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16 comments on “Daily review 30/03/2019”

  1. Anne 1

    A feast or a famine. We don’t normally have a DR in the week-end. Incognito making up for no OM til mid-day? 😀

    Mind you, its worth it for that placard.

    • Incognito 1.1

      Nah, although my guilt complex is disproportionally large t’wasn’t me that put up DR and I can’t take credit for that placard either.

    • Stuart Munro. 2.1

      A fairly tenuous link, and one that might impugn a lot of folk who don’t deserve it. Referring to Thor and Valhalla doesn’t require a particularly deep relationship with Norse myth – it might be acquired by watching the History Channel’s series Vikings, for instance.

      That said, the Nazi mining of that culture for symbols like the wolfsangel adopted by some SS units, and the Perun and Svarog symbols that resemble the swastika may make too close examination of that folklore perilous given the panopticon powers of contemporary surveillance bodies.

      A number of reenactor and medieval combat groups (in the US & Europe) have complained about Nazi attempts to infiltrate them however. Some groups closed to avoid it, others say that the Nazis tended to quit once they received the normal level of bruising applied to cocky amateurs.

  2. patricia bremner 3

    The photograph of Jacinda Ardern on the poster may be about Theresa May’s wooden performance following the Grenfell Tower fire.

    She is of a different generation and has class issues to deal with, so a double block to her having emotional intelligence in the face of a tragedy.

    You can’t really fake that, you either have it or not. Jacinda has it in spades.

    • Anne 3.1

      There’s an EU flag in the background. Probably the Remainers’ march on parliament a couple of days ago.

  3. aj 4

    Very depressing reading, but I have no doubt there will be at least 10% of the public sharing his views. His views are a rather contradictory ramble though.


    City councillor James Casson took to his political profile page on Facebook to share his views on the Christchurch shootings and give advice on how Kiwis should respond to the mass killings.

    In his post, which has since been deleted, Casson criticises the Government’s swift action in banning semi-automatic rifles in the wake of the attack and describes the gunman as the real winner for changing New Zealanders’ way of life.

    “Each memorial held, (the accused) wins,” Casson wrote.

    “Banning his manifesto, (accused) wins…Banning semi automatic firearms, (accused) wins … Each mosque protected by police, (accused) wins … Banning free speech no matter how vile from social media, (accused) wins.

    “Each time Ardern speaks of unacceptable hate or terror, (accused) wins. Each tear shed (accused) wins.”

    Instead of coming together as a nation, Casson said New Zealanders should carry on with their daily lives.

    “How did the residents of London react when Hitler bombed London to cause mayhem and terror? They carried on as normal, that was the biggest fight back they could have given. Stating: “We are strong, we are not afraid, you cannot break us.”

    “Let’s move on as a nation, never forget or forgive but strive to live as normal.”

    Despite deleting his post, Casson told Stuff he stands by his views and is unapologetic.

    Asked if we should have commemorated the 50 killed in the Christchurch terror attack, Casson said once was enough.

    “We have, but we shouldn’t keep doing it. It’s my reflection.”

    Asked why he named the accused 20 times in his post – in contrast to the Government and New Zealand media who have limited naming him – Casson said he wanted people to remember him.

    • Anne 4.1

      Was Hamilton one of the bunch of local body idiots who recently questioned the validity of CC?

      Didn’t they remove fluoride from their drinking water a few years ago and the Hamilton voters kicked up such a stink they had to put it back? Something like that. Maybe I’ve got the wrong local board.

      What is the matter with people that they vote in such Neanderthals to represent them on their local boards?

  4. marty mars 5

    My suggestion is cut to zero please and do it yesterday.

    “Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash says commercial and recreational catch limits for longfin eels could be cut to prevent numbers dropping further.”


  5. patricia bremner 6

    That Councillor, what a sad plonker. Does he understand we are not at war?
    Perhaps he should give up his representative role. he doesn’t understand the word, so it is doubtful he represents the views of Hamilton.
    Well I would hope not!!

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