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28 comments on “Daily Review 28/08/2015”

  1. whateva next? 1

    Yes, Jane, united we stand against a secret deal, and pretense that it will be good for NZ (as opposed to big corporations).
    Same battle going on in UK, TTIP seems to be exactly the same, secret and questionable benefits for the plebs

  2. heather 2

    I feel very sad at the report into CYPS. I feel upset by the crocodile tears shed by Anne Tolley and before her Paula Bennett.

    Both these women should hang their heads in shame at the production of the Commissioner of Children’s report released yesterday.

    3 years ago an excellent report was released on Children in Poverty by Boston, he talked of the many things that led to abuse and breakdown of families. His report was ridiculed by the National Government, who took little notice, if any of the reports findings.

    There also another report were 1000 people made submissions and comments.

    Slowly the National Government have stripped away funding from NGO’s working with children and families, some have had to close their door like Relationship Services.

    Grandparents Raising Children have been calling for funding for years.

    Abuse and family breakdowns don’t just happen out of the blue, there are so many factors that contribute to it and this National government has made housing impossible for many, they have sold state houses and will sell hundreds more in the near future.

    They have introduced zero hours employment, an impossible situation for families. Under employment and unemployment is a common factor in so many peoples lives.

    People have lost their dignity, communities have been thrown into despair when half of the communities houses have been knocked down, schools are empty, shops have closed, jobs have gone, all these factors contribute to the breakdown in families.

    Family violence and abuse is at record highs and Mrs Tolley cries crocodile tears.

    What is going to happen to the children in danger now? while Mrs Tolley calls for a another report, which won’t be finalised until Christmas and then she has to think about the report.

    There will be more disasters in the months to come.

    • mickysavage 2.1

      Right on Heather. The debate this week is all about the alleged failings of CYF but the reality is that poverty is creating these problems and we are seeing generation 3 of the victims of rogernomics.

      I deal with social workers all the time. They are very decent dedicated people. They should not be blamed for what is happening.

      • weka 2.1.1

        I quite agree. We still haven’t recovered from the 90s and what’s happening now is compounding the damage.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.1.2

        The debate this week is all about the alleged failings of CYF but the reality is that poverty is creating these problems and we are seeing generation 3 of the victims of rogernomics.

        And National is creating and increasing that poverty. But you’re right – that increasing poverty that we see started under the 4th labour Government.

    • I noticed when Anne Tolley was being interviewed about this on Morning Report that she was quick to point out how she agreed completely with what it found about children in “state care“.

      Guyon Espiner pinned culpability on her (and the National Government) yet she still seemed fine about accepting the report. The reason, I think, is that this report plays into the hands of what she called an “overhaul” of CYFS.

      That ‘overhaul’ (same word) has already been announced by Tolley on April Fools Day. Paula Rebstock has already been lined up for the overhaul.

      What’s the bet that instead of implementing the Childrens’ Commissioner’s recommendations in this report (which he said were pretty simple and would lead to a “transformation” in the lives of these young people) it will be the Rebstock report’s recommendations that become ‘the recommendations’ that the government duly implements – being guided by its ‘independent, expert panel’?

      And Tolley seems to be expecting more than just providing more resources and support:

      The panel leading the organisation’s overhaul is expected to recommend large-scale changes.

      “The independent expert panel will not be tinkering around the edges, and small-scale changes are unlikely to produce the results we all want to see,” Tolley said.

      Adern’s comment was: ““While we support a review taking place, some of the language around the process is disturbing, particularly Social Development Minister Anne Tolley’s terminology of an ‘investment approach’.

      Hopefully not another candidate for social impact bonds coming down the policy pipe.

      • dv 2.2.1

        Rebstock and Tolley fill me with dread for our children.

      • the pigman 2.2.2

        Tolley’s crocodile tears and pre-emptive posturing on CYFS failings was so obviously connected to the Rebstock “overhaul”, it could have been spotted miles away.

        I’m not sure what is coming exactly, but if it’s anything like the hatchet job that was pulled on the legal aid system and the Family Court, it isn’t going to lead for better outcomes for children.

        Because the social worker-approved providers of state care can’t be trusted, let’s just throw money at Serco and stuff the kids in giant residential care facilities instead. Boot camps, charter schools and private prisons, all rolled into one, exclusively for the benefit of private shareholders.

        Another dystopian NACT wet dream.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.2.3

        “The independent expert panel will not be tinkering around the edges, and small-scale changes are unlikely to produce the results we all want to see,” Tolley said.”

        I suspect that there’s a large difference between what National wants to see and what everyone else wants to see.

      • Pat 2.2.4

        the terms of reference spell at least outsourcing/partial privatisation….as does the chair

        • Ad

          Central government knows it can get rid of this media liability of damaged children if “care services” are contracted out to trusts or Serco-like providers.

          When contracted, the media liability falls upon the contractor. Just like we have seen with jails recently – Serco rather than the public service gets the blame, so the Minister has privatized much of his risk.

          It is great politics. And it is not a human way to act.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.3

      People have lost their dignity, communities have been thrown into despair when half of the communities houses have been knocked down, schools are empty, shops have closed, jobs have gone, all these factors contribute to the breakdown in families.

