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Written By: - Date published: 11:06 am, October 23rd, 2008 - 30 comments
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UPDATE: The Pink Batts original is youtubed here.

30 comments on “Debtmonster ”

  1. What a scary green monster. Wonder who voted for it?

  2. DeeDub 2

    Absolutely brilliant!

  3. vidiot 3

    The student loan repayment threshold is $18,148 for the 2009 tax year. The threshold is adjusted in April each year.

    wtf, the amount they can earn is adjusted for inflation each year ! How dare they do that for them and not for us regular tax payers !

    And $18K is 28 hours a week at min wage. If you can’t get a higher paying job than that, what was the point of doing your degree ? Harden up.

  4. Nick 4

    Replacing student debt with taxpayer debt is no solution.

    And it’s taxpayer debt because for every $1 the students get by way of universal allowance is a corresponding $1 owed by me to the government to finance it.

  5. DeeDub 5

    And it’s ALL about YOU, Nick! Good grief!

  6. Chris G 6


    Couple of points though, as I myself am a student:

    Universal Allowance – great idea because it will inevitably allow people who previously couldn’t afford Uni or were on the margin to go, fantastic for social justice etc.

    CERTAIN students who complain about debt – I have no sympathy for, simply because a number of middle class people go to uni and you know what they do: Lay back and take the debt year after year, I’ve seen it with my own eyes in my two years so far at Uni. Example: I flat with 6 guys, 12 other guys are our neighbours. We ALL come from middle class or above families yet all of them are indiscriminately lumping debt on themselves: Taking $2000 overdrafts at their banks so they are in a constant state of being in the red, Borrowing $150 a week from the government, Borrowing $1000 a year on course related (Yeah Right) costs.

    Do you know why they continue to borrow and Always complain how much their in debt. Because out of the 18 aforementioned people, only 3!!!!! yes thats right 3 of us work part time to keep ourselves a) slightly independent from our folks and b) keep ourselves afloat in terms of $. Why the hell all of them aren’t working is beyond me. This should serve in No Way as ammo for tories to say why a universal student allowance is a bad idea, citing the reasons of why I support it (as above) The solution to student debt is called teaching your kids to roll up their f**n sleeves and doing some work while your at uni PLUS a universal student allowance.

  7. Chris G 7

    I’m sorry, how short sighted and obvious was your comment:

    “And it’s taxpayer debt because for every $1 the students get by way of universal allowance is a corresponding $1 owed by me to the government to finance it.”

    Do you understand how taxes work?…. You know thats how it works with all your tax money right? amazingly, it goes somewhere.

    Also, you say it like its not worth investing in education? Do you not see the merits in getting rid of student debt/ allowing people with very little money who previously couldnt go to uni to actually get a level of higher education? oh wait thats right, you tories dont give a toss about those who cant afford things. Well done Nick.

  8. Tane 8

    Nick, sounds a bit like socialism to me. Dreadful, isn’t it?

  9. “The solution to student debt is called teaching your kids to roll up their f**n sleeves and doing some work”

    Impossible in the socialist doctrine universities.

  10. DeeDub 10

    D4J: “Impossible in the socialist doctrine universities.”

    Yes, let’s ban all ‘socialist doctrine’ in our universities! What???

    Actually, can you show me a prospectus from a university in NZ teaches ‘socialist doctrine’ at the exclusion of other ‘doctrines’???

  11. Chris G 11

    Im sorry but dad4justice, your all about parenting and dads rights etc.
    Don’t tell me your gonna wuss out about what I said, you just said that its impossible to teach your kids some good work ethic … because of a university!
    Im gonna tell you to Harden Up – avoiding expletives.

    Take heed of what I say because I see around me students who are LAZY, im sorry but does that come from a UNIVERSITY and your dislike of socialism? or does that come from an upbringing where Daddy Lawyer and Mummy at home gave you all you needed on a platter and never taught you that Hard Work pays off!

    Get your quitter attitude outta here.

  12. How come you got such a bee in your bonnet about “daddy lawyer and mummy” when the Labour Party is stacked with lawyers and university types?

    [lprent: What lawyers? Offhand I can only think of about two and maybe three out of 49. One of those is a academic]

  13. Chris G 13

    You avoiding my point proves what I said. Thanks pal

    I dont have a bee in my bonnet about daddy lawyer, ive got a problem with the ones who give everything to their kids (As I just said) on a platter and ENCOURAGE the laziness that I observe. Now your response to that was from all I can see, nothing.

    You talk about parenting and in particular the EMPOWERMENT of dads etc. but just disgraced yourself by saying you wouldnt teach your kids to work hard and avoid being lazy because you think universities are too socialist. Your a joke mate.

  14. John Stevens 14

    $1 of allowance is more like $1.10 that will need to be collected in tax as the allowance will have some costs involved.

    I was lucky, my last year at Uni was 1989, the last ‘free’ year. The cost was ~$500 to go to uni etc. The next year the cost rose to ~$1500.

