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Jaspreet Singh

This man is not a terrorist. Hell he is not even a muslim …

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18 comments on “Daily Review 20/11/2015”

  1. Petertoo 1

    This one (http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/74225464/heated-debate-at-khandallah-housing-meeting) didn’t last a day on the Dominion Post website – what a surprise. It is about time the WCC planning department employed some competent staff who understand that cozying up to developers is not the way to implement higher density housing.

    • D'Esterre 1.1

      Petertoo: I was at that meeting. We left councillors and officials in no doubt about our unhappiness at what they’re proposing. We also went to one of the drop-in sessions held in October: we gave the planners a right grilling, had one of them sweating! Polite but very direct, in my case.

  2. sabine 2

    got my voting papers for the erection of John Keys Flag….errr referendum.

    Hypnoflag it is.

    what a fucking waste of money.

    • BM 2.1

      No it’s not.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.1.1

        Yes it is.

      • sabine 2.1.2

        we have terminally ill people in this country that have to go to fucking Winz to get money for food and rent because they are too fucking sick to work, and we don’t have the fucking decency to just simply pay them a decent amount of money to live of till they die of what ever is killing them. Because I don’t know, maybe because John Key, Bill English, Paul Bennett and the rest of the National Party Posse get off on human suffering.

        So yes, dear BM, this is a fucking waste of money. As fucking simple as that.
        When we can feed our hungry, have housed our homeless and those that live in rotting houses and ditches, when we can provide a bit of dignity to those that die, then I am ok, lets discuss the future of this country, move away from the Royals and the Knighthoods and the Dameships and become a republic or something, until then, this only serves to give an erection to your looser Prime Minister. Because he has done nothing of value and only brought misery.

        so yes, a waste of money. But that is the National Party for you, spending money that never was theirs.

        • infused

          The flag wouldn’t change that.

          • Draco T Bastard

            By itself it wouldn’t but once you add in the the ongoing fuckups that National do (corporate subsidies, cutting taxes, etc etc) then it obvious that the total waste of this government could easily be used to fix quite a few things.

          • Sabine

            That’s good to know.

            National, all show but no substance.

      • Paul 2.1.3

        If you say so, lover of the leader leader.

      • Gabby 2.1.4

        Hyyypnoooflaaag. You waant to voote foor Hyyypnoooflaaag.

      • Ffloyd 2.1.5

        Yes it is. Answer to bm.

    • Kiwiri 2.2

      May I ask commenters here as well as any upcoming authors putting up posts what is the current, updated thinking about the suggestion to ‘foil and spoil’ (or was it the other way round – spoil and foil) ?

      • Grindlebottom 2.2.1

        Spoil and foil. I dunno how much traction that campaign’s got. I’m just planning to ignore the first referendum and vote for the current flag in the second referendum. Doesn’t matter how many spoiled votes they get in the first round it won’t make any difference. One god-awful option’s going to get selected anyway.

        • Hanswurst

          One god-awful option’s going to get selected anyway.

          True. My dream is to wake up and hear the radio with the news, “The preliminary referendum’s winning flag, with a total of six votes, was…”.

          • Grindlebottom

            Lol. Yeah I’d love to hear that too. On Al Jazeera they showed really young school kids who were all excited of course. Felt sorry for them that Lazer Kiwi wasn’t in the final mix for their little pretend vote. Actually, I feel sorry for us adults that Lazer Kiwi isn’t in the final mix. I might’ve actually voted for that. It’s pretty ‘stand out’, it has the black and the white fern, and the green laser from the Kiwi will distinguish it clearly from Daesh’s banner.

            • Sans Cle

              The BBC (World – Asia) ran a magazine article ridiculing NZ’s flag referendum earlier on today. They went to a NZ school (didn’t catch the name or where it was) , interviewed kids about what the current flag means, got them to draw an alternative flag and explain why they drew what they did, then took a class vote whether to choose one of the new concepts…..or keep their own.
              Most of the class, or nearly all of them voted to keep the current flag.

              Subtext: even kids think this is a ridiculous idea!

              On a deeper level, it is these kids of Aotearoa who will live with the flag in future years, once John-Non-Key is long gone (and living in other jurisdictions).

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