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72 comments on “Daily Review – 26/09/2016”

  1. A person could decide today.
    Yay for democracy!

  2. Paul 3

    He Who Hesitates Is Lost And Russia Hesitated — Paul Craig Roberts

    The Russian government deceived itself with its fantasy belief that Russia and Washington had a common cause in fighting ISIS. The Russian government even went along with the pretense that the various ISIS groups operating under various pen names were “moderate rebels” who could be separated from the extremists, all the while agreeing to cease fighting on successive verges of victory so that Washington could resupply ISIS and prepare to introduce US and NATO forces into the conflict. The Russian government apparently also thought that as a result of the coup against Erdogan, which was said to implicate Washington, Turkey was going to cease supporting ISIS and cooperate with Russia.

    Alas, the Russians so fervently, or perhaps I should say feverishly, desired an agreement with Washington that they deceived themselves. If Finian Cunningham’s report is correct, Washington has taken advantage of Russia’s urging that Washington and Turkey join in the attack on ISIS by invading northern Syria under the guise of “fighting ISIS.”

    Syria has now been partitioned, and the pretend or fake “moderate rebels” can be built up inside the US/Turkish occupied areas of Syria and the war against Syria kept going for as long as Washington wants. The western presstitutes will report that the Turkish/American forces occupying areas of Syria are not invaders but are attacking ISIS.

    With US, Turkish, and, little doubt, soon other NATO troops operating inside Syria, the neoconservatives will have many opportunities to provoke a conflict with Russia from which Russia will have to stand down or reply with force. In the event of a Trump presidential victory, the neocons want to make certain Trump is embroiled in a war that will prevent an accommodation with Russia


  3. Paul 4

    The world’s fixated on Trump. But Hillary could drag us ALL into a catastrophic war, writes PETER HITCHENS in America

    A clear victory for Hillary Clinton would create even greater problems. Educated, informed people here believe that there are serious doubts about her health. Even if they are wrong, her militant interventionist foreign policies are terrifying.
    I lived through the Cold War and never believed we were in real danger. But I genuinely tremble at the thought of Mrs Clinton in the White House. She appears to have learned nothing from the failed interventions of the past 30 years, and scorns Barack Obama’s praiseworthy motto: ‘Don’t do stupid stuff.’
    She will do stupid stuff, and drag us into it, you may rely upon it.
    How odd it is, to hear on the air the faint but insistent sound of coming war, here in this place of sweet, small hills, rich soil and wistful, mountainous horizons.
    Men came here in search of what we all really desire, to be left alone to get on with the really important aims of life, to build a home and raise a family, to see the fruits of their labour, to believe what they wish to believe.
    I cannot quite work out how the good, sane impulse that gave birth to the USA could possibly have led us to this nightmare choice between two equally horrible outcomes.
    I shall just have to carry on hoping that I am wrong.


      • Colonial Viper 4.1.2

        No surprise that the Western Colonial Powers would demand that both Russia and the Syrian Government Army stop attacking the Jihadist Head Choppers that the west backs.

        Basically, Russia has given the Americans plenty of time to separate out “legitimate” opposition forces from Salafist jihadis like ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Sham, etc, but of course the USA cannot. Because there are no true moderate opposition fighters. They are all variants of Islamic terrorists that are backed by the west.

      • Stuart Munro 4.1.3

        Yeah I’m not too sure that Russia has any more business bombing Syrians than the yanks do. Assad seems to have come off his leash anyway.

        • Paul

          Don’t believe everything you read in the western propaganda machine.

          • Psycho Milt

            Yes, contrary to the despicable lies spread by the western propaganda machine, the Russian and Syrian air forces are really sprinkling magic pixie dust over Aleppo. The destroyed buildings and dead or injured people shown by western propaganda operatives are a mixture of CGI and hired actors.

            • Colonial Viper

              I thought you wanted “big holes” put through all these Islamist fighters. Russia and Assad are simply delivering on this, unlike the USA and its allies Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar who keep funding and rearming the Jihadists.

              • I thought you wanted “big holes” put through all these Islamist fighters.

                Through people involved in Da’esh or in active terrorism against the West, yes. You seem to imagine that describes anyone who opposes the Assad regime, which is ridiculous.

                Russia and Assad are simply delivering on this…

                Russia and the Assad government are delivering indiscriminate mass murder to large sections of the Syrian population – currently the entire eastern half of Aleppo, among other places. You are an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of this war crime.

          • Stuart Munro

            I don’t – but I don’t believe Putin either – and Assad doesn’t seem to be behaving like a poster child for enlightened rule. I think the US has just woken up to the fact that the cold war restarted the moment Putin took power.

            No good for Syria – the scrap of flesh torn between a pack of rabid jackals.

