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23 comments on “Daily Review 30/11/2015”

  1. gsays 1

    i was given a dominion this morning, the front page story was about a call centre that was folding.
    wages are current but holiday and leave entitlements are to be decided by the liquidators.
    now i am sure that these liquidators will be well paid.
    surely, morally, the workers should be current before some outside administrater gets a cent.

    the other thing that stuck out for me was the allegation of ‘looting’ being done by some members of staff.
    if they are owed monies for work done, it aint looting, its a downpayment, security or part payment oif monies owed.

  2. Wendigo Jane 2

    Dairying – bad for the environment, and terrible animal welfare. The NZ economy’s over reliance on it is misguided and bad for us in so many ways. If anyone’s thinking about giving up dairy foods I can assure you it’s not that difficult – I have – there are good substitutes available – shop around, give it a go, try some new recipes – check out advice on vegan web sites. Let’s move our economy away from this very ugly and destructive industry and share in a vision for a better, cleaner, more compassionate future.

    • sabine 2.1

      There is nothing wrong with ethical farming.

      However milking/and growing cows for milkpowder to a. run up stock piles, or b. flood the market that is what is wrong, and that is precisely what is happening in NZ. We don’t produce milk, we produce something in the hopes to sell it to China or elsewhere.

      Humans have consumed dairy products for millenia, we have however only started to produce milkpowder to create economical growth within the last few decades. So us humans that like eating cheese or drinking milk, be it goat or cow is not what is creating this “Dairy Industry on Steroids”.

      The meat / dairy industry does not need to be run like a horror show. One can raise animals ethically and healthily, and yes it will cost more, it will also be worth it in terms of environmental impact and taste.

      • millsy 2.1.1

        In 50-70 years we probably will not need to kill animals for meat. It will be ‘grown’ in a petri dish. Same with milk. I am sure that it will be eventually be artifically created.

        • sabine

          in 50-70 years this planet will be so fucked that soylent green will be tasty as.

          but until then, i will promote sustainable farming of grains/vegetables and animals, as the human being is an omnivore. Which makes feeding us so fucking easy, and I don’t get either extremes.

          But fact is, if there is nothing to eat around we will be cannibals. Cause at the end of the day (TM) we are nothing more than a bunch of vastly overrated animals and those stronger then us will kill us for food, or eat us once we died naturally.
          Even a vegan will eat meat if it is the only thing around to eat. That is where I am coming from.

  3. millsy 3

    News just in — the Christchurch CC is selling City Care.

    Every single fucking day…….

    • weka 3.1

      what is City Care?

      • millsy 3.1.1

        What used to be Christchurch City Council’s works department.

        Selling the MOW is the reason why the EQ rebuild is a shambles, now Christchurch wants to sell their equivalent.

      • tc 3.1.2

        Another juicy plum for the hollowmen to snort up yee hah !

    • The Chairman 3.2

      They say the sale is going to raise money for the rebuild. Yet, in the year ended June 30, 2015 City Care returned a $5.7 million dividend to the council.

      How is Christchurch City Council going to make up for that kind of annual shortfall after the sale?

      • Pat 3.2.1

        another rates rise….after the next 3

      • Draco T Bastard 3.2.2

        How is Christchurch City Council going to make up for that kind of annual shortfall after the sale?

        I suspect that they’ll be claiming that the taxes will cover it. Of course, the business is already paying taxes and the dividend.

        The simple fact of the matter is that privatisation is solely for the benefit of the rich who will buy up the government assets and become even bigger bludgers.

  4. millsy 4

    Christchurch has allowed itself to be bullied by those who are ideolgically opposed to public ownership of anything.

    • Petertoo 4.1

      Some would kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Mme Guillotine is the deserved response!

      • Draco T Bastard 4.1.1

        It’s more that some people want to own and control the goose that lays the golden egg so that others have to beg from them.

  5. Rosemary McDonald 5

    From the seriously serious shit department…




    but I had to go to Australia to find a brand name or a country of origin.


    Next time you go to the supermarket….give yourselves a bit of extra time and work you way through the frozen veg and fruit section.

    See how much produce is actually grown here in New Zealand.

    We the Citizens have instructed our government to ensure that foods imported into New Zealand are at least SAFE TO BLOODY EAT.

    ““As a purely precautionary matter, the Blood Service is asking donors who consumed Nanna’s Frozen Mixed Berries (1 Kg) or Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries (300g or 500g) and then gave blood either on or after 1 November 2014 to contact us on 13 14 95. Please have your Donor ID number with you.

    “This will help us identify whether or not we need to take further action to minimise the unlikely event of hepatitis A being spread via blood transfusion.

    “If you are scheduled to give blood and have consumed the recalled berries please let our staff know so that we can better assess your eligibility.””

    How long will it take Our Leader to order the same warning here….?

    • greywarshark 5.1

      John 15:
      Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

      That is what’s required in NZ these days. When someone dies or is very sickened, then the gummint will do something about it if they can blame it on someone who is not one of their friends. If it is, we might never hear about…whatever it was.

    • tc 5.2

      Label study over the past few years would have possibly stopped you buying any of that produce before this.

      People need to pay more attention to what the supermarket duopoly and other factors have done to our food chain.

      Btw, this is a replay of same in Oz about 6 months ago but then it’s not like there’s diversity as much anymore.

      • greywarshark 5.2.1

        Look at the price first is the rule for many. Who has time to study the tiny print down the side with information if it can be found, on the bottom in font size 7. And supermarkets are our heaven, a place that’s accessible and clean and shiny. We are chained to the food chain!

        The song for this place. Ray Charles with Unchain my heart.

  6. greywarshark 6

    Just looking at all the shoes. The silent tribute to those not there to wear them. An effective way of taking the tribute full circle, would be to gather them up and take them down to the poor areas of town where the Algerian and other races are that aren’t quite making it in free France. They no doubt, could do with some shoes and it would be a belated bit of poignant charity to give them away to ‘those people’.

  7. JNZ 7

    The dairy cruelty in the media…and the reaction…

    “Please don’t make me feel guilty about this.”


  8. Lara 8

    Heather du Pliessis Allan’s home is searched.

    Another journalist who has things to say that the police don’t want the public to hear gets their undies drawer and personal life trolled through by NZ Police.

    It’s bullshit. It’s harassment and intimidation by the largest gang in NZ.

    NZ is looking more and more like a tin pot dictatorship.

    I’m pissed off.

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