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52 comments on “Daily Review 28/02/2018”

  1. Cinny 1

    LMFAO !!!! That picture 🙂 the knitted tie which paula didn’t approve of makes it even funnier

  2. AsleepWhileWalking 2

    YouTube is going full censorship shutting down alternative media by picking historical video, flagging it, then flagging a couple more…three strikes and the channel is gone with no recourse and often no warning as the strikes pop up overnight.

    Alternative platforms of Gab, SteemIt, and Dtube should grow well from this.

  3. veutoviper 3

    I don’t know whether people here are aware that Parliament started debating a Notice of Motion on the CP-TPP in the last hour or so.

    David Parker (L), Todd MacClay (N), Winston Peters (NZF), Brownlee (N), Stuart Nash (L) and Mark Mitchell (N) have already given their speeches, and Golriz Ghahraman (G) is currently speaking.

    A total of 12 speeches of 10 minutes have been allocated so three more to come before and possibly after the dinner break.

    1. to the live stream with Golriz Ghahraman currently speaking, but will show the other remaining speeches live


    The speeches already made can be viewed via the Parliament website On Demand facility (although not all are up yet)


    UPDATE – At the same time, across the road new puppets for Ardern, Winston Peters etc are being unveiled at the Backbenchers Pub. LOL

    • veutoviper 3.1

      Further Update – Ended up at 14 speeches by
      6 Nats – McClay, Brownlee, Simon O’Connor, Muller, Mitchell, Guy

      5 Labour – Parker, Mahuta, Nash, Allan, Tinetti (2 short videos for Tinetti)

      1 Act – David Seymour

      1 Green – Ghahraman

      1 NZF – Peters

      Motion which was words to the effect that the text has been released and the agreement will be signed on 8 March 2018. Ayes took the voice vote.

      • DoublePlusGood 3.1.1

        Wait, so there’s not even a vote on record so we can express displeasure at the relevant MPs?

  4. Anne 4

    So, what’s this all about then?


    “Also lurking in the background are men in dark uniforms who are neither police nor court security.”

    Uggh? SAS?

    Years ago while walking my dog around an isolated but local coast I happened upon a strange scene involving black uniformed and armed personnel jumping into boats and roaring off into the deep blue yonder. They were (presumably) SAS soldiers on an exercise. Well, they had to stop their exercising while me and my dog trotted amiably by. ?didn’t look too happy about it either. 😉

    • Anne 4.1

      sorry typo… Didn’t look too happy about it.

      • BM 4.1.1

        Could this be what’s been rumoured over on KiwiBlog?

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Kiwiblog is a sluice-gutter of rumours.

          Which rumour do you mean?

          • BM

            You know which one I mean OAB.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              No, I really don’t.

              From the public info, a person has been refused a passport. This is a serious breach of human rights and must therefore be balanced by an equally serious threat.

              None of that is an argument for a secret trial. Quite the opposite if you axe me.

              • Anne

                There’s no way a passport refusal would incur such dramatic measures in a court room. Got to be something more serious than that. No doubt Jacinda, Andrew and David know the score and obviously the Nats.

        • rod

          Rumours on Kiwiblog are just spin and bullshit.

    • veutoviper 4.2

      I’m wondering whether this faux pas yesterday is connected … Very short video.


      • Anne 4.2.1

        I think its highly likely veutoviper. But which side was laughing over the ‘witness protection’ comment and why?

        • veutoviper

          Exactly – as none of them are the relevant Minister any more. But that faux pas was totally deliberate. Only reason for the question in the first place.

          I suspect that the Speaker has probably not finished with the matter.

          • Anne

            On close inspection I’d say it was the Nats who were laughing. No sign of any laughter from the government side. Looks like an effort to undermine Nanaia Mahuta which, to my way of thinking, has a racist element to it.

            • veutoviper

              Sorry, my reply was not clear that I thought it was Nats who were laughing. Nanaia was in the House tonight and spoke in the debate on the Notice of Motion on the CP-TPP which was words to the effect that the text has now been released and the Agreement will be signed on 8 March 2018. See my comment at 3 – but about to issue a correction. There were 15 speeches in the end. Haven’t yet watched them all – something to do in the middle of the night if insomnia hits! But did watch Kiri Allan as her speeches are usually very unique in a good way.

  5. Bruce 5

    Steven Joyce is a selfish idiot.
    ” I’m supportive of providing more medicinal cannabis to those in pain. I’m not supportive of broader decriminalisation because I think we already have enough vices in this world. ”
    From the hearld http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12001153
    Some of us don’t want to poison ourselves , have babies with Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders , and all the other negative effects of his drug of choice. I feel this is a statement from a very evil man who should never have the chance to impact on eoples lives.

    The rest of the answers show very poor reasoning. Demonstrating how out of touch these idiots are.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 5.1

      “we already have enough vices.”

      Memo to Prostetnic Vogon Joyce: decriminalising a vice does not add to the sum of vices, you innumerate fop.

  6. One Anonymous Bloke 6

    Memo to David Seymour: thank goodness we don’t live in a society where people are forbidden from mocking your self-indulgent vote-fluffing.

    • Bruce 6.1

      Not yet. But who knows the influence of potential trade partners. I’m sure there are a few in power who would relish us adopting section 112 of the Thai criminal code.
      Thailand is considering applying to join the 11-nation trade deal that was to originally include the U.S., but was abandoned by President Donald Trump on his first day in office.

