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Americans killed by ISIS and guns

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11 comments on “Daily Review”

  1. mickysavage 1

    David Cunliffe’s very reasonable restoration of democracy in tertiary institutions bill has been voted down …

  2. Gangnam Style 2

    More unsafe workplaces have killed New Zealanders than ISIS in the last month.

  3. Ergo Robertina 3

    I really feel for the newspaper deliverer who suffered devastating injuries in the Dunedin wolfhound attack.
    Surely there must have been lead-up events revealing the aggressiveness of these dogs.
    I hope it serves as a lesson to dog owners – we are too blase about dog attacks in this country.

    • In Vino 3.1

      No, this is a surprise event for Irish Wolfhounds. Always friendly, likeable… but I have only ever met them one at a time. Was having 3 of them together what caused the anomaly?

      Awful, I agree.

      • Ergo Robertina 3.1.1

        To clarify, by ”these dogs” I didn’t mean the breed, I meant the characteristics of the three in question.
        Surely dog control involves individual dogs as well, irrespective of breed.
        I suppose it’s possible it was entirely a one-off event.

  4. Herodotus 4

    She bought one of the properties, 7 Chisholm St in Huntly, in July 2011 for $60,000 but resold it 25 days later to Megan Turrall for $108,000 — a $48,000 profit. Ms Jarman had been marketing the property for HNZ and Century 21 received a commission on both sales.
    Where are : The IRD, if this is not trading what is ?
    How can HNZ not have a handle what their properties are worth

  5. Rosemary McDonald 5

    Also in the House today was this…


    Maggie Barry introduced an ammendment to increase the power of DOC Rangers…

    “The ability to take action to prevent an offence about to occur or in progress.
    Temporarily stop persons suspected of an offence to allow investigation.
    Seize a broader range of evidence such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones.
    Require identification details from suspected offenders.”

    If you go down to the woods today….don’t take your camera….

  6. One Two 6

    Governments , pharmaceuticals, banks and the war machine kill tens of millions of people

    The abuse cycle would extend to hundreds of millions impacted by those same entities

  7. Lucy 7

    So for the boys at Opotiki College there is no “Roastbusters 3” they are charged! Is this because they come from a small town outside the Auckland area – so do not have the privilege or the indolent Auckland police force investigating. Am not saying they should not be charged am saying why are they charged when Auckland boys can force 13 year olds to have sex and boast about it on Facebook and can take pictures of drunk girls with the boys genitals laying on their faces don’t get charged just get warned! Is it because daddy and mummy can’t afford high priced lawyers during the investigation phase?

  8. Guy McPherson writes
    The evidence is gaining increasing clarity: We’ve reached a
    crossroads unlike any other in human history. One path leads to
    despair for Homo industrialis. The other leads to extinction,
    for Homo sapiens and the millions of species we are taking with
    us into the abyss. Collectively, we’ve clearly chosen both of the
    above. Not only does industrial civilization teeter on the brink,
    but extinction of our species will soon follow.
    Consider, for example, the following overview of the global
    Fact: This planet has not harbored humans at 3.3 C or higher
    above baseline (i.e., the beginning of the industrial
    revolution). The number may be much lower. The jury is still
    Fact: Humans are animals that depend on myriad other
    species for survival. As with all other animals, humans
    require clean air, potable water, healthy food, and the ability
    to maintain body temperature to sustain themselves.
    Fact: Humans will die without a living planet that
    continuously supplies the elements listed above.
    Fact: So far, all humans born into the physical realm have
    died. There is no rational basis for expecting any human to
    avoid this fate.
    Fact: The Sixth Mass Extinction is under way.
    Fact: All species have gone extinct or will go extinct. There is
    no rational basis for expecting Homo sapiens to avoid this
    Earth is oficially at 0.85 C above baseline. The actual, unoficial
    global-average temperature is at least 0.1 C higher than the
    oficial figure. The ongoing El Niño will take Earth well beyond 1 C,
    the1990 Rubicon from the United Nations Advisory Group on
    Greenhouse Gases. As David Spratt points out in this video from
    October 2014, 0.5 C was a more reasonable target. But those days
    are long behind us.
    Read more from this free book – file:///E:/User%20data/Downloads/How-To-Save-Humanity.pdf

  9. Richard@Down South 9


    I’m pro gun control, but this website lists the stats as:

    Number of Deaths1 12,569
    Number of Injuries1 23,022

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