      All these contribute to the breakdown of society which seems to be Nationals goal. As the saying goes:

      There is opportunity in chaos

      National brings chaos and deprivation so as to increase profits.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    The unfortunate uselessness of most ‘state of the art’ academic monetary economics

    Most mainstream macroeconomic theoretical innovations since the 1970s (the New Classical rational expectations revolution associated with such names as Robert E. Lucas Jr., Edward Prescott, Thomas Sargent, Robert Barro etc, and the New Keynesian theorizing of Michael Woodford and many others) have turned out to be self-referential, inward-looking distractions at best. Research tended to be motivated by the internal logic, intellectual sunk capital and esthetic puzzles of established research programmes rather than by a powerful desire to understand how the economy works – let alone how the economy works during times of stress and financial instability. So the economics profession was caught unprepared when the crisis struck.

    And that’s just the beginning. It really tears into modern economics and it’s failures:

    If any market takes a finite amount of resources (however small) to function, complete markets would exhaust the resources of the universe.

    The conclusion, boys and girls, should be that trade – voluntary exchange – is the exception rather than the rule and that markets are inherently and hopelessly incomplete. Live with it and start from that fact. The benchmark is no trade – pre-Friday Robinson Crusoe autarky. For every good, service or financial instrument that plays a role in your ‘model of the world’, you should explain why a market for it exists – why it is traded at all. Perhaps we shall get somewhere this time.

    Our modern economics is, in a word, bollocks. It’s not related to reality at all.

  4. weka 4

    Landcorp backing off from dairy conversions.

    This email from the GP/Catherine Delahunty,

    Great news! – You might remember signing a petition earlier in the year pushing for a stop of Landcorp’s conversions of forestry to polluting dairy farms.

    Today, following pressure from you and thousands of other New Zealanders, Landcorp is backtracking on their massive conversion plans.

    This is great news for the environment. The proposed conversions would have a massive impact on the health of the Waikato river. We’re going to keep pushing on this issue till we get all the details but it’s great to hear Landcorp’s Chief Executive acknowledging that they need to think about options outside of dairy that have less of an environmental impact.

    More here, https://www.greens.org.nz/news/press-releases/landcorp%E2%80%99s-backing-away-dairy-great-news-environment

  5. adam 5

    Because if you ‘ant read it before – you’re missing a treat. Mind you it is Frankie Boyle, so the more sensitive of you should look away now.

    Frankie Boyle’s Election Autopsy 17/05/2015

    ” Before I go, I want to leave you with this: Conservative voters, you have destroyed this country. We’re about to birth the first generation of babies that will be regularly woken by the nocturnal screams of their parents. And you did this. With your affordable four-wheel drives, your Coldplay albums, your canvas trousers, your NeutriBullet, your rape pornography. Your James Corden, your Sky Atlantic, your mistress, your numb smile, your diazepam, your wanking glove, your weight gain, your constant googling “does this dream make me gay?”. Your fear of buttons, your Amazon Prime, your unrealistic goals, your friend with terrible spinal injuries, your secret jealousy of all the attention he gets. Your constant fear of cancer, your dream of swimming with a dolphin who will a best feel complete indifference towards you. Your tutting at the news, your Gucci belt, the books you have pretended to read, your love of cock, your cock of love. Your daughter’s wedding, your first bike, your suicide.”

    • RedLogix 5.1

      “I don’t even read the newspapers any more – I just lie to myself and cut out the middle-man”

      • miravox 5.1.1

        I don’t even read the newspapers any more

        Except if you’re reading the newspapers for…. Frankie Boyle! (and a few others)How will Labour top losing the election? By losing its own leadership contest

        I’m enjoying senior Tory peers calling Corbyn a “throwback”. A guy in a horsehair wig wearing a cape, who got a job for life because his great-great-great-grandfather had a knack for picking out the healthiest slaves? We can safely assume that Corbyn is no longer on the establishment’s Christmas card list.

  6. adam 6

    Oh look, the Australian Tory idiots are quite capable of throwing their toys out of the cot as well.

    If you don’t laugh – the idiots have already won…

  7. Muttonbird 7


    However, the Government will face accusations of attempting to “bury bad news” after officials chose to release the data on the day that both immigration statists and the names of scores of new peerages were announced.

    Sound familiar?

    • Draco T Bastard 7.1

      These sorts of policies can easily be predicted to cause death thus the conservative governments that are implementing them should be held to account – murder seems to be the correct charge.

  8. RedLogix 8

    A very recent and highly accessible Steven Keen video.

    Really worth the 40 mins or so

  9. adam 9

    Dunedin protest. I’m interested to see they started it with Key’s little speech to the media from a few days ago.

    Three other doors into that restaurant, that was just silly by the national party supporters and police. Idiots, as usual just trying to get themselves on TV is my guess. We will have some crying Tory saying nasty protesters were in my way. Use the other door.


    • whateva next? 9.1

      they certainly didn’t look distressed trying to get in, more like an opportunity to display their determination to beat the plebs, and teach them who is boss1

  10. joe90 10

    Heh, Abbott’s wannabe jackboots seen off.

    Protesters quickly took to the streets of Melbourne after the federal government announced that Australian Border Force would target potential visa fraudsters in the heart of the city.

    About 50 people took over the steps of Flinders Street station early this afternoon and attempted to shut down the busy intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets, halting about 20 trams.


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