      Negotiations over the deal were concluded in January by the countries — Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Chile, Japan and New Zealand — who together account for about 13 percent of global gross domestic product. The members are expected to sign the text of the agreement next month in Chile.

      “It’s one of the hot issues being debated within government right now,” Somchai Swangkarn, the military government’s whip in Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly, said in an interview on Friday. “The government wants to sign, but there are a few that oppose.”

      Full story: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-27/thailand-weighs-benefits-of-joining-trade-pact-trump-ditched

      — Bloomberg 2018-02-28

      • One Two 6.1.1

        There you are , Bruce …making ignorant comments about a country you don’t live in..

        Thailand won’t be joining the TPP…

        The story is a USA hit piece trying to put pressure on Thailand…

        The current government are severing links with USA…so that USA pulled out of no consequence to Thailand…

        USA will rejoin that is almost certain…

        Thaksin attempted to unilaterally sign a FTA with USA, now he and his sister are fugatives in exile…as convicted criminals…

        While the current govt is strengthening relationships elsewhere…

        It is possible that ‘every’ nation becomes tied into globalist trade agreements…that appears to be a plan playing out…

  7. AsleepWhileWalking 7

    Project Veritas video on how Twitter Engineers are shadow banning

  8. Ed 8

    “The Arctic meltdown this winter is the kind of event scientists warned we could face by 2050. Not by 2018. This is serious: ”
    George Monbiot.

  9. Ed 9

    Thought provoking article.

    “You won’t say it, so I will: capitalism is the underlying cause of mass shootings in the Us

    A society whose narrative is built on hyper-individualism and competition disenfranchises quicker than men can cope. And it makes them dangerous.
    There is a story inoculated into your mind at a very young age in the U.S. The story that competition and individualism are the prerequisites to liberty or freedom.
    This is a story told by neoliberalism, the defining political ideology of our time. Neoliberalism’s ideology has seeped into our language. Its tendrils so deep that not a single aspect of our lives isn’t touched by it…..”

    Read on Macduff.


    • NZJester 9.1

      Yes, and the NRA is also not the cause of the mass shootings. They are just the lightning rod being used by those truly responsible to keep the anger of the people away from themselves. The NRA are just puppets on strings with the majority of their on-paper members wanting a lot of the gun controls the NRA has been campaigning against.
      This video says it best.

  10. Booker 10

    I see Winston has dropped his case against the National Party members involved in leaking his Super details. Pity, I would have loved to have seen some daylight disinfecting that mess.

      • Booker 10.1.1

        Well, that’s great journalism – yesterday RNZ had an article up saying it was dropped, today they have one saying it isn’t. At any rate, glad it’s still on!

        • Louis

          I’m very glad too. Stuff and the Herald ran the fake news as well. The Herald has since deleted the page, Stuff changed the headline. They should all be pulled up over this.

        • veutoviper

          It is also worth listening to the actual interview (8 mins) this morning on Morning Report between Espiner and Brian Henry, Winston Peters’ lawyer, as this provides a lot more detail albeit in a rather aggressive encounter by the two participants.


          • Anne

            Very interesting thank-you veutoviper.

            It never ceases to amaze me how certaIn media interviewers try to bypass the details of a story so they can slant it in a negative way.

            Good to see him upbraid Guyon Espiner because he is one of the worst offenders.

            • veutoviper

              Guyon’s very obvious bias against Peters (and some others) really annoys me – and has for a long time predating the Superannuation issue. RNZ News should also have found themselves in the firing line in my opinion because from day 1 until only very recently, virtually every news report on Peters’ super issue was framed with wording like Peters “has admitted’ etc implying that it was Peters at fault.

              I was one of many other people receiving Super or other benefits who received letters re over-payments about the same time as Peters re an overpayment they had made to me some years ago – and I would have been furious if I had gone through what Peters has been subjected to.

              My experience has been that what you actually receive is a mystery only known to WINZ and is not straightforward due to the various legitimate addons etc which vary from person to person dependent on their circumstances. I got a one off payment of $30 recently which I have no idea what it was for and neither do WINZ, but have said in writing following my inquiry that it will not be recalled. Go figure.

          • Louis

            Thanks for that Veutoviper, Espiner really did show himself up.

            • Anne

              Its not only Espiner. There’s many a journalist/reporter/interviewer who hate Peters’ guts. In part because he doesn’t like most of them and never hesitates to let them know. Its also because more than a few have been hanging onto the Nat’s coat-tails for so long, they haven’t really caught up with the fact they’re no longer in power.

              Many years ago I was front-line staff at AKTV2. Only the oldies here will remember AKTV2. I worked alongside the journos and presenters and they are some of the most ‘entitled’ people I have come across. They see themselves as superior to the rest of us and it shows through time and again in the manner they adopt when interviewing people or presenting a current affairs programme. I would even go so far as to say they are worse than pollies.

          • Brigid

            Good grief. Guyon could get a job with ZB talkback.
            “How much was he overpaid?” He asks.
            No, actually he should go and work for Womens Wankly.

  11. Philg 11

    Guyon should do some real Journalism, balanced and without agenda. His true colour’s are showing. And RNZ needs to improve as well. I’m tiring of cut and paste content from CNN and BBC. There has been a clean out at RNZ and a lot of experienced, quality broadcasters have left. Media Watch has managed to maintain credibility, when I last listened, which is less and less these days as better information is about elsewhere. Up your game RNZ!

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