            • Colonial Viper

              Totally and utterly wrong. Where is your history man?

              Putin took power when? 1999? He took over from, Yeltsin a smashed, decrepit state with plummeting life expectancy and exploding gang violence and lawlessness that was no more than 6 months away from completely imploding.

              By that time the US had had a decade of dismembering the former Soviet Union and throwing it to the investment banks, the oligarchs and the capitalist jackals.

              In addition, the US spent that entire time pushing NATO eastwards.

              The US restarted the Cold War after the fall of the USSR, plain and simple, and intended to keep Russia on her knees bent and broken.

              • Stuart Munro

                Yes, your enthusiasm for the murderer is certainly pronounced.

                There is some truth in what you say – but many of Russia’s wounds were self-inflicted. And, it’s resurgent militarism does it no credit.

                NATO was always bound to march east because Russia’s former colonies did not enjoy the experience – the occupiers were crude, backward, exploitive, racist and corrupt, and many of them still are. Small wonder if their former vassals want support to keep the tyrant out.

                So now the cease fire in Syria has ceased and Assad and his Russian enablers are treating it like a free fire zone. That napalm does not smell like victory to me.

                This is a new Vietnam – a stage for a proxy war that will probably make Syrians envy Iraq before it’s done. And Russian involvement is by no means innocent.

                • Colonial Viper

                  The US agreed that it would not move NATO one inch further east. It almost immediately broke its promise to Gorbachev.

                  As for the “free fire zone”. You miss one small point. Russia is now helping the Syrian government eradicate the Islamist proxy armies that the west’s allies funded and armed and were being used to regime change Assad.

                  The US incoherancy over Syria is being exposed over and over again. Their continued support of Al Qaeda in the Levant (now known as Al Nusra) speaks volumes.

                  Your ignorance of the damage that the west’s neoliberal advisors and banksters did to Russia through Yeltsin is staggering. Millions of Russians died as a direct result. For you to then victm blame Russia illustrates once again the hypocritical farce that is “western liberal values.”

                  • Stuart Munro

                    Are Nato’s promises to Russia for some reason more important than former satellite states rights to self-determination? Because you know they will not vote for re-occupation.

                    The banksters are transnational – and many are Russian. They are not a biddable arm of US foreign policy, but predatory free agents. There was considerable cooperation between oligarchs and such organisations as they looted former state possessions. But Putin could still afford a genocidal war in Chechnya that killed almost every male over the age of 16.

                    Russia and Syria are explicitly breaching the cease fire and firing on all and sundry. They are making a case against themselves on responsibility to protect.

                    Yes, the US has been incoherent on Syria – they didn’t realise the cold war was back on in force and have only just woken up. That would be because this conflict has been chosen by Russia as a vehicle for its ambitions. And it’s ambitions are not confined to a brief and surgical eradication of problematic radical islamists.

                    Key will be offering more of our troops shortly – just watch.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      1) The globalist neoliberal system always uses and rewards members of the local 0.1% to carry out their plans to privatise and dismember. You know this. To blame ordinary Russians for the backstabbing greed of Russian oligarchs is beyond bullshit from you.

                      2) Yes NATO’s and the US’s promises are critical because if they are not kept, Russia will act accordingly. BTW you tried to conflate being a member of NATO with being an independent state.

                      3) There was no ceasefire. The US never identified and separated the radical terrorists from the moderate terrorist groups it was supporting, and which was one of the conditions of the various ceasefires. Instead, the “ceasefires” were used by the terrorist groups to rearm and regroup. Now, Syria and Russia have had enough of the west’s ploys and broken promises, and are acting accordingly. See 2) above.

                      3) As I explained to you the Cold War had never ended, and the US had planned and carried out the systematic implosion of Russia and the destruction of the Russian peoples and its civilisation through the 1990s.

                      Your pretending that somehow Russia started the conflict in Syria or that Russia somehow started the (not so) Cold War mk 2 is really disingenous.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      Are Nato’s promises to Russia for some reason more important than former satellite states rights to self-determination? Because you know they will not vote for re-occupation.

                      The other fucking arsebackwards notion you have is that the job of NATO is to somehow worsen the security situation of its existing members.

                      It is doing exactly this by pushing further and further eastwards to court little countries which have zero importance to the welfare of the original NATO members, and which are utterly undefensible in any way shape or form.

                      This is NOT NATO’s mission.

                      NATO is supposed to be a SECURITY ORGANISATION. It is supposed to help assure the security of its member states, not ratchet up tensions and increase the risk of a massive war in Europe by trying to romance the Baltic States and place foreign battalions just kilometres away from Russia’s borders.

                      Again you forget your history. From Napolean to Hitler it has always been the West trying to invade Russia, not the other way around.

