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I was a little busy at the Labour conference over the weekend to write about 3’s blunder, but thought I should get the truth out there, as there was general indignation at the flawed Saturday night coverage.  (The Friday night sarcastic “Lucky me” dig about having to go to the Labour conference as a political reporter wasn’t a great start either…)

According to the deficient newshrub on Saturday night there was a distinct lack of support from Labour for the Mt Roskill campaign, with Andrew Little a late withdrawal so he could focus on his Sunday speech.  Buses to the electorate apparently had to be cancelled.

In reality 4 buses carrying more than 200 door-knockers including all the Labour MPs other than Little (who had never planned to go), went to Mt Roskill on Saturday afternoon.

Probably in excess of 4000 Mt Roskill doors were knocked on in a 1.5 hour period.  And the view from the doorstep was pretty positive.

Still, it made for some good gags for Mt Roskill candidate Michael Wood in his speech tot he Labour Conference on Sunday as he showed pictures of all his “ghost doorknockers”, and commented how pleased he was to have an Tolkein-esque “army of the dead” behind him, as the Minas Tirith campaign had worked out pretty well…

Hopefully the excellent effort from Labour members and MPs will help ensure the excellent candidate Michael Wood gets in. Mt Roskill will be best represented by him.

23 comments on “Deficient newshrub”

  1. james 1

    Labour said there were 5 busses – did one get lost?

    • McFlock 1.1

      Yes. We need to audit the buses immediately, that way nobody will notice the hundreds of doorknockers who campaigned for Michael Wood.

      Then we need to define what, exactly, is a bus, and whether one of the buses was really a coach. That way Labour will look more incompetent than tv3’s reporting.

      Guess what – if one of the buses was blue, we could call it another Labour gaff of mixed signals! And that way nobody in Mt Roskill will remember talking to Labour party campaigners over the weekend.

      oh, just for the tories: /sarc

    • Bunji 1.2

      There may well have been 5. I am but a humble footsoldier. There were 4 buses when my one left, another may have arrived to pick up more people after that…
      The correct number of buses to transport more than 200 people came at any rate.

      • pat 1.2.1

        did you remember to count the one you were on?….just a thought

        • mickysavage

          I was on one too. It was a double decker and was pretty well full.

          How about we ask how many national doorknockers were out. I hear the week before there were two, the Nat candidate and the odious Jami Lee Ross.

          • pat

            methinks you are being a little defensive…it was a joke

          • Simon

            Why do politicians/political parties only become interested in their communities come election time?

            Just noticed this in my own electorate with the recent LB elections and the great vanishing Carmel Sepuloni…guess we’ll hear from her soon though (maybe June 2017), and you too Greg, if you give New Lynn a crack! Get in their boi!

  2. Red 2

    i am sure going to any political parties conference is not considered the gig of the year for any journalist, especially in the weekend Labour possibly even a bit more dry with lack of interesting characters than others re the political tragics who attend these events

  3. tc 3

    As expected from mediawonks in what will be a growing list of bs spin designed to paint national as benevolent geniuses and everyone else as dribbling spastics.

    Predictable payback type copy from oaktree, get used to it.

  4. newsense 4

    The framing of that was terrible. 90% Key and National. Then close with a dig at Labour.

    • Garibaldi 4.1

      Dead right tc and newsense. The media are owned and staffed by the Right. What we have sorely needed for the past few years is a leftwing medium but the left is too fractured to organise such a thing. I would gladly subscribe, whether it was a paper or radio or TV channel etc.

  5. Richard Rawshark 5

    A lot of people don’t watch our bias news for that reason.. others they just know it’s spin and look on incredulously. That gives me some slight solace that the harm they are trying to do is fairly weak.

    For a web browsing citizen, they allow no feedback on those articles, people quickly switch off to those sites. there’s MSN Herald stuff etc, far better news sites.

