Daily Review 26/01/2016

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26 comments on “Daily Review 26/01/2016”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Filmmakers who targeted Planned Parenthood face charges

    A Texas grand jury has cleared Planned Parenthood of misconduct after the abortion provider was accused of selling foetal body parts for profit.
    Instead, the panel charged the filmmakers behind the accusations with tampering with government records.

    Good. Some jail time for the miscreants will do some good but I’m sure that the miscreants themselves will simply blame everyone else for their actions.

    • joe90 1.1

      To sweeten the schadenfreude the DA in Harris County is a Republican.

    • Andre 1.2

      Wow. Maybe there is intelligent life in Texas after all.

    • One Two 1.3

      Impossible to ‘know’ that PP are not selling body parts for profit

      Global trade in human beings, and organs would indicate otherwise, with PP being in a prime position to be part of that ‘industry’

      • Draco T Bastard 1.3.1

        Did you notice the ‘cleared’ bit?

        It means that there was an investigation and nothing was found thus we can take it as truth that they’re not selling human body parts for profit.

        If you have information that proves otherwise then I suggest you contact the US authorities.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    I’ll be there on 04 February for the TPP march, documenting the action.

    I’ll also be at Albert Park on 31 January for The Labour Party picnic. I hope to be able to document that also.

  3. Rosemary McDonald 3

    Tuning in to the TPPA function at the Auckland town hall…live streamed through TDB website.

    A lot of Old People in the audience.

    Hope they don’t get their Super suspended./sarc

    • alwyn 3.1

      “A lot of Old People in the audience”
      Don’t highlight it Rosemary. That is all the Labour and New Zealand First MPs.

      • AmaKiwi 3.1.1

        Yeah, we oldies are too damn loyal.

        The young can’t be bothered waiting another decade for the Labour caucus to wake up.

  4. mickysavage 4

    Link is at http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2016/01/26/tppa-live-stream-exclusive-to-tdb-from-auckland-town-hall-at-7pm-tonight/

    Good on Daily Blog for doing this. Us at TS should think about doing the same.

    Starting now with it looks like Joe Hawke kicking things off in an appropriate way.

  5. Gangnam Style 5

    https://givealittle.co.nz/project/abeltasmanbeach2016 The site crashed but last I looked it was well over $160,000 of a $2m goal to buy this land.

  6. RedLogix 6

    Not sure if this has been linked to today:


    Contains much to ponder on. And a fair bit confirming that there isn’t much left-wing left in Labour these days.

    • Bill 6.1

      Labour was always statist. And there’s never been anything left about statism.

      The problem that I think you’re highlighting through the link is a long term consequence of statism being put under pressure sometime in the 70s (stagflation etc) and then utterly discredited in the late 80s (collapse of Bolshevik Russia).

  7. Muttonbird 7

    Air NZ finally backing off from smearing the opposition and charging regional New Zealanders the earth to fly in and out of their own towns for business.

    Result: a drop in fares! Halle-fucking-lujah.


  8. joe90 8

    Weather has forced Springsteen and the E Street Band to cancel so for a couple of days they’re giving away a live recording (zip/mp3) of an earlier show.

    (scroll down to buy show and from the dropdown select free mp3)


  9. sabine 9

    Watched the TPPA Townhall meeting via a lifestream linked via a facebook page –

    best TV all year. Good insight, excellent speeches, and a wicked send off by Moana.

    Not yet ready to make nice. 🙂

  10. weka 10

    What did Roberston say?

    • AmaKiwi 10.1

      Robertson was disgracefully inept. He was the worst speaker of the night.

      • Paul 10.1.1

        Hopefully there’ll be a post on this tomorrow.
        An interesting and informative set of speeches, except for Robertson.

        • Tony Veitch

          Actually, I thought Robertson spoke quite well, not perhaps as well as Metiria or Marama, but better than Fletcher. And, I could have got the wrong impression, but from what he said there is no way the Labour Party can support TPP.
          I felt heartened by the unity among the left or centre left, for the first time since this whole controversy arose.
          And the words from the USA were equally reassuring. This is not a done deal.

          • Paul

            Lori Wallach was witty,informative and provided hope.

          • Brendon Harre -Left wing Liberal


            For me I thought Grant Robertson got to the heart of the matter. The loss of sovereignty for joining the TPPA is too high a price. Labour and the left are progressive organisations and to allow future progress to be vetoed by corporations is not a price we can pay. Grant Robertson is right -trade is good, but the price in this agreement is too high, especially for such a tiny easing of trade restrictions.

            But I liked all the speeches -I think they targeted different audiences on the left -so it is not really about who was best/worst but about the breadth of the disagreement to this investment and trade deal.

            P.S MSM have had minimal coverage of last night’s events -nothing on Stuff -just a little of NZHerald etc. Could we have videos, analysis, discussion here please. Also fundraising for the anti-TPPA cause -I phoned in my donation -but the number isn’t prominently advertised.

      • Tautuhi 10.1.2

        Labour still fence sitting?

        • Macro

          It’s finding it very uncomfortable and I’m hopeful that after last night and seeing just how much groundswell there is against this “Deal” they will jump down – belatedly onto the side of those calling :

          TPPA – NO WAY!

        • TheSocialDemocrat

          As of today, no. Little has confirmed Labour will be voting against it.

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