                    • Stuart Munro

                      I’m sure the Poles will be relieved to hear it.

                      And the Finns.

                      And so many others.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      The Finns happily played their part in helping the Germans in fucking the Soviet people over.

                      If it wasn’t for the USSR the Poles could have spent the rest of the 20th century under Nazi rule.

                      Neither scenario was that inviting.

                • Colonial Viper

                  ” Yes, your enthusiasm for the murderer is certainly pronounced.”

                  If you want a discussion with me try not to be such a petty shit head.

                  I for one haven’t worked using my intelligence, my qualifications and my career enriching misogynist terrorist supporting Takfiri training witch executing Salafist exporting countries like Saudi Arabia.

                  Just saying.

                  • Stuart Munro

                    A rather cheap and foolish shot – I was not training such people. I taught Saudi employees in the carbon plant of the aluminium smelter at Ras El Khair – they neither formed policy around nor participated in any such activities.

                    Putin is persona non grata in progressive circles because he murders progressives like Politkovskaya. Her friends will not forgive him anytime soon. And she is by no means his only victim. You should not swallow his agitprop quite so enthusiastically.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      So you were using your expertise to increase the industrial and economic capacity of Saudi Arabia?

                      Good on you mate, good on you for doing your part to help Saudi Arabia grow stronger, what a force for progressiveness in the Middle East they are.

                    • Stuart Munro

                      The Russian slave ships were much worse. But my faults are mine.

                      Your endorsement of Putin is yours.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      Putin is persona non grata in progressive circles because he murders progressives like Politkovskaya. Her friends will not forgive him anytime soon. And she is by no means his only victim.

                      Firstly, progressive circles in Russia make up about 2% of the population. They are generally disliked by Russians as soft headed enemies of Russia and collaborators of foreign forces.

                      Secondly, Politkovskaya was killed by whom? Where’s your proof that Putin ordered anything? How do you know that some local thug, police sargeant, or FSB trainee didn’t go off the rails and commit the killing.

                      On the other hand, we do know that Obama ordered Chelsea Manning tortured, sexually humiliated, and then put through a kangaroo court leaving her in prison for 30 years to rot.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      Your endorsement of Putin is yours.

                      Oh do fuck off. I don’t “endorse” Putin. I’m just pointing out that there are reasons why Putin is far more popular with his citizens than any bankster beholden military industrial complex toting western leader is with theirs.

                    • Stuart Munro

                      In understanding Putin it helps if you speak Russian – he often makes little threats or ‘jokes’ that establish provenance of such acts. You have much to learn about the man – but clearly you will not learn it from me. Goodnight.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      In understanding Putin it helps if you speak Russian – he often makes little threats or ‘jokes’ that establish provenance of such acts.

                      Pfffft what utter fairytale tripe.

                      You’ve lost the plot if you think that a former KGB foreign services specialist would be that unprofessional and that blatant in his conduct.

                      And a good evening to you.

                    • Stuart Munro

                      So now we are to deny the evidence of our senses?

                      Your unhealthy embrace of Putin’s regime and uncritical repetition of his propaganda does you no credit whatsoever.

        • Colonial Viper

          Yeah I’m not too sure that Russia has any more business bombing Syrians than the yanks do. Assad seems to have come off his leash anyway.

          One could say that Russia has “more business” in Syria than the Americans, British and French forces.

          The reason being that the Russian military presence has been authorised by the Syrian Government in Damascus in accordance with international law.

          The other western militaries are operating in Syria completely illegally.

          • Paul

            Not sure these folk are that informed about the war in Syria.
            Guess that’s what happens when you swallow propaganda hook, line and sinker.

            • Colonial Viper

              The Islamist head chopper terrorists in Syria would be defeated in several weeks if NATO member/US ally Turkey sealed its borders and stopped men, supplies and arms going to the terrorists.

              It’ll never happen of course, as NATO/US intend to keep this fight going right down to the last Syrian, in their efforts to end Assad.

          • Psycho Milt

            One could say that Russia has “more business” in Syria than the Americans, British and French forces.

            Damn right – it has a very expensive investment to protect. Unloading phosphorus incendiaries on various towelheads is a small price to pay for that.

          • Stuart Munro

            I’m inclined to think that bombing civilians struggles to find legitimacy whoever signs off on it.

            I’m not sure if you recall our discussion about MH17 – I told Russia would try to bomb their back to credibility.

            They are nothing if not consistent.

            • Colonial Viper

              Why do you insist on looking at Russia’s actions so one dimensionally? Even if you were Russia’s deadliest enemy you would want a sounder analytical framework to determine what Russia is doing and why, so you could more effectively oppose them.

              ” I told you Russia would try to bomb their way back to credibility.”