    They will only attract the likes of puckish, he laps it up oblivious to the truth and true sentiments of the public.

    We have a good chance this time, I hesitate to say, no I won’t.

    We have a good chance this time, lets do our best to keep Dirty politics in check.

    • Garibaldi 5.1

      Richard how can we keep the National Party Dirty Politics brigade in check? I thought Nicky’s book was the end of Key at the last election and look what happened…. they steamrolled it.

      • Richard Rawshark 5.1.1

        You fight back KB style…

        they are internet warriors, we are ninja assassins.

        fear my skills tub-o-lard..(WO)

        escape, where was escape again.. ahh.. after a long long time… enter where’s enter.. ah

    • Red 5.2

      Combined viewing of one and three breakfast is over 500k I suggest both 6pm channels the same or higher , likewise I suggest all who watch are politically engaged and vote Its funny this left wing right wing media thing, each side argues one is the play thing of the other I tend to agree the likes of Hoskins, Williams Henry are pro national but is this really conscious media top down supporting government or is it a lack of left wing talented hosts, ie its no longer just about expousing a view or been and interviewer but holding and audience and entertainment ie I am sure a Jon Stewart type would go well here etc, Campbell was ok but just to wet

      • Nick Morris 5.2.1

        Finding a replacement for Paul Henry makes the Right Wing host question germane again. Jeremy Wells?

        The common view is that Right Wingers run more popular Talk-Back shows at least in part because their stock in trade is anger, self-interest and sneering dismissal. Their main message: bumper-sticker- complex concepts for bumper-sticker-deep audiences. Compare that with the Left which somehow has to factor in and promote the needs of the disadvantaged or marginalised communities into a more aware and caring presentation to a listening population formed by decades of me-first-and-last socialisation and you will see which is the easier gig.

        Talk Back is cheap to produce, so it fills the Radio waves. Since the more popular show hosts get first dibs on the plum jobs, it is hardly surprising that the ratings-driven slots are groaning with loud-mouthed bigots.

        To oppose that you have to put up a Jon Stewart (satire, unlike Talk-Back works much better from the Left, aimed at the Right) or find that rare beast: a charismatic, Left-leaning talk Back host who kicks arse in the ratings. Neither is easy, but the former would in the end be the more effective. Alternatively you fire all the ratings-obsessed current directors of TV 1 and set in place a system that will employ real journalists to do real investigative reporting, and real panel discussion on Breakfast, Evening News and elsewhere. (My preference).

        By the way, I would like to see RNZ’s The Panel sharpened to make it a little less Vicar-friendly also, but while it insists on calling it “Jim Mora’s Panel”, not much chance of that, I’m thinking.

  6. Richard Rawshark 6

    PS Henry just resigned.. proper.

  7. ropata 7

    Is Steven Joyce giving cheap loans to MediaWorks again? They are really nasty ATM. Maybe it is something to do with Henry leaving. Vance’s hit piece on the training levy was another example of MSM deliberately twisting things to cause a commotion… Twyford seems annoyed

    .@avancenz Appalled by your biased story on @1NewsNZ last night. You were fully briefed on numbers but you chose to run Nat attack line.— Phil Twyford (@PhilTwyford) November 6, 2016

    If you wanted detail on cost assumptions you only needed to ask. Andrea's piece a lapse of professnl stds.@CTrevettNZH @avancenz @1NewsNZ— Phil Twyford (@PhilTwyford) November 6, 2016

    Public deserves better than bias and hatchet jobs as we enter election year. Sound assumptions on costs were explained to you. @avancenz— Phil Twyford (@PhilTwyford) November 6, 2016

  8. Wainwright 8

    Better to be there as a political newshack than an ordinary member. At least they were spared, sitting through pointless policy argumetns knowing the 2 union guys with 50 votes between them would make all the decisions.

  9. Leftie 9

    Bullshit from msm needs to be countered. Thanks for putting up this post Bunji.

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