    However, I got a degree in science which I still use today in employment.

    I reckon we have too many degrees now and the older proper degrees are now devalued as it seems every institution can call itself a university and graduates are sometimes not that clever at all and you wonder how the F&#k they got a degree as they could’t in the old days.

    Also, before you go to Uni you should do a cost analysis, what will the payback be and how long will it take to pay the debt back.

    [lprent: Cool – now I can take you off moderation. Looks like you probably aren’t a troll. But I think you’re probably under-stating the handling costs.]

  15. My kids are none of your concern. You are the socialist joke, have another lecture on the benefits of feminism.

  16. Chris G 16

    dad4justice, You, sir, are showing the same traits of the people who you tories so deplore ‘dole bludgers with their quitter mentality’ You are refusing to,change your situation, or accept that other parents should change theirs because of circumstance. That quite frankly, is sad.

    By the way, ill continue studying for my economics exam tomorrow which is BY Far the most right-wing bias topic I have ever encountered (Its like watching FOX news), Hah!

    Im done with this convo, people can judge for themselves who embarrassed himself.

  17. Joanna 17

    I agree with Chris,
    I worked my way through my undergrad and so did most of my friends. The few that didn’t complained the most about debt (and in the majority of cases, got the worst grades – go figure).

    However I wholeheartedly support a universal allowance. That some people have to work (and be disadvantaged in their study compared to people with parental or studylink support) or borrow to live is absurd.

    Generally the entire tertiary education system need more money. Universities should be focused on producing the best research possible and teaching to the highest standards, not “bums on seats” to makes ends meet. My experience of NZ Unis is they tread this fine line very well, the staff are extrondinarily dedicated and passionate but it gets harder each year.

  18. “You are refusing to,change your situation”

    Quite the contrary if the truth be known. Don’t fall off to many university high horses Chris G.

  19. Nick 19

    Chris, I’m no Tory let me assure you.

    And the remark about selfishness could equally apply to the students who think it is all about *them* and that how the rest of NZ owes *them* a life and owes *them* an education.

    Ideally we should have a choice between a full allowance and limited capacity to earn above that (the current situation), or a lower allowance threshold but no limits on how much you can earn. Students could have an option which is best for them.

    Why should students who can work and study be penalised for being able to pay their own way?

  20. Chris G 20


    Your first comment basically read: “I am not willing to give money to students” and showed how you view taxes or thought they worked.

    “selfishness could equally apply to the students who think it is all about *them* and that how the rest of NZ owes *them* a life and owes *them* an education”

    Goodness knows where those students are, but if you find One, ill give them a rark up for you. Ive never heard students talk like that, only examples of selfishness ive seen is lazy students who dont work off their debt when they can and then complain about it.

    If anything I find it amusing and disheartening the people who have done well in life or benefited from free education back in the day (You?) who Conversely state “Why should I give money to *them* and why do I owe NZ something, why should I give money to education?”

    “Ideally we should have a choice between a full allowance and limited capacity to earn above that (the current situation), or a lower allowance threshold but no limits on how much you can earn. Students could have an option which is best for them.”

    Either way your still paying taxes towards tertiary education, weren’t you initially horrified by that?

  21. Nick 21

    Yes, I am against a universal allowance but I realise that it is now a reality should Labour be re-elected so *should* should have read *could*. I guess it’s about compromise now that ‘we’ve’ lost that one.

    My tertiary education cost me $20K and I worked part time all through it.

  22. That’s a brilliant vid, as is the CTU one. Hope they get shown on the news, although might be a bit long to show the whole thing.

  23. Positive and ambitious 23

    When I worked my way through university I had a job pumping gas at the weekend, earning $13/hr. In 1981 . Anyone care to tell me what a petroleum transfer engineer gets paid in 2008, 27 years later?

  24. Positive and ambitious 25

    Thanks dad…The Employment Contacts Act, more brilliant work from the party that would love to see wages drop.

  25. Positive and ambitious 26


  26. What’s a deadwood parasitic MP on these days?
    Disgusting bastards!!!

  27. Positive and ambitious 28

    Thinking on this further, $12.80 looks like a minimum wage job… if the nats had been in power the last 9 years, those poor gas pumping students would now be on about… $7 an hour… frightening.

  28. When you are on or so close to the minimum wage, you get a pay rise every time it is raised, then it can be difficult to feel empathy towards your employer for gratis. I know many people, old and young who work in this industry and their treatment on pay is the pits – employers even admit such to their employees.

    Staff training programmes promoting excellent customer service and attention to detail are a joke, it basically becomes a process of seeing how long you can string employees along before they quit. Some of people in this industry are far more skilled than the customers with which they deal, e.g. problem solving, negotiation, protecting the business’s interests, and put up with people who imply that they are the scum of the earth.

  29. You have to be skilled to earn heaps as Prime Ministers husband eh PP.
    Regards Peter

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