              Geeezus. Are. You. This. Fucking. Stupid.

              • Stuart Munro

                But Russia is bombing it’s way back to credibility. Its initiatives are entirely military. And you approve. Perhaps a little reflection is in order.

                • Colonial Viper

                  Its initiatives are entirely military.

                  lol this is NOT true; Russia is working every diplomatic and economic angle that it can simultaneously.

  4. One Two 5

    Is the picture at top of page ironic or does some celler thinker actually believe it to be ‘true’?

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      There are still a bunch of pathetically naive Lefties hanging around who think that after 8 years Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama’s advertising campaign “hope you can believe in” actually meant something.

      To be honest I held out hope for Obama for the first 12 months or so. Then it became obvious that he was just another Wall St corporate tool.

      On the upside for the identity politics that Obama championed – West Point military college has now made boxing mandatory for women cadets as well as male cadets, as US women will soon be assigned to fight and die on the front lines of foreign US wars of regime change in dirt poor countries along side US men.

      God bless gender equality.

      • Paul 5.1.1

        With Clinton as President, those US troops are going to be busy.

      • Lanthanide 5.1.2

        Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was abolished.

        Millions of Americans now have health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

        If the Republicans didn’t control the house/senate, he would have been able to get a lot more done.

        • Colonial Viper

          Millions of Americans now have “health coverage”?

          You mean, millions of extra Americans now have private health insurance. With high deductibles and complex exclusions, what good actually gets done for their healthcare is another question altogether.

          • Lanthanide

            The republicans gutted what would have been a more comprehensive bill.

            Not sure why you’re blaming Obama for the actions of republicans.

            Trump wants to repeal the entire thing (and not replace it), btw.

      • marty mars 5.1.3

        Lol what a weak effort. Time will show your head doffing to the don to be the biggest joke out, ibut nice shot against the left in your dribbly diatribe. Hypocrites always lash out and you lash a lot mr 5ppm.

        • Colonial Viper

          Hillary’s not fit to lead the USA, in more ways than one.

          • marty mars

            But trump is? Don’t worry I already know your answer. It isn’t in any way aligned with me thank the gods. And btw that does not mean I think Clinton is all that but she is a million times better than trump imo. I hope he balls up the debates just to read what excuses you come up with.

            • Colonial Viper

              Trump is a novice on the Presidential campaign trail. Hillary has been on multiple Presidential campaigns.

              But, he is a quick learner.

            • One Two

              “A million times better..”

              No, she really is not!

              They are as awful as eachother but only one of them has a history for a guide to probable future actions…

              The other involves complete speculation

              So why bother with the hyperbole and or emotional investment?

  5. reason 7

    Trolls are like the venereal disease of the internet …….. ugly unpleasant infections.

    Unlike most disturbing and offensive things on the internet trolls come searching for people to upset and flaunt their sickness ………. They are like diseased dick pics that send themselves to sites with the purpose to offend derail and disrupt.

    Treat them with the due contempt they deserve …..but do not let them get you angry because they are a venereal disease with malice and enjoy upsetting people.

    I have mental images of them which make me smile and helps me mock these defectives with humor ………….. trolls hate being laughed at….

    Here’s how I picture them ……… behind their keyboards tap tapping


    puckish rouge


    David Farrar .. doing filth while hiding it .. until ‘Dirty Politics’


    Henry Filth ….

    cameron slater the lost sole

    Wayne mapp

    john Key in his sub prime …..https://static2.stuff.co.nz/1397098000/599/9926599.jpg

    Have I nailed it 😉 ? mmm

    My other advice is to use the troll …….ignore derails and ask them questions or talk about things they hate discussing ie when BM starts wanking on about handouts or people on welfare ask him about Tax havens where the rich get to steal from poor children ………… and $2.2 billion attempted bank robberys by an accountant and pofit gouging Aussie banks results in no jail time for anyone ……despite being 100 times larger than ALL welfare fraud prosecuted in that year with the figures being 2.2 billion versus 22 million…. its the solo mums and poor people who get all the attention and all the jail time…….

    With Shit filled toxic rivers, judith collins and lots of other horrible things in New Zealand there is no shortage of nact garbage to dress them up in ….

  6. Richard Rawshark 8

    CEO in the annual knobs of busyness voted with their hearts and chose an opposition dream team.

    Jacinda Ardern came out preferred PM.

    I’d like to think it wasn’t sexist, based on gender, attractiveness. I’d like to think they are professionals and chose on performance and skill, both of which she has, beauty and brains.

    It’s just I think I’ve seen to many stereotypes on TV/films of dirty executives chasing secretaries around.

    But good on them for recognizing that this government obviously doesn’t have the answers, the opposition does, this is a big deal really.


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