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45 comments on “Daily Review 31/01/2018”

  1. Cinny 1

    Ouch bill, 9% drop in the preferred PM stakes.

    Meanwhile…. 🙂

    “Newshub poll: Labour soars to popularity not seen for a decade”


    • chris73 1.1

      The chickens are coming home to roost for Winnie though

      • Cinny 1.1.1

        Not really, his supporters appear to have gone over to Labour.

        national no mates is steady as she goes (due to a tory voter base with no other choice, other than rimmer)

        There is no way bill will take them to next election and the other options…. oh dear.

        • chris73

          “Not really, his supporters appear to have gone over to Labour.”

          Good for Labour but not so good Winnie although if my maths is correct Labour on 42% + Green on 6% = 48% (no Winnie) so while I’m not suggesting all the parties will be on these numbers come next election if they were it’d make things plenty interesting

          • alwyn

            On the usual drop that occurs for the Green Party between the late term polls and the election we would probably end up with only National, Labour and perhaps an orphan ACT MP in Parliament.
            The Greens normally lose enough between the polls and their election result to cause them to go below 5% and, like Winston First they would drop out of Parliament.
            Wouldn’t really be a loss though given the way the are only behaving like a NZF poodle.

            • AB

              Wishful thinking.
              Greens have just undergone such a drop and that 6% is probably their base. You are in fact hypothesising another drop on top of an existing drop. Pretty unlikely.
              Also Labour supporters will not let them go under 5% – they’ll switch if needed.

            • Draco T Bastard

              Except that they’re not behaving like a NZ1st poodle.

              So I suspect that lie is the meme that’s been fed out to all RWNJs from C/T via National.

              • alwyn

                Of course they aren’t behaving like Winston’s poodle.

                They managed to sign up to a system where they are required to vote for anything that Winston proposes, and that Labour are committed to support without even knowing what those things are.
                Greens will vote against there own policy to have a marine sanctuary in the Kermadecs. Winston doesn’t want it.
                Greens will vote for the Waka jumping bill, even though they were strongly opposed to such a disgraceful procedure in the past when they had principled members. Winston wants it.
                I wonder what other commitments has Labour made to get Winston on side that they haven’t told the Greens about?

                Meanwhile Winston can ignore them. All his members voted against Swarbrick’s bill. What do the Greens do? Stay very quiet about Winnies lot and blame National.
                On second thoughts I will have to change the first sentence in this comment.

                Of course the Greens are behaving like Winston’s poodle.
                Sorry but your denying this is simply a lie about the reality of the current political world.

                • They managed to sign up to a system where they are required to vote for anything that Winston proposes, and that Labour are committed to support without even knowing what those things are.

                  [Citation Needed]

                  Really, you’re talking out your arse as per normal. Or was it that when National signed up with the Peter Dunne Party they had to do everything that Peter Dunne said?

                  • alwyn

                    From the Green Party/Labour Party Agreement.

                    “Labour agrees that it will not enter into any other relationship agreement which is inconsistent with this agreement and the Green Party and Labour agree that they will each act in good faith to allow all such agreements to be complied with.”

                    This is why they had to drop the Kermadec proposal. Labour had agreed with NZF, which the Green Party didn’t know ahead of time, to scrap the Sanctuary.

                    “Green Party minister Eugenie Sage said she knew nothing of the deal to stop the Kermadecs sanctuary, which she described as a “simply incredible” area and deserving protection.”
                    I suppose you will tell me that the Greens knew all about this and that Eugenie was simply asleep?

                    I gather they didn’t know about the Waka jumping Bill before they signed their own agreement with Labour either.
                    Since Labour had agreed to give it to NZF it committed the Green Party to vote for it as well.

                    Do you think they know about the “confidential 38 (or 33) pages of things that Labour had agreed with Winston? What else will pop up that Labour has agreed to provide Winston with.

                    Now stop talking out of your arse and read about it. Then don’t lie about what the Greens are going to have to do to keep in the Limo’s

        • ScottGN

          Given that most of NZFirst’s labour leaning voters went over to Ardern at the election I reckon we’re seeing a bit of vote churn with this poll. Some voters are leaving National for Ardern’s Labour led government and some NZFirst voters are moving back over to National.

        • shakingstick

          “Not really, his supporters appear to have gone over to Labour.”

          This seems pretty unlikely imo.

          1) Assume some NZF voters leaned towards a Lab deal, and some toward a National deal.

          2) NZ then went with Labour, and lost around half their support in the next poll

          so either:

          A) The Nat leaners went to National (buyers remorse) and the Lab leaners stayed put


          B) The Lab leaners went to Labour (even though NZF did what they wanted) and the Nat voters stayed put (even tho they didn’t get what they wanted)

          ‘A’ seems much more likely to me, with national losing a bit of support to labour on account of the incumbency effect.

    • Ed 1.2

      ‘9% drop in the preferred PM stakes’

      Judith will be sharpening her knives.

    • Stunned Mullet 1.3

      Pointless poll is pointless.

    • Grantoc 1.4

      Ouch Labour; still behind national in the popular party vote; despite Jacinda’s charisma

      Ouch NZ First; at 3.7% won’t get back into parliament (lets hope)

      • Stuart Munro 1.4.1

        I wouldn’t bet the farm on a sample size of 750 – but Labour does seem to be rising – good enough for the moment.

      • mickysavage 1.4.2

        Its ok. Labour has two real parties that it can negotiate with and they collectively have at least 10% of the vote. National has a poodle party that now has 0.2% of the vote. This is fine.

        • Pat

          Labours biggest problem is not National nor coalition partners….they need to be very careful with their own support in the face of a series of disturbing watering down/backdowns on election policy…the NZFirst excuse will only wash for so long

    • The Chairman 1.5

      I see the poll was taken between Thursday, January 18 and Sunday, January 28, which fails to fully take into account the announced signing date (thus Labour’s and Winston’s support) of the revised TPP.

    • The Chairman 2.1

      A ten year old child today will no longer be a child in ten years, therefore not so wonderful news for them.

      Hell, Ardern may not even be around by then.

  2. SPC 3

    The coalition has gone from 50% (its been there for a few years but the amounts for each party have gone up and down a bit) up to 52%.

    Labour to a high, NZF to a low, and Greens below their average. Which is the part of the “PM” effect. As also shown by the English result.

    • Anne 3.1

      Yes, to my mind there’s a bit of ebb and flow going on but no significant changes. NZ First has lost support to “Jacinda” (rather then Labour) but they will regain most of their base by election time. I suspect what has held National’s vote up has been the pregnancy announcement. There are a lot of socially conservative types who will have fallen for the… “she can’t be PM and have a baby too” rhetoric.

      • Stunned Mullet 3.1.1

        Winston Peter’s is 73 this April – he is gone at the next election, either by voter choice, retirement to a pleasant sinecure offshore as part of his coalition agreement or due to his smoking and alcohol intake finally catching up with him.

        With Winston gone his party will go with him.

      • SPC 3.1.2

        If National panic and remove their leader then their party vote could well fall below that of Labour.

        For now they retain voters who supported them during the last term and at the election. Remain their party waiting for return to government.

        And they wait for signs of coalition instability or unpopularity to maintain credibility as a party waiting to return to government.

        This will last until such a time as Labour is seen to have made a positive difference and this swings centrists behind them. This might take a year or two or three. The margins have been so tight since 2005.

        The question for National is can they hold their nerve?

  3. weka 4


    David Farrier‏Verified account @davidfarrier

    so excited jeremy wells has the 7pm slot with @hilary_barry. jeremy is my favourite kiwi broadcaster. i delighted over the tv he made with havoc in the 90s, eating media lunch has never been beaten, and birdland was divine. he is chiselled and charming and nothing like mike.

  4. rhinocrates 5

    Just a reminder that Duncan Garner is a misogynist prick.

    Soporific nonsense from Mt Burns, and on the facebook page by “anonymous” Garner saying that there’s no such thing as sexism because women volunteer to do low paid or unpaid work. He then references a paper owned by the Moonists and right wing think tank funded by the Republican party and the Koch brothers as “evidence”.

    A feminist friend of mine had her responses deleted, showing the basic dishonesty of the site. The so-called “Wake Up NZ” site, like so many others pretending to be progressive is in fact reactionary.

    FYI, if you want to know just how the MARRIED Garner thinks of women, https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/71452035/duncan-garner-says-ashley-madison-account-is-fake-but-he-was-signed-up-to-tinder Sure, he’s married, but he’s still looking at women as seminal spitoons.

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” That’s from The Who.

    • It’s the biggest concern with getting a private contractor to do the governments job – the simple fact that the business can simply fold and leave a lot of people in the lurch.

  5. Lloyd 7

    An Israeli government sponsored activist/propaganda group has sued New Zealanders in an Israeli court. This is for writing an open letter urging Lorde not to perform in Israel because the performance could be seen as supporting the occupation of Palestinian lands.


    I would say that the action by the so-called ‘anti-terrorist’ ‘legal rights’ group proves everything the New Zealanders said in their letter.

    The case could be compared to a hypothetical lawsuit by the then apartheid South African government suing NZ rugby boycott supporters.

    This case is an attack on New Zealander’s rights to protest against inhumanity anywhere in the world. The New Zealand government should support any legal costs of a vigorous defence of these vexatious charges.

  6. The Chairman 8

    A Wellington marine lights manufacturer being closed down just months after being bought by a Canadian company


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