to the details of a convicted paedophile on its website.

    The SST’s online offender database listed the man’s picture with the description of a convicted paedophile with a similar name for almost two years, leading to social media abuse and fears that the man’s tarnished reputation would damage his business.

    The entire database has now been deactivated. The trust was founded by former Conservative Party candidate Garth McVicar.

    “It’s very disappointing that – having previously been found in breach and agreeing as part of a settlement to improve its compliance – SST has failed to meet its obligations, at the cost of an innocent man’s reputation and peace of mind,” Edwards said.

    Why is this organisation not being sued into oblivion?
    Or even just shut down. Shit like this simply should not happen.

    • greywarshark 4.1

      Why not being sued? They must have a stable of high horses that would be worth something.

  5. Gabby 5

    So the prick who posted the pic can look forward to being sued?

    • Draco T Bastard 5.1

      Assuming you’re responding to me:

      I’d say that there’s a very good case for defamation but it should land solidly on SST.

      • Graeme 5.1.1

        “I’d say that there’s a very good case for defamation”

        I don’t think you get much better. The only doubt would be how many million the poor bastard will be suing them for.

    • Gabby 6.1

      We’ve had an influx of migrants for yonks A.

    • Draco T Bastard 6.2

      I’m really angry that you, like the schmuck above, has NFI WTF you’re talking about.

      And I’m on record as saying the we need to have a moratorium on immigration and that we’ll be closing our borders in the 2020s.

    • marty mars 6.3

      yeah why don’t the ones who have come and sucked the life out of this country piss off and let some other buggers have a go then there’d be NO influx.

      • greywarshark 6.3.1

        Probably cause a reflux from the displaced immigrants though. Easy to get in and hard to get out, for some people.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 6.4

      Plenty of little yellow slanty eyed ones over the past 10 years under National ?

      • marty mars 6.4.1

        fuck off you racist arsehole

      • Daveosaurus 6.4.2

        It’s the white-faced poorly-toothed ones from England that are the real problem. They’ve been infesting this place for the best part of two centuries. Send them back first.

  6. Chris T 7

    Just when you thought the world couldn’t get weirder, in a shocking twist Trump does something good/right

    Trump bans “bump stocks”

    (Clip on accessory thing that basically turns a semi-automatic into a fully automatic machine gun. Popular with the types whose chosen hobby is committing mass shootings)


    • ScottGN 7.1

      Why do you think he did that?
      Hate to be a cynic but the guy desperately needs a good story right now.

      • joe90 7.1.1

        He’s traumatised by the prospect of giving away $1.75 million.

        The Donald J. Trump Foundation has agreed to dissolve under judicial supervision and give away its remaining funds while an investigation by the New York attorney general’s office into its operations moves ahead.


        Under the dissolution agreement, after the judge approves the deal, the Trump Foundation will have 30 days during which to give away the balance of its funds, $1.75 million, to charities.


        • DJ Ward

          So have you personally given away $1.75 million to charity. Just a comparison of commitment considering that’s just what’s left.

          In one year he paid more in income tax, $38 million. About 1500 times more tax than Bernie Sanders did the same year.

          He’s traumatised?
          $1.75 million. Filling in his Tax returns must be a nightmare.

          That was the purpose of the foundation. Charity.
          It was probably not perfect, donated vs given to charity etc.
          Look at the % for many charities, some are more like scams.
          I wonder what the Clintons charity spends money on.
          At least Trump didn’t need to sign away Uranuim to get donations.

      • DJ Ward 7.1.2

        He said after this first became a topic he had no problem getting rid of them. You could also include prison reform.

        While the hypocrite Schemer is stoping his wall Trump doesn’t have to do much. Plus the Dems are just beginning to come under the spotlight with the Mueller circus. It’s like a partner lifting the bedsheets, often the one using it as a weapon is the real dodgy one when its there turn. The appalling bias of Comey is untenable.

      • Chris T 7.1.3

        There will be some cynical side motive behind it somewhere, but it is good and it’s done.

    • NZJester 7.2

      Bump Stocks can apparently be easily 3D printed, or cheaply manufactured in China and so are not a big earner for gun manufacturers. Therefore the NRA seems to be going along with the ban. Some online though have commented that this might just be something they can use later when other gun controls are suggested so they can say they have already compromised and will not go further.
      They fought tooth and nail to stop stuff like armor-piercing bullets being banned for sale to civilians because that is something that only gun manufacturers can produce and can charge a premium for. Even though the bullets themselves are nicknamed cop killers and for good reason. There is no valid reason for the sale of armor-piercing bullets to civilians. There are no cases of animal rights activists fitting wild animals with bulletproof vests.

  7. Muttonbird 8

    What a grubby little oink this Bridges man is.

    I never had anything to do with this. My sole focus was on growing our economy, our export opportunities… all of that stuff was opertaional. But if anyone should be answering it, it’s Peter Hughes.

    Didn’t know what his ministries were spending money on? Didn’t know they were spying on Greenpeace?

    Yeah, right.


    • gsays 8.1

      I recognise a well anticipated response to an inevitable question when I see it.

      This is a a refrain we will hear over and over.

      ‘it was before my time’, ‘i have no knowledge of this’ etc.

      Difference is, when key lied, folk didn’t care, when ole one lane does it, they sound like excuses.

  8. ScottGN 9

    High St will be car free for tomorrow and Quay St will be reduced to one lane each way permanently from Boxing Day. The hegemony of the private motor vehicle in the CBD is coming to an end.

    • joe90 9.1

      The times they are a-changin’

      Between 12-1pm each day about 4,500 people cross at Queen St/Vic St intersection. During that time only about 300 vehicles do.Each day 100,000’s of people use Queen St by foot, bike or scooters only about 20,000 do in a car. Down from 40,000 15yrs ago. https://t.co/GMQA2D0QvQ— Richard Hills (@richardhills777) December 17, 2018

    • Muttonbird 9.2

      Where is Judith Collins squawking about this anti-car treachery?

      • Puckish Rogue 9.2.1

        JC is a bit busy as this time of the year

        • Muttonbird

          We all are. Not good for pale stale males that she’s abandoned her post at this crucial juncture though.

          • DJ Ward

            That was a little bit racist and sexist.
            Cars are made by Japanese, Korean, Indians, Chinese, Americans, and Europeans etc. So there’s no dominance. Plus they are all public companies so even if they are made in the US it’s ownership if far from just White old Males
            Cars are driven and used by all races of people. A significant minority are white, and a significant minority within that group are old men.

  9. Ed 10

    If you want to be informed, link to George Galloway’s Twitter feed.
    This will teach you a lot about Brexit.

    George also keeps me informed with his show , which can be heard at 8 a.m Saturday New Zealand time (Friday 7 p.m. UK time ). The show is called the Mother of All Talkshows and it is on Talk Radio.

    “Seriously, this is a must read from trade union activist

    “The centrist, uber-remainers, their Tory, Lib-Dem bedfellows still don’t understand what drove people to vote leave in the first place. They have learnt nothing from the first result.”


  10. BM 11

    Something a bit lighter to sooth the nerves after the Ardern, Peters treachery.
    it’s either this or piano wire.

  11. Muttonbird 12

    These vigilante arseholes should be taken to the cleaners and be permanently put out of business.


  12. joe90 13


    A few days ago, Putin has publicly called the Russian land grab in Crimea "an annexation" (https://t.co/76RBGrou2X).Not only Russian loyalists, but also Russian media critical of the regime avoided this term in fear of consequences, but now it seems that they can use it freely.— Anton Shekhovtsov (@A_SHEKH0VTS0V) December 18, 2018

  13. Chris 14

    McVicar says:

    “The trust could be forced to close if the amount of compensation it had to pay was more than it could afford.”

    Maybe there should be support for the chap to take the case the Human Rights Review Tribunal.


  14. Muttonbird 15

    Is there any truth to this rumour that Slater has had a stroke? It wouldn’t surprise me because he looked very, very unfit and has obvious issues psychologically and physiologically.

    He’s not publishing anything under his name on that bizarre website of his.

    There is a lot of comped comedy images of the PM though. Someone is still obsessed.

  15. Muttonbird 16

    Hey Gerry, this is what action looks like. You should have tried it for the people of Christchurch.


    A MAF (now MPI) employee worked for Thompson & Clark as a contractor between 2011-12 before leaving the ministry to work full-time for the firm. Over a period of 12 months, the staffer invoiced for work using specialist software, licensed by MPI, to collect and analyse information.

    They also used a ministry laptop and email for the work, some of which was done while he was being paid by MPI.

    Intelligence he worked on included information for investigation into the hacking of the Solid Energy website in 2011 and that collected on Greenpeace by Thompson & Clark for its petroleum industry clients and

    The staffer created a chart detailing people, companies, buildings, and vehicle movements connected to Greenpeace.

    He also worked on a timeline of the Pike River disaster – created for the mine’s then chief executive Peter Whittall, who was one of Thompson & Clark’s clients.

    The report says the staffer had been affected by MPI’s restructure and was “disillusioned”.

    OMG. John Key, what have you done to this country? What a disgraceful, cancerous government